Samsher Thapa Has bagged Asia's Best Administrator Award

Samsher Thapa Has bagged Asia's Best Administrator Award

Namaste and Greetings to all

I am Samsher Thapa. I was born in 1st August 1972 in the beautiful country Nepal.  

The federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a landlocked country in the Himalayan Region with the Tibetan Region of the People’s Republic of China to the North and India to the South, West and East. Its length is approximately 885 K.M from west to east and has a maximum width of 245 K.M (Mean width 197 K.M) covering an area of 147181 sq K.M the Country has a mountainous belt to the north covering 35% of the total land area, the flat and highly cultivated Tarai in the South which amounts to 23% of land area and the Central hills in the middle which is 42% of the land area.

Administratively the country is divided into 7 Provinces, 77 Districts, 6 metro cities, 11 sub-metro cities, 276 Municipalities, 460 rural Municipalities. Provinces are the first subdivision of the country. Each province is further subdivided into districts, and each district into municipalities and rural municipalities. 

My father, Late Ganga Bahadur Thapa, served in the Indian Army in the rank of Subedar Major. I am married to a beautiful woman, Meena Thapa Magar, and I have two daughters, Dr Anjali Thapa Magar and Engineer Barsha Thapa Magar, as well as a son, Meensher Thapa Magar.  I graduated from Pokhara University with a Postgraduate and Master's degree in Health Care Management and I am currently enrolled in Jagannath University, Jaipur, India as a PhD scholar.

At present I am working in the capacity of Chief Administrator in Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh, Eye Health Program-Rapti & Bahadurgunj, Dang District of Lumbini Province. There are three full-fledged eye hospital under the Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh Eye Health Program-Rapti & Bahadurgunj- namely 1) Rapti Eye Hospital, Tulsipur Dang, 2) Lamahi Eye Hospital, Deukhuri, Dang and 3) Chhanda Kalebabu Narayani Eye Hospital, Bahadurgunj, Kapilbastu.

I am highly experienced and skilled healthcare manager with over two decades of experience in leading and developing administrative functions, managing projects and teams, and ensuring the sustainability of healthcare programs. Proven track record of success in improving the quality of service provided by hospitals and reducing the prevalence of blindness. In my opinion, my contribution can be measured as follows:

  • Contributed significantly to improving the quality of service provided by a hospital by leading and developing the administrative function consistently and effectively.
  • Developed and implemented short-term and long-term plans for ensuring the sustainability of the Eye Health Program-Rapti & Bahadurgunj.
  • Actively participated in developing the long-term strategic plan of Eye Health Program-Rapti & Bahadurgunj, resulting in the creation of three full-fledged eye hospitals and seven primary eye care centers.
  • Successfully managed the eye health program and played a key role in reducing the prevalence of blindness in Rapti from 0.87% to 0.13% over the past few years.
  • Built long-term relationships with stakeholders and donors through effective coordination, reporting, and positive engagement. 

My Areas of Expertise: are

  1. Health care management
  2. Project management
  3. Team coordination and leadership
  4. Project development and management
  5. Strategic planning
  6. Decision making and problem solving
  7. Financial management
  8. Procurement management and
  9. HR and administration management

Here is a brief introduction to my organization

Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh

Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh (NNJS) is the leading national eye care providing agency for comprehensive eye care service in the country. It was established in 1978 as a National Society for the prevention and control of blindness. There are 42 district branches of NNJS all over Nepal and 26 Eye Hospitals and 150 primary Eye Care Centers are running under the umbrella of NNJS.

The main role of NNJS is to make a national strategy, supervise, monitor and ensure the quality of services in eye hospitals and centres. It is responsible for overall guidance and leadership for the smooth and efficient running of programs, expansion of program nationwide, coordination with government and local authorities, instructing the hospital to conduct more activities to reach unreached eye patients, evaluate the target and achievement, train more and more human resource, aware the civil society about preventive and curative remedies of eye care.

Eye Health Program-Rapti & Bahadurgunj

Eye Health Program-Rapti & Bahadurgunj is a governing body of three hospitals (Rapti Eye Hospital, Chhanda(kalebabu)-Narayani Eye Hospital and Lamahi Eye Hospital) five primary eye care centres (Salyan Eye Centre, Rukum Eye Centre-West, Rukum Eye Centre-East, Koilabash Eye Centre and Sulichaur Eye Centre, Rolpa) one referral clinic (Krishnanagar referral centre).


Reduce the prevalence of blindness and visual impairment and improve the quality of life by providing quality eye care service and leading program to an Academic Institution.


To provide quality, easily accessible and affordable service under integrated health policy of Nepal Government by strengthening the existing health facilities and increasing the population undercover.


Sustainable development of Eye Health Program- Rapti & Bahadurgunj by the year 2027.


  • To sensitize general people and make them aware of eye health.
  • To support the National Health Policy of Nepal.
  • To equip hospitals with modern technology as per the long term strategic plan and gradually develop infrastructure of Hospitals as per the master plan.
  • To upgrade Rapti Eye Hospital from tertiary to Teaching Institute
  • To upgrade CKNEH and Lamahi Eye Hopsital from secondary to tertiary level hospital.
  • To enhance the capacity of employees (HR) by providing them appropriate training.

Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (NABP-Norwa)  has been continuously supporting to Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh, Eye Health Program Rapti and Bahadurgunj. Here is short introduction:-

Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (NABP), a Norwegian International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO), established in September 1900 as a non-profit-making, secular, non-political self-help organization. This organization works towards full participation and equal rights for blinds and Partially Sighted People.

Its primary objectives are to support the strengthening of organizations of the Blind at the national level through making them self-reliant, strong and sustainable, to combat blindness through eye health programs and to promote and support the rehabilitation of blind and partially sighted people. It has been supporting Blind and Partially Sighted people of Nepal in partnership with Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh (NNJS) and Nepal Association of the Blind (NAB). It has also been programmed in other developing countries.

During the period of 1986-2022 (36 years), a total of 3.40 million people have received eye health care services (OPD services) through the Eye Health Program-Rapti & Bahadurgunj. Among these numbers, 488,211  received free eye care (OPD service) service.

A total of 212,613 cataract surgeries were performed during this 36-year period. Among these numbers, 41,127 surgeries were performed in free surgical eye camps.

Besides my job, I am also involved in many national and international social organizations. It's my pleasure to say that I am a member of the Nepal Red Cross Society, the Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh, and the Lions Club of Sworgadwari, where I serve as Chartered President. Currently, I serve as Ambassador of Governor District 325 N of Lions Club International Foundation. I have been felicitated with many awards by LCIF.

I am immensely grateful for the continuous support of my superior, my colleagues, friends, and family, especially my wife, Meena Thapa Magar, whose encouragement has been an invaluable source of strength. Furthermore, I am honored to have been recognized with prestigious award "Best Administrator Award".

I am humbled and deeply honored to have been bestowed with the prestigious recognition by the World Research Congress and Asia Award, powered by the esteemed RULA Award.

Thank You.

Samsher Thapa

Chief Administrator

Eye Health Program- Rapti & Bahadurgunj

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