A.L.M. Mohamed Resvi has bagged Asia's Best Social Activist Award of the Year

A.L.M. Mohamed Resvi has bagged Asia's Best Social Activist Award of the Year

A.L.M. Mohamed Resvi  

Asia’s Best Social Activist of the Year 2020/2021 

I am Ahamed Lebbage Moosa Mohamed Resvi a member of Nikaweratiya Local Government (Pradesiya  Shabha), the General Secretary of United Social Welfare Association (Eksath Prajamula Sangvidanaya) and the All Island Justice of Peace presently performing my duties.  

I’m really proud to be an awardee with a praise worthy title for “Asia’s Best Social Activist of the year  2020/2021” I proudly appreciate the Asia Award Organization powered by Rula award. My humble gratitude to the World Research Congress. I would like to say that this recognition would be the greatest  honor to me and also to the whole world. 

I was born on 09th July 1978 in the North Western Province, Kurunegala District, Nikaweratiya, Sri Lanka.  I attended a school in the region, and followed higher studies in the field of Computer Engineering and  Diploma in English. As there were many opportunities to receive government jobs I rejected them  because it will be a disturbance for me in my social service. Then for my income I am conducting an IT  firm in the name of Nano Tech. 

I was born and raised in a low-income village area where agriculture is the main occupation and I  somewhat know the issues faced in our society. Hence I was very interested in social service since  schooling and my family's economic situation was somewhat better. I was able to help the needy students.  Being interested in community service since school time I also helped to address the shortcomings,  providing essential services to the school and school environment and motivating students.  

When I was continuing my higher education I was able to continue my social service work as a member  of the Board of Directors of the School Development Association and the Social Service Organization in  the area. 

I am serving the people without any racial, religion, language differences. I have identified the problem  of the people. Education development project based on good education for all, housing for the needy,  making arrangements for needy patients who are unable to take medical assistance, drinking water  facility, road development projects, career guidance, disaster relief services, sports for youth, motivation  programs, protecting the environment and awareness programs to promote ethic and ethnic unity. 

I contacted the leaders of the political parties as well as well wishes. The contacts of the political  organizations were essential for carrying out massive projects in the community. Thus I was able to  address some of the problems found in our area. 

My political journey started with joining Sri Lanka Muslim congress in 1998. My close association with  Hon. Rauff Hakeem, who took over the leadership post after the death of the late founder Hon. M.H.M.  Ashraf in the year 2000, gave me the opportunity to expand my services nationally.  

I have saved as a part time computer lecture and volunteer in Abukkagama M.M.V and in the social  service organization called AVDA in 2001 and was instrumental in getting the two members of the Sri 

Lanka Muslim Congress selected respectively in the years 2004, 2009 north western provincial council  elections. I joined the Qatar Specialized Engineering W.L.L. as an IT Engineer in 2009. Services to my  community continue despite being in Qatar. In 2013 I was appointed as All Island Justice of Peace by the  Ministry of Justice of the then government of Sri Lanka.  

I came back to Sri Lanka from Qatar in 2015 and formed the United Social Welfare Association, a social  service organization which continued the services mentioned above. This was enriched by the  appointment of then Hon. Minister Rauff Hakeem who gave me the fullest patronage to implement  many more massive projects. 

I contested the 2018 Local Government (Pradhesiya Sabha) Elections in Nikaweratiya and was selected as a  member of the Nikaweratiya Local Government with the support of the people. 

My ambition is to rebuild a prosperous society with the message of my services to individuals affected  by this Covid-19 pandemic throughout the world. Hence all of us should commit ourselves to create a  better and more prosperous future by driving off this Covid-19 catastrophe. 

A.L.M. Mohamed Resvi has bagged Asia's Best Social Activist Award of the Year

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