Amit Kumar Srivastav has bagged Asia's Best Social Activist Award of the Year

Amit Kumar Srivastav has bagged Asia's Best Social Activist Award of the Year

Hello Namaste, My name is Amit Kumar Srivastava and I live in Kichha town of Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand. Udham Singh Nagar is called the economic capital of Uttarakhand. Udham Singh Nagar is also called the bouquet of Hindustan because people of all classes live here happily.

I am the president of the Institute of Social Development which is a voluntary organization and through my institution I am constantly giving my services for the people of every section of the society on important issues like  Education, Health, Employment, Environment, Skill development, Disaster management, Drinking water and sanitation through Government of India, State Government and CSR for the last 15 years.

Today, we feel very happy to help many needy people, for this, I wholeheartedly thank all my board members, hardworking staff, volunteers, as well as my wife, I thank you from the depths of my heart because their Without companionship, it was not possible to do everything at all!

 various departments of the Government of India,  State Government, who considered us worthy and connected themselves, as well as many private companies under Corporate Social Responsibility specially TATA Motors Ltd. Pantnagar,Uttarakhand, who have joined us for this sacred work.

Along with this, I am also a member of many committees of  government, the main committee among them is the District Child Welfare Committee, through this I am fulfilling my responsibility to solve every problem of children with need, care and protection at the district level.

 I wholeheartedly thank the Asia Awards and all jury members for their selection for the Asia West Social Activist Award of the Year Powered by Roula Awards.I am feeling very happy to receive this award and I am once again expressing my heartfelt gratitude to the Asia Awards, Rula Awards and Word Research Congress for this. 

Thank you!

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