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Bvp Rich Holdings Sdn Bhd has bagged Asia's Outstanding Organization Award

Madam Normalah Binti Mustapah is the founder of Bvp Rich Holdings Sdn. Bhd. After completing her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, she started to grow her very own business empire in 2014. Started with a small shop lot in the very same year, BVP Rich Holdings Sdn. Bhd now stands proud with two warehouses which are located in KKIP, Sabah Malaysia. All products are manufactured in house which is managed by her relative in Foshan, China. BVP now has a total of 64 employees both in Foshan, China and Sabah, Malaysia. 

The idea first came to her when she noticed there is a gap between what is offered in the market and parents' needs when it comes to finding the perfect baby diapers. After researching, she had identified the 4 main aspects of concerns, which are the price, absorbance feature, comforts, and quality of material. With the four aspects in mind, she had formulated a solution that can give parents high quality diapers with affordable price points through the creation of Borneo Viral Pants Diapers.

However, if she could pick one of the features of BVP as a brand that stands out from other brands in the market, it will be its absorbency feature. She believed that the best diaper should be made to absorb fluid well to prevent leaks. BVP diapers can quickly absorb moisture and provide up to 12 hours of nighttime leak protection. So absorbency quickly becomes the focus of BVP products.

With outstanding business networking, at present time her brand of diapers proudly stands with more than 100 over master agents, certified agents, agents, and distributors. Her goal in business is to help her community to grow together and provide them platforms and assistance to create more entrepreneurs. Stemming from that, Madam Noor’s vision is to achieve “Being the main innovator and pioneer” in the production of children and adults products that serve and produce high quality products and while maintaining affordable prices globally”.  

Madam Noor understands that the success of a product relies heavily on the relationship with their consumers and BVP values the trust between our brand and the parents. Recently, Borneo Viral Pants Holdings Sdn Bhd celebrated reaching 100 thousand followers on their social media. Now BVP is taking another step forward by starting to offer OEM services for other businesses or companies. Currently, an OEM in Johor Malaysia has been opened and more to come in the future.

With all the ups and downs of her journey in business she has been recognised by being awarded with business achievement such as the Asean Award in 2017, President Kebajikan 1 Sabah 2021, The icon Hasbul Brothers 2021, Bumiputera Business Excellence Awards 2021, and most recently Asia’s No 1 Brand & Leadership Excellence award by Rula Award 2021. She is really grateful to achieve such an excellent and prestigious award from the Rula Award. “This is the proudest moment of my professional career. I felt really appreciated and valued to be able to receive this award. This award will stand as a reminder for me to be more focused and dedicated to my business.” Madam Noor 2021.

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