Aachi International School has bagged Asia's Best International School of the Year

Aachi International School has bagged Asia's Best International School of the Year


Aachi International School is a precious offspring of the dedicated and zealous edupreneur Mr. V. Kasimayan and family with its humble birth since 2014 where every student is prepared for life with utmost personal care and attention. Our each and every student is a replica of the Divine and our service to them do we consider as done to the Transcendental.


Our panel of devoted academicians with their experience of two decades in teaching and training has set out to prepare students for life by enhancing their health with inter and intra school physical activities, igniting their mind with analytical thinking and enriching their heart with the righteous attitude which shall awaken their inner self and manifest its inherent caliber to the globe.



In pursuit of nurturing young minds, our vision is to bring out creative thinkers of best practices nurturing innovation with humanity in order to get along with diverse ethnicity across the globe and with skills and character formation to be morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired intellectuals devoted to global ethics, human excellence and ecological gratefulness.



The mission of Aachi International School is to

? Provide unique education at an easily affordable level to all our children considering the economic spectrum of all our parents

? Impart righteousness in all what our children learn and do

? Support every child to identify the latent potential, nurture and synergize the same

? Blend expertise in all required domains of knowledge in order to help them explore the world of opportunities with passion and compassion

? Create a learning revolution in the realm of quality education at a joyful ambience and steering every pupil to their brightest future



Aachi International School, though situated in a rural locality, ensures equal number of facilities for all students as the ones obtained in any other town or city and so the following are indeed very much noteworthy.


? Quality Education with residential facilities at an affordable level

? Strong leadership of well-experienced, refined academicians

? Relentless contribution to Students creating them leaders via Aachian Council

? Well-equipped Labs & Exclusive Library

? Multimedia based education

? Talent exhibition of Students via school bulletin Aachian Times & other expo

? Regular interaction with parents in person, WhatsApp & via SMS

? Timely Guidance & Counseling to Students on a holistic development

? Intensive coaching to improve the academic performance  throughout the year

? Cent percent results & Subject-wise Centum in Board Exams

? Exam Centre for board exams of CISCE & for Hindi exams of Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha

? Promoting healthy relationship among Students, Teachers and parents via Skill Enrichment Programmes & Value-based workshops

? Enabling children to speak in fluent English, which is the Campus Language

? Turing out the young talents through  K.G. Graduation Day/ Grandparents Day

? Imparting life skills via National festivals, Days of significant remembrance and school functions such as / Sports Day / Annual Day / Art & Science Expo                                                                       

? Paving way for holistic development of every child with the help of Experts in Yoga, Karate, Skating, Art & Craft  and Co-curricular activities

? Safe  School Conveyance facility with  CCTV & GPS

? Special care for Academic Development, Self-discipline, Physical & Mental well-being along with  Hygienic food & Safe accommodation for Hostellers



? In-Service CISCE Training Programme & Academic Trips for teachers

? Motivational Seminar on Study habits and Personal Hygiene

? CAT (Competency Assessment Test) for primary classes ? as a preparatory ground towards future Competitive Exams

? SAT (Skill Assessment Test) for higher classes ? as a preparatory ground towards forthcoming Competitive Exams

? National & International Olympiads for students from class I to XII to further enhance their skills in order confidently face the future entrance exams at various levels

? Training for Talent Search Examination (of State Government ? Scholarship Exam) for class X

? Girls Empowerment Programme on Physical & Mental Health

? Enrichment of Life Skills via Uniform Services such as JRC (Junior Red Cross), Scouts & Guides

? Applying academics and bringing out the individual creativity with Art & Science Expo

? Session on 'Happy Parenting' for parents

? Career Guidance & Counseling Programme for higher classes

? Educational Tour & Field Trips in discussion with teachers & parents

? Inter & Intra-School Scholastic and Co- Scholastic Competitions

? Conduct of Inter-school Competition among ICSE Schools of the State


Realistic & Futuristic Teaching                                               

The pragmatic and futuristic attitude toward teaching and learning inspires many children as well as educators in international schools. Our well-experienced teachers take up diverse teaching-learning styles by;

?  fostering collaboration rather than competition in classrooms

?  helping young children individually feel connected and be united without any disparity

?  using real-life experiences, current events, the dramatic arts and other lively sources of knowledge in place of textbook information, which  kindle the love of learning

?  encouraging reflection and questioning to keep alive the ?flame of intelligence? rather than passive memorization of ?facts?

?   accommodating differences and refusing to label children, for example, as ?learning disabled? or ?hyperactive,? and bringing out the unique gifts contained within each child?s spirit

?  inculcating moral values via value of the week, moral-based role play, drama, stories, value education sessions & personality development seminars for children



The beauty of a child's mind is that it is open to everything, and instead of treating it as a dumping yard for facts, various ideologies and mere theories, we, at Aachi International School, move on with full of confidence and zeal to nurture and enhance these wonderful minds with the art of thinking, questioning, creating, dreaming, innovating and ultimately educating children in a manner that would not only help the child ace an exam but also set him/her on the path of life with a strong belief in himself/herself and an ability to achieve anything that he/she aspires.


Though the learning experience is vast and it does not end at any point in life, school is where it all begins. Each child has the innate drive to achieve his/her maximum potential and it is our sole responsibility to guide him/her along the best path by helping him/her understand his/her environment, recognize available opportunities and deal with the challenges of life and society.

We strongly believe that our versatile young talents will not only bloom into artists, astronauts, doctors, engineers, scientists, officers, musicians, teachers, businessmen and executives that they dream of becoming but will also set the world ablaze with their innovative ideas, creative contribution to society with moral righteousness and will serve as a sturdy inspiration to millions. We take pride in the thought that we are one of the real potters to shape and mould the growth of these magnificent achievers of tomorrow.


Wishing all teachers, parents and children a happy schooling ever!



Asia Awards powered by RULA Awards 

Affiliated with World Research Congress

Encouragement is oxygen to the soul. It makes a ripple effect of complementing the good work of everyone around. We strongly believe that this sort of encouragement and recognition is given benevolently to all those doing good service to humanity by Asia Awards powered by RULA Awards. To look into someone?s good work in the realm of society and complement the same indeed requires a big heart and evidently Asia Awards is a genuine possessor of the bosom with full of passion and compassion in truly appreciating all the persons of goodwill. This platform of great motivation by Asia Awards will definitely be a milestone in everyone?s life that receives it and will ever be cherished throughout the life as one of the most memorable moments.


?If you do not create a great, rewarding place for people to work, they won?t do great work.? So much so, Asia Awards has in fact set out to create such a great, rewarding place for people of goodwill and humane service. Hence, with all humility, we wholeheartedly pay our tribute and gratitude to Asia Awards powered by RULA Awards affiliated with World Research Congress for your distinguished and prestigious invite to Aachi International School with respect to recognizing our service under the category ?Best International School of the Year?.


We wish Asia Awards all the very best in all its endeavours now and in the future. May the Supreme Good equip you all with indomitable spirit to relentlessly pursue your service to the humankind! 


Aachi International School has bagged Asia's Best International School of the Year

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