Dr. Sandhya K Ramakrishnan Has bagged Asia's Outstanding Instructor Award in Sahajayoga Meditation

Dr. Sandhya K Ramakrishnan Has bagged Asia's Outstanding Instructor Award in Sahajayoga Meditation

I am Dr. Sandhya K. Ramakrishnan from Kerala, India. I am a dedicated social worker with a deep commitment to community service and personal well-being. For over two decades, I have been practicing Sahajayoga meditation, an experience that has profoundly enriched my life.

As a practitioner and facilitator of Sahajayoga, I have had the privilege of guiding many individuals on their journeys toward inner peace and self-realization. The benefits of Sahajayoga meditation are numerous, and it brings me great joy to share this transformative practice with others. My journey in this field has been both fulfilling and enlightening, and today Iam honoured to to have received the “Asia’s Outstanding Instructor Award in Sahajayoga Meditation “, in recognition of my efforts.

Sahajayoga Meditation is a unique experience which brings us naturally into a state of ‘Enlightenment/ Mental  Silence ‘ in which conflict dissolves in the dimension of Inner Peace .Sahajayoga is a meditation technique in which our innate spiritual energy called kundalini is connected to the all-pervading energy of the Universe. When this happens a state of thoughtless awareness dawns upon us which makes us peaceful, balanced and integrated while improving our wellness and relationships overtime.

Sahajayoga has been gifted to humanity by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at a time when our world desperately needs peace and balance.

As a facilitator of Sahajayoga I run meditation sessions online and offline , creating space for individuals to explore and benefit from the profound effects of meditation .

My commitment extends beyond my local community, as I actively introduce Sahajayoga into workplaces, Schools and other organisations promoting mental and emotional well-being across various environments.

I am deeply honored and humbled to receive the prestigious Asia Awards powered by the World Research Congress. This recognition is not just a personal milestone, but a testament to the collective effort, dedication, and passion of everyone who has supported and believed in me throughout this journey. It is a validation of the hard work and commitment that have gone into my endeavors, and it strengthens my resolve to continue striving for excellence.

Receiving this award fills me with immense gratitude and pride. It serves as an acknowledgment of the impact of my work and motivates me to push the boundaries of what is possible. This recognition also brings a heightened sense of responsibility to contribute even more significantly to my field and to the broader community. I am inspired to leverage this platform to further drive innovation, collaboration, and positive change.

This achievement will undoubtedly open new doors for me, providing opportunities to engage with thought leaders, experts, and like-minded individuals from around the globe. It will facilitate the exchange of ideas, foster collaborative research, and promote initiatives that can make a meaningful difference. Through this award, I am excited to contribute to the global dialogue on pressing issues and to work towards solutions that benefit society at large.

Once again, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Asia Awards , powered by World Research Congress and to the United Research Council and to all those who have supported me throughout my journey. Thank you for this incredible honor.


Dr. Sandhya K Ramakrishnan Has bagged Asia's Outstanding Instructor Award in Sahajayoga Meditation

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