Collins Lehlohonolo Mokhotho Has bagged Asia's Legend Lifetime Achievement Award

Collins Lehlohonolo Mokhotho Has bagged Asia's Legend Lifetime Achievement Award

I like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all of you who took their time and efforts to regarding the selection, I feel honoured and happy and to with these awards it is a urge achievement in my life and I think most of the entire people and the community at large will start to realize that a peceference is a mother of success, and to be honest with you these awards will pave the way to my success and I came from the poor background where sometimes I sleep without any food to feed my children as a father and the most pain full part  is that I don’t even have degree, Masters, or even PHD or any qualifications so that I can get a stable job according to the qualifications that I have and I feel sad about the whole matter, but god give me a special gift that I can use to survive in life and according to my contributions I believe that I deserve to be recognized by the government or the  University to give me the qualifications and according to my experience, knowledge and skills in the arts and culture fraternity and to with this awards I can start to rebuild my life and the others, like for instance I want to create a healthy and a conducive environment for my people especially the youth, women and children, and we don’t even have more resources like community art centre, tourist crawl, monument, art gallery to where I am living at, I need to come up with a new development for my community I don’t even have offices were I can work every day I work from my mother’s house.

The relationship between India and South Africa are very much strong I remember our late former president Dr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela he used to talk about the Indians during his state of the nation address and he did mentioned the agreement between the former president Mahatma Magandhi and himself no one will break the chain that two countries have. Like my relationship with the Asia growing stronger and stronger everyday and I know and understand that in-terms of the following will be on the same page.

  1. To promote our South African music in India
  2. To promote cultural exchange program
  3. To promote exports in India
  4. To provides South Africans with scholarships and Bursaries

The relationship between South Africa and various Asian countries in terms of tradition and music industries is multifaceted and rich. South Africa has a diverse musical land scape that has been influenced by various cultures; including Asian African music scene has incorporated elements from Indian, Chinese, and other Asian music styles creating a unique fusion of sound and rhythms.

Furthermore the cultural exchange between South Africa and Asian countries has also led to the blending of traditions. This exchange has fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s customs, leading to the promotion of cultural diversity and unity.

Overall, the relationship between South Africa and Asian countries in terms of tradition and music industries reflects a shared appreciation for cultural diversity and mutual desire to celebrate and preserve the richness of both African and heritage.

Certainly drug addiction is a pressing issue in South Africa, affecting individuals and communities nationwide. It’s a complex problem that requires comprehensive solutions. Music as a powerful medium can play a significant role in addressing this challenge. Through its universal language, music has the potential to inspire, educate, and bring people together. By fostering a culture of creativity and expression, music can provide a positive outlet for individual struggling with addiction, offering a form of therapy and support. Furthermore, leveraging the influence of musicians and artists to raise awareness and promote messages of resilience, hope, and recovery can contribute to shifting societal attitudes and combating the stigma associated with drug addiction. By harnessing the transformative power of music, we can pave the way for a brighter, healthier future, fostering a society that embraces healing and empowerment.

yes indeed Asia awards can change our life’s completely, and I am very much fortunate and delightened that out of this awards my life will change to be a better person, and I will be a very serious role model into our community, and the youth will take it from me as their role model, but the most important things that I want to establish as a business when I have finance:

  • Maize Milling Machinery
  • Arts and Crafts Machinery
  • Kubu Supermarket
  • Mangaung Tourist Crawl

I need to create a temporary and permanent job opportunities for disadvantaged youth and women and also to change their life’s to take them out of this poverty and I believe that with your support I can manage to achieve my objectives and I trust and believe that my dreams will turn into reality one day.

I will like to say this words by expressing myself to all of you, through to my jenouy it was not easy at all, and sometimes it was very difficult, but I did not loose hope, and some of the people we discarage me, but I did  not take their critism into considaration, I was like let them keep on talking but I do what I love, I trained lots of youth and some of them went to overseas, and I took some of them to countries like China, Belgium and Senegal.

In life I learned how to accept and also to accept regrets and disapointment and you don’t throw  towel even when the life comes with different challenges, you keep on pushing till you achieve your objectives, and yes indeed peceference is a mother of succes, and I am one of the living legend that are still are live in this world and some of my collegues in the arts and cultue sector are past on.

some of my collegues are no longer in the sector because of the presure that they have in their lifes, and this jernouy it was not easy at all, and some people thought that when you are an artists you will be a millioner within a year it is not like that, I choose to be an artits because I love my culture and my heritage, I spent almost 35 years in the industry even today I am still there developing the young once, and also to promote my culture at local, provincial,national, africa and at international level, people think that when you are an artists you are nothing in life, and in life we can not do the same thing, others will follow their own carries like being a doctors, lawyers, police officers, nurses, soldiers and so on, we are not the same, but I myself  I choosed to be an artits, and I worked with so many  institutions and political organizations for instance, churches, schools, arts and cultur organizations, different government departments, universities, theaters and community art centres. in  local, provincial, national and international.

I registered a small entertaimnet production company which is called kubu management and services we promote arts and culture but the company is events managements company, the company has done so many project and the programs like age of hope, mangaung cultural heritage musical dance ensemble, moribo wa setho drums ensemble. but the sad part out of thing is that we dont get enough financial support from our state, and I do believe that with this awards things will start to change drastically.

I am looking forwad to come to collect my awards while I am still in life, and I cant wait to see the whole entire team that are changing some other people lifes global. (Asia Awards). 

This is a great opportunity to me intems of networking and starting a new business relationships with new dedicated people in asia and yes it is so nice to be part of the awards, I appreacite a lot and I feel honored to be one of you, may dear god be with all the organizers of the Asia Awards.

I thank you

God bless Africa and Asia

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