Ankit Yadav has bagged Asia's Noble Award in Finance

Ankit Yadav has bagged Asia's Noble Award in Finance

Ankit Yadav, a Wealth Manager from the United States is a Founder and Director of Market Maestroo Pvt. Ltd. Ankit Is amongst the few successful Investors in India & One of the Great Investors who have the ability to predict the economic outcomes. Known for his Economic Projections the Wealth Manager in past successfully predicted the various economic & stock market outcome.  A Youth Icon from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh have a habit of researching about shares from a very young age and as soon as he reached the age of 18, he opened the demat account with a deposit of Rs. 5000/- and began investing in well-known companies before relocating to the United States to take courses in wealth management and chartered economics to support his claim that he is devoted to educating people about the art of investing. Soon he came into the lime light as he paid enormous amount of tax to the government of India. He became one of the highest tax payers in India & one of youngest Millionaire in India with his technique in Stock Market. He Founded Market Maestroo Pvt Ltd which has humongous amount of fan following in social media. 

How Do You Feel After Receiving Asia Awards ?   

By winning Asia’s most prestigious award – “Asia’s Noble Award in Finance” 2022  I feel overwhelmed and delighted and this boosted my confidence to do more such activities. It is one of the momentous occasions of my life. This is going to be the one of the golden moment of my entire life which will remain unforgettable. With that I am grateful to Asia award powered by Rula Awards for recognizing my work & honoring me with the best. I sincerely thank all esteemed jury members for this award who selected me for such prestigious award over many. May Asia Awards continue to recognize & award such talents in coming years & my best wishes to Asia Award as they are truly motivating individuals to do the best in their respective fields to achieve the awards.     

Concept of Intrinsic Value – He created the idea of intrinsic value for the first time in history, following the footsteps of his hero, Mr. Warren Buffet. He stands out from his rivals because of this. Mainly the process for determining an asset's intrinsic value is unknown to everyone. He also brought it for the first time, and it was released a few months ago. The MRP of the stock is the Stock’s intrinsic value. Mr. Ankit Yadav determines the MRP of each stock in the globe. With this unique concept you can find out the Fair Value of any Stocks in this World. This Magical Formula is created by Ankit, Wealth Manager (USA) in his Website & for the same achievement he got various awards included Asia’s Noble Award in Finance 2022.

Career – Ankit Yadav, Wealth Manager (USA) is viewed as the next Warren buffet by many investors for carrying the Baton of value investing forward. He is a bright investor, an ingenious instructor and a wealth manager in the United States, with a number of degrees under his belt. He firmly believes that people should be informed about the value of financial planning, which goes beyond sound advice and investment results. He thinks its important to give his investors reliable counsel. Ankit’s knowledge of the subject, combined with market research, helps individual understand the concept of money management. Through his extensive and descriptive videos on a variety of finance-related topics, he up skills and prepare people to manage their finances. He is well versed in the financial market and believes that knowledge should be shared than hoarded.

The Rock Star Of Share Market – Ankit Yadav, Wealth Manager (USA) is very popular amongst the youth & widely considered as the next big bull. His Social Media presence is Humongous. He has over 1 Million Followers In his instagram & got over 7 lakh plus subscribers in his YouTube channel named “Market Maestroo”. You can find his unique ideas of creating wealth in his YouTube platform. Every week he releases the videos on the topic of financial planning etc. 

Wealth Acknowledgement - Ankit Yadav, Wealth Manager (USA) has amassed substantial money through his job as a wealth manager and an Investor, catapulting him into the top income tier in the nation. Ankit though, is not one to cut corners with taxes, unlike many other equally privileged people. He pays his taxes on time and paid an amount of Rs.14 lakh in GST in one month of 2021 because he genuinely respects the welfare of state. Additionally, Ankit is one of the state's highest tax payers.

He also developed a method that can determine the intrinsic value of any stock in less than 10 seconds; He has appeared as a financial expert on various news and business outlets like CNBC TV 18, Money Control, Times of India, India Infoline and Zee Business. . Because of his fair and honest market analysis, he has acquired two silver play buttons as a Youtuber and the fair play award from GROWW for accumulating one lakh subscribers.  2022 is the Award Winning Year for Ankit as he won “Young Achievers Award” 2022 By Rural & Development Excellence Award as well as he won “Outstanding Achievement Award in Finance” In New Delhi from Govt. of India. Now Ankit Have Won Most Prestigious Award Of Asia – “Asia Nobel Award in Finance”2022 By Asia Awards Powered by Rula Awards. Not jut this but he also won Asia’s Most Influential Entrepreneur Award 2022. 

Ankit Consistently Making the Nation Proud

Ankit efforts towards making India economically more powerful through his ideas of finance are well appreciated & point to figure. He is researching to bring down the global inequality as well. He is giving the ray of hope for millions of middle class that yes you can also be millionaire & get out from the poverty & do something big. He is the hope for all investors that yes from the stock market you can create a huge wealth & compound your assets. Today All India’s Youth & Middle Class have a bird eye view on Ankit & we hope he will never disappoint us in the future. The Wealth Manager is on the Iconic Bull Run which Shows No Sign of any Downfall & Yet to reach the peak. In Short, The Big Shark Wealth Manager still have tools to Surprise the Globe in coming time.  

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