Sumit Ghosh Has bagged Asia's Inspiring Mentor Award

Sumit Ghosh Has bagged Asia's Inspiring Mentor Award

Sumit Ghosh is the founding Director & Chief Mentor of the Not-for-Profit Organisation, Sankalp Micro Association. Before founding Sankalp, he has 32 years of professional experience in the companies like P&G, Philips, New York Life Insurance etc, HDFC Life, in the capacity of Vice President and worked across India and some SAARC countries. He and his team are engaged in the field of women empowerment, quality education and protecting environment.

His project on environment named “Hirava”, has been appreciated and accepted as a part of white paper for policy recommendation to G 20 Summit. Sumit has also been invited for paper presentation in Civil2023 platform, the Civil Society platform of G 20, on the topic “Technology, Security & Transparency”. He has been featured and won awards in different categories on the 2023 Tata Social Enterprise Challenge, Glenmark Foundation Award for Nutrition. Sumit is also a certified mentor by GMI, USA and City & Gold, UK and regularly mentor the graduate and postgraduate students across the globe. Some of the recent achievements of his organisation are as follows: Sankalp Micro Association’s recognition as a finalist in the prestigious “Meri Poushtik Rasoi - Season 5” competition, organized by Glenmark Foundation, underscores its dedication to alleviating hunger and improving nutrition. The NGO category accolade showcases the organization’s innovative approach in addressing nutritional challenges.

Sumit Ghosh’s brainchild secured the spotlight as a Regional Qualifier in the Tata Social Enterprise Challenge 2022-2023. This accolade underlines the organization’s ability to create sustainable solutions to pressing social issues, resonating with the spirit of the challenge.

Acknowledging exemplary contributions in blood donation, Sankalp Micro Association’s Rakta Gaurav Samman stands as a testament to the organization’s commitment to health and well-being. This recognition is a nod to their vital role in bolstering healthcare systems.

Sumit Ghosh’s visionary leadership extends to global platforms. The organization’s involvement in the policy dialogue hosted by the “Technology, Security & Transparency (TST)” working group of C20 India 2023, the official engagement group of G20 for Civil Society Organizations, highlights his influence on policy shaping.

Sankalp Micro Association’s selection as an implementing partner for various C20 India 2023 initiatives underscores its ability to drive impactful change. The successful orchestration of national and international events exemplifies the organization’s prowess in fostering dialogue and collaboration.

The fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Environmental Intelligence in Sankalp Micro Association’s projects has gained international recognition. Their innovative approach to environmental challenges was not only accepted by the C20 working group but also featured in policy recommendations submitted to the G20.

Membership in YOUNGO, the youth group of UNFCCC, signifies Sumit Ghosh’s commitment to global environmental issues. This recognition further solidifies his status as a thought leader in the realm of sustainability.

Sumit Ghosh’s impact transcends borders through his roles as a Certified Mentor of the Global Mentorship Initiative, USA, and City & Guild of the U.K. His commitment to nurturing talent echoes in his mentorship endeavors.

From participating in the “Good Quiz” competition organized by Murugappa group to securing a Green Digital Skill certificate from INCO Academy, Sumit Ghosh’s journey is one of diverse accomplishments. These achievements mirror his multidimensional approach to social change.

Sumit Ghosh’s insights and accomplishments were celebrated in an interview published in the esteemed Industry Magnet Magazine. This recognition as an industry thought leader solidifies his influence in the business and social sectors.

The certificates received from the UN Environment Programme and Red Team Coaching, approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF), highlight Sumit Ghosh’s global vision and commitment to environmental resilience and personal development.

Sumit Ghosh’s prowess extends beyond entrepreneurship as he qualified for Round 2 of Super Speaker Season 3, organized by Success Gyan, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences with his words.

Sumit Ghosh’s impact on education is underscored by his role as an external evaluator for G.H. Raisoni College of Commerce, Science & Technology. His involvement in evaluating MBA projects speaks to his commitment to nurturing academic excellence. He has been selected as member of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of G. H. Raisoni School of Business Management, Nagpur.

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