Ahamed Rizvi Mohamed Rifkhan Has bagged Asia's Mobile Icon of the Year Award

Ahamed Rizvi Mohamed Rifkhan Has bagged Asia's Mobile Icon of the Year Award

AHAMED RIZVI MOHAMED RIFKHAN is the creator of IDealz Lanka PVT LTD. It all began modestly in 2012, with online sales as the foundation, and no physical store. Afterward, a shop was established in Kirulapona, driven by the desire to make phones accessible to everyone and assist customers in understanding the technology and choosing the right phone.

Fast forward to 2023, and IDealz has progressed significantly. Starting from its Kirulapona store, it now proudly operates two shops in major Sri Lankan malls—Liberty Plaza and Marino Mall.

Throughout this journey, the brand has maintained a strong online presence, delivering products ordered through their website to more than a million customers.

We proudly hold the titles of being the leading Smartphone retailer and the most recognized mobile partner in Sri Lanka. With a decade of industry experience, we have a commendable sales record, and our post-purchase services consistently leave customers satisfied. As a testament to our credibility, we hold the distinction of being one of Sri Lanka's few Apple Authorized Resellers.

Our offerings span across the best mobile brands, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Mi, One Plus, Oppo, Vivo, Sony, HTC, and more. Our dedication has been acknowledged by these brands, as evidenced by the following awards:

  • Vivo's Best Reseller in Quarter 4 of 2017
  • Samsung's Best Reseller of 2017
  • Sony's Preferred Reseller in 2017
  • HTC's Preferred Reseller in 2016
  • A significant milestone: Samsung's sales contribution of 1 billion rupees in 2015

But more than awards, what really matters to IDealz is the people who trust them. When you step into an IDealz store or talk to them online, you become part of the IDealz family. That's something we take seriously.

To show how much they care, IDealz has started doing cool things on social media. They even celebrated their first phone sale with the "Happy Customer" campaign. It was a big hit and reached lots of people in Sri Lanka.

In short, IDealz Lanka PVT LTD, guided by AHAMED RIZVI MOHAMED RIFKHAN, has come a long way since it started. From a small online business, it's become a big name in selling phones. Their story shows they never gave up, they're always finding new and better ways to do things, and most importantly, they care about making their customers happy. This is what makes them a leader in the ever-changing world of selling smartphones.

Ahamed Rizvi Mohamed Rifkhan Has bagged Asia's Mobile Icon of the Year Award

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