Dr. Jeewantha Perera Has bagged Asia's Trainer of the Year Award

Dr. Jeewantha Perera Has bagged Asia's Trainer of the Year Award

Deshamanya Lion Dr. Jeewantha Perera DBA(UK), MBA(UK), AIB(SL), AMPMA(UK), LMPBA(SL), LCIP, Knight of Grace (OSJ), MJF, MAF, JP(WI)

Dr. Jeewantha Perera is an experienced corporate trainer, a power parenting coach, a youth development guide, a motivational speaker, a life coach and is also serving as a visiting lecturer at the Center for Banking Studies - Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Colombo School of Business and Management, Colombo, and the CINEC Campus, Malabe. Further, he is the Director – Training & Development of “Be the Best”, Human Development Institute which is involved in Strategic HR Management, Personality Development, Productivity Enhancement, Leadership, Attitude, Skill & Visionary Development of Children, Youth’s, Parents, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Employees, Employers and is also engaged in Management Studies at three Universities. In short, he is really a Change Maker for a number of multinational companies, government and private organizations as well as for interested individuals.

Thanks to his wisdom, knowledge acquisitions, experience, vocabulary and presentation skills, he had been able to transform the lives of over 50,000 students, youths, parents, employees and entrepreneurs over the last 25 years. As a committed humane social worker, he makes regular visits to state and private institutions, companies, colleges, universities, schools, orphanages and even the prisons with the sole objective of inducing them to become socially responsible useful citizens to the state and the society. He considers empowering human beings to be the best in their lives as his personal mission.

Dr. Jeewanthat Perera is a banker by professional with over 30 years of experience in many top managerial experience in many business and operational fields. He is presently the Head of Leasing and Chief Manager of the Branch Network of Union Bank of Colombo Plc. Further, he is the Charter Secretary General of Leasing Council of Bankers of Sri Lanka, an association which encompasses all the state banks and private commercial banks engaged in the business of Leasing.

He holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from University of Wales and a MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University, London, UK., and he had been awarded Membership by the following professional and educational institutions, adding further credentials to his professional qualifications -.

  • Associate Member of the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka (AIB-SL)
  • Associate Member of the International Professional Managers Association, UK (AMPMA)
  • Life Member of Association of Professional Bankers of Sri Lanka
  • Diploma Holder in Business Communication Skills at Royal Institute, Colombo
  • Diploma Holder in Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management and Technology, Chennai, India
  • Diploma Holder in Computer Studies at NIIT
  • Certificate Holder in Strategic Thinking, Planning and Implementation at Malaysian Institute of Management, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Certificate Holder of Management Development Program of PIM, Sri Jayawardanapura. University and Lions International Certified Instructor (LCIP) certification, the Highest Leadership recognition from Lions International

He was also recognized with the “Knight of Grace” OSJ Malta’ in May 2013 by the Republic of Malta, and the Republic of Sri Lanka with the state honour as Deshamanya and also the title of Justice of Peace for the whole Island in recognition of his service to humanity as well as his contribution to uplift the down trodden from their misery.

In the sphere of Lionism, he is a Certified Training Faculty Member of Lions International with the qualification Lions International Certified Instructor (LCIP) which is the highest qualification in Lions Leadership Training, becoming the one of the only 2 Sri Lankans holding LCIP Qualification. He was recognized by the Multiple District 306, Sri Lanka. for conducting highest number of Leadership and Career Guidance programs over the last 6 years.  He was also recognized with the Asia Awards powered by World Research Congress, as the “Asia’s Trainer of the Year”

He is a Proud Product of the Royal College, Colombo 07, who had recognized the value in Leadership and Communication skills early as a student, whilst being engaged in academics and extra-curricular activities.

If his vast knowledge and skills are to be telescoped in to one phrase, he is a Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, Business & Skill Development Consultant, Chairman of “Be the Best Foundation”, Life Coach, Deshamanya Lion Dr. Jeewantha Perera DBA(UK), MBA(UK), AIB(SL), AMPMA(UK), LMPBA(SL), LCIP, Knight of Grace (OSJ), MJF, MAF, JP(WI) 

Dr. Jeewantha Perera Has bagged Asia's Trainer of the Year Award

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