Shahid Yakub has bagged Asia's Phenomenal Leadership Award

Shahid Yakub has bagged Asia's Phenomenal Leadership Award

“Shahid Yakub, Managing Director, Moto Moto Africa Limited”

When you mention Africans with great business and leadership values, Mr. Shahid Yakub, a Kenya based entrepreneur remains a portrait. He is accomplished and energetic, with a solid history of achievements. A self-motivated leader, blessed with strong organizational and prioritization abilities, possessed with excellent communication and time management skills.

His doggedness and focus over the years, has made him, accomplished, and successfully realized. He brought together  and collaborated with numerous associations and branches of Government. He fulfilled a crucial role in the revolutionary transformation of the Safety and Security industry, alongside formation of innovative policies for the regulation and progression of the industry. He has played a vital role in networking and linking various companies from across the globe with local companies and establishing a web of business associates to help businesses grow.

Over the year he has been  assisting, mentoring and transforming numerous lives, guiding and showing them direction socially, professionally and spiritually.

A miniature project co-founded by Shahid, The Annual #FeedAFamily Program in Kenya which now has a reach of up to 20,000 people from 6 different counties receiving food hampers annually.

Shahid Yakub has become a famous person in Eastern Africa, Kenya through his numerous activities is an understatement. The enigmatic leader and founder of Africa’s leading reputable organizations with a touch of professionalism has recently carved a niche for himself in the Safety and  Security industry.A well born scion of the famous Yakub of Kenya, a family with a strong dose of nobility and excellence of folkloric proportion, whose branches have broken the glass ceiling in various professions of human endeavor.

The Founder and Managing Director of Moto  Moto Africa Limited, a leading  I.T /ICT, Safety and Security Solutions Company, is also  the Managing Director at Al Thuraya Consultants Limited, Kenya Head office of an international company (Al Thuraya Holdings) operating in more 27 countries across the Globe. The company specializes in Safety & Security, Technology, Oil, Gas and Energy.

Shahid Yakub has bagged Asia's Phenomenal Leadership Award

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