Types of Category


All organizations, however large, medium or small, whether in manufacturing, trading service or profession, whether in Government, public or private sector, research organization, NGOs and Service Sector covering all sectors of our business are eligible for the award.  

Any Proprietorship Business, Partnership Business, Government Registered NGO, Private Limited Company or Limited Business Holder can apply for the ASIA Awards. 

For the personal categories, Individual persons can apply from all sectors. 

All organizations and individuals worldwide are eligible to submit entries.

Application Screening:-

As a part of International awards, we have listed a set of steps for application screening and short listing. Please find the details below.

Application Link For participation: -

Click here to Apply for ASIA INTERNATIONAL Awards

  Application Verification & Validation: -
  • All the submitted applications from the participants will go through the verification and validation process to confirm its credibility and trustworthiness.
  •   Documents attached will be verified for its accuracy and legitimacy.

Application Short listing: -

  •       The Short listing process will be accomplished only after verification and validation process is completed. 
  •       Shortlisted participants (individual or organization) will receive the mail with full set of procedure to progress further.

Fee Payment:-

  • It is mandated that the shortlisted Participants have to transfer their Copyright Fee amount 340 USD to the following bank details.
  • On successful completion of the transaction all the participants are requested to send the transaction proof to the rulacontact@gmail.com.

Winners Disclosure:

  •       The Copyright fee payment for the participants will be checked and confirmed.
  •       The Final Winners list will be published only after the payment confirmation.

General note:

1.       No further selection is made after making the copyright registration fee.
2.       Suppose any false or fabricated data are identified during the verification and validation process, it will directly lead to the rejection of your application.
3.       On unavoidable circumstances, if you are not able to show up for the award ceremony after making the registration payment, We make sure that your awards and all other benefits will reach to your registered address through courier.
4.       Kindly check your registered mail at least once a day for updates from us. Please check in the Spam folder too.

*****Token of Recognition will always adorn one's Success*****

ASIA awards takes at most efforts to honor the person/organization who has made noteworthy improvements and achievements over a period of time in their business. As a team, we have listed few selection criteria for judging the efforts of an individual or an organization.

1. Have you shown significant continuous growth in your business?

2. How much do you value your customer and have you demonstrated responsibility towards their satisfaction?

3. How do you determine your leadership qualities?

4. Have you ever implemented any innovative or creative ideas for the business growth?

5. As an individual or as an organization, have you supported your employees in their hard times?

6. Describe your Vision and Mission in the development of your services and products?

7. How responsible have you been towards your community with your services?

8. Which process strategies and methodologies do you follow?

9. List out your achievements of your organization or as an individual?  

10. Does continuous evaluation and improvement have been done in your business process?

11. How much do you support your employee to achieve their professional growth?

12. Describe your valuable presence in the society for its causes?

13. Have you ever brought national /state level recognition to the organization?

14. How much do you support product quality and service improvement?

15. Do you have notable turnover in your business?

16. Do you encourage your team in research (implementing new ideas)?


Asia Awards is proudly associated with World Research Congress(WRC) and the prime World Chamber.
In General Award winning will always be a greater benefit to everyone in their business /field of work.
  • Call Letter for an Awardee
  • ASIA Award Memorandum
  • Life time member and Free licence in THE WORLD CHAMBER
  • Casting the awardee’s company logo, promotion  as well as achievements in the social media
  • Awardee Magazine empowerment with appreciation
  • Official Autobiography with an vote of thanks
  • Achievers Biography
  • Grand CROWN
  • A bonus of award badge
  • An official authentication letter for recognition
  • An assurance technical affidavit
  • Award winning affidavit
  • Winner medal
  • Promotion broadcast
  • Sash of award
  • Applause Award with High tech Videography and Photography
  • Supporter buildup
  • Entertainment with rewards
  • Discover to the world as a award winner
  • Media publishment
  • Hearing
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Journal with high achievers
  • Achievement of achiever promotion

No, if your nomination is rejected by us, there is no fee charged by us.

No fee is charged. Registration/nomination is free.
Yes, after final confirmation of awards, winner need to pay branding and copyright fee of 340 USD.
The Branding and Copyright fee is for organizing, servicing, the banquet and other paid services.
No, we are sorry that the delegate fee is the same and there is no concession in case of presence or absence.
Yes. You may submit entries in as many award categories as you and your company see fit. Every category is judged by a different subset of judges and every category garners a different pool of entries, some attracting 10 times more entries than others. The best way to increase your chances at winning is to enter multiple categories.

It may not even be necessary to create an entirely new submission. We have found that the same entry may be perfectly applicable to multiple categories with minimal to no tweaks. Of course, feel free to completely refresh your submission as appropriate to tailor it for the additional categories and content you wish to highlight.
No extension for submission will be given. On high priority, if the reason is valuable, you can contact our team for extension request. 

Please email us : admin@asiaawards.org to inquire about an extension.
ASIA Awards is the only independent business awards program judged each year by prominent international council, editors and reporters from top-tier publications, as well as industry analysts, from all over the world.
Yes, the details and the documents provided by each and every participant kept confidentially. Only the scrutinizing team and the judging panel have access to it.

ASIA Awards organizers distribute award entries only to the authorized media and industry analyst judges selected to review entries. The entries and the underlying information about the nominees will never be released to anyone else. But we have rights to publish in whole or in part on the Best in ASIA Awards site or elsewhere without prior approval by the entrant.
The International program is our broadest and is open to any individual or any company from any industry operating in any country in the world. 
ASIA Awards are being recognized both nationally and internationally across the globe. The ASIA Awards provide not only worldwide recognition and prestige but a competitive advantage in driving business in this tumultuous world. Each award winner is entitled to use the ASIA Awards Logo with year on all printed and promotional literatures, which evidences to all its customers and suppliers the highest accolade acclaimed by the company.
The ASIA Awards are now recognized as the hallmark of corporate excellence worldwide, because of their independence, integrity, transparency. And, through evaluation of application provides opportunity for self-assessment and helps companies accelerate the performance and competition. Winning and getting recognition not only boosts the morale of an organization or a team or an individual concerned for their best of best performance, but also establishes the credibility of an organization or individual.
The basis of our evaluation is our mark sheet/assessment criteria which is different for different Awards.
The evaluation process recognizes a variety of conditions under which an organization conducts its activities. Evaluators are required to consider these factors in their assessment of the organization’s performance against the assessment criteria. The decision on whether to conduct a site visit or not, is made by the evaluation team at the short listing stage. Site visit is not an automatic part of the evaluation procedure for clarifying issues raised during the evaluation. The Awards Secretariat constitutes an Expert Evaluation Committee comprising from various sectors are invited to examine the applications. Each of the applications is reviewed independently by assessors and the applications which satisfy the basic review requirements, are short listed for Awards. The applications are assessed on an exhaustive set of parameters as mentioned in the guidelines for a total score card of 1000 marks. Cut-off applied on each application is 80 percent. Entries occupying top positions are recommended for consideration of the Jury.
ASIA Awards, powered by  World Research Congress(WRC), are now regarded as Holy Grail of corporate excellence worldwide.
Today ASIA Awards Secretariat receives over 1,000 entries per year for various National and Global awards, from several countries worldwide. The achievement of the ASIA Award is the most powerful way to build the brand image. The Award winners are eligible to use the ASIA Awards Logo with year on all printed and promotional materials, which evidences to all its customers and suppliers the highest accolade acclaimed by the company. No business award today receives the kind of recognition and adulation among peers that the ASIA Award does.
The payment can be made through a bank transfer or online.

We have tried our best to answer all your questions here still if you have any doubts except these questions, you can always contact us or mail us at rulacontact@gmail.com / admin@asiaawards.org
Both organization and individual can apply for the awards.
All the shortlisted participants for the award event will be notified via email.
Absolutely yes, we will send all your award benefits through post to your registered address with us. 
The awards ceremony will be internationally broadcast, so International ASIA winners will receive international exposure just from the broadcast.  The Awards public relations team will also work to generate international, regional, and local exposure for honorees.
Flight ticket and Accommodation is not included in the registration fee. however, we negotiate a discounted room rate for conference attendees at the conference hotel. The discounted room rate is subject to availability. Please book your room well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Travel accommodations are not included with your registration fees and must be arranged separately by the attendee.

Delegate fee includes only the list of all participant benefits and does not include own expense like Travel, Accommodation, etc.

If you are unable to participate in a live event, your award and related things will be sent to you on courier service once you have paid the delegate fee of award and courier charges. Your paying charges are applicable for well-finished packaging and safe dispatchment of following things such as Trophy, Certificate award plague, Achievement medal and other mentioned list of benefits.

This is to inform you that the courier charges will be revealed at the time of dispatching the courier. The service provider will confirm the fee later to make some discounts and hope so the price is comfortable for you.