Kawsar Koodaruth has bagged Asia's Outstanding Women Entrepreneurship Award

Kawsar Koodaruth has bagged Asia's Outstanding Women Entrepreneurship Award

If I had to drift years back, becoming shorter, smaller, younger….back to my earliest years and recall the best memories I have ever had : It would be to find myself as a four or five years old sitting next to my grandfather, before bedtime, and listening to his fantastic brilliant reveries inherited from his past generations. 

His words and powerful storytelling skills probed deep inside my soul and unlocked my ability to visualize characters in action. In the absence of technology, the vigor of my imagination reached phenomenal landscapes and made me discover worlds that only the mind can reach. My grandmother, a persistent and tenacious woman, has taught me to be kind and to love unconditionally. She was never tired to share her most memorable moments as a child, her free spirit, her connection with nature, plants, trees, leaves, rivers and the animals she had to take care of. The stories of great warriors from precious books and the spiritual messages of many elevated souls; the religion of love was forever imprinted in my being. How can I forget sister Antonia, an Irish nun from my secondary school, and her gift of kindness. “Smile,” she said, you will spread the light around you. 

Today, when I listen to people around me, not only can I visualize their experiences but I can also perceive and appreciate their most profound emotions. Navigating to find my best place over the years in this immense world, I have explored various sectors and always prioritized self-development and awareness. 

How deep can I go? How much can I share ? How much can I do for myself ? How much can I do for others ? How vast is my mind? How far can I reach?  These are questions with no boundaries… The magic of the mind continues to impress me every day….That's the miracle of life. 

Both laughter and tears have taught me to let go of what I cannot control, to rediscover myself, to rebuild myself and to persistently evolve to attain the greatest version of myself. Now with great ease, I untangle those chains that have pinned me down to expand on my potential. I focus my attention and energy on who I can be; I paint and grow my new self every single day; that self which I choose to be, that self which relaxes me, that self which makes me feel amazing and that self which opens the door to endless opportunities. 

“Chained by Beliefs” is a book I have written, soon to be released, containing eight short  stories of struggling women held down by the rigid chains of beliefs constructed within culture  and society. Inspired by true unforgettable events, the book will move you into the  heartbreaking world of women who must fight for their rights in a repressive environment.  The threats, abuses, torn lives, tears, loss, and grief left them with no other option than to  break free and plunge into the unknown. The switch in mindset unlocked the healing ability they were entitled to and allowed them to beautifully transform into powerful, colorful,  glowing, abundant, and authentic beings.  

Yes! A different life is possible! 

As part of my struggle, I have created Mount View Care Home to earn a living while contributing to the wellness of my community. This business is a mix of my love for others, the knowledge I have acquired from various institutions over the years, my values and the  perfect example to inspire other women towards a fulfilling life. 

Mount View Care Home 

Mount View Care Home is a Nursing/Care Home at Nouvelle Decouverte, in the paradise  island of Mauritius. Mount View Care Home is home to seniors and retired residents who  place a high value on their independence, friendships, healthy lifestyle, and healthcare.  Our mission is to enrich the aging experience by providing opportunities for healthy and  purposeful living.  

Everyone ages! 

It is an inherent property of life. As our bodies and minds develop over time, we adapt to  these changes by modifying our decisions and actions. The later years of life can be especially challenging, but Mount View Care Home is here to help. At Mount View Care Home, we listen to the needs of our residents in order to understand their limitations and  discuss potential solutions. We work with our community members to customize options  that will help them lead the lives they want. 

This benefits not just our residents, but also their families, our staff, and the greater community. We want to shift the belief that a care home is a place where life is dim, away  from relatives and close ones. There are many families who are spending too much energy taking care of bed-ridden, old age people with little or no improvement. The care given in such cases cannot replace the savoir-faire of our experienced staff.  We have the necessary equipment and expertise to improve the health of the old age. We should not neglect the benefits of socializing, daily physical activities and variety in cuisine which impact on moods and wellness. 

Our vision is to transform the lives of our elders through mental health and wellness. Every day is a new beginning at Mount View Care Home: “Positive mindsets, positive vibes and positive lives". 

Kawsar Koodaruth has bagged Asia's Outstanding Women Entrepreneurship Award

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