Dr Brij Mohan Sharma has bagged Asia's Social Innovator Award of the Year

Dr Brij Mohan Sharma has bagged Asia's Social Innovator Award of the Year

1. Citation: 

Dr Sharma started his journey by voluntarily starting the ‘Water Testing Campaign’ in the year 1990 without any funding. Later on, in 1996 he started another campaign on his own on ‘Food Adulteration Testing’ to create awareness as well as to stop the food adulteration. Dr. Sharma also has a passion for popularizing science through field -based interventions among the various sections of society including children.

An ardent environmentalist and scientist at the core, Dr Brij Mohan Sharma formally registered the organization ‘Society of Pollution and Environmental Conservation Scientists (SPECS)’ in 1994, and initiated a scientific study to monitor Solid Particulate Matter in the air of the Doon Valley, aiming to bring out scientific proof for the rising levels of air pollution in the ecologically fragile Doon Valley. The results of the study were of great help in creating awareness and thereafter regulating the air pollution in Doon valley. 

After Dehradun became the capital of newly formed Uttarakhand state in 2000, SPECS started a water testing campaign with an aim of ‘clean potable water for all’ which was adequately encouraged by the then first chief minister of the state Sri Nityanand Swami. The campaign is continuing and publishes a report every year on water quality.  

In 2005, Dr Sharma institutionalized the food adulteration testing campaign by taking it to the Chardham routes (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath), since then this is a regular event. This campaign has helped people and authorities on Chardham routes, understand the level of food adulteration in the state. 

SPECS under his stewardship is also a pioneer in the field of science popularization and communication since 1994. Dr Sharma has a passion for explaining day to day activities using scientific principles in a simplistic and understandable way. 

One of the biggest milestones for SPECS came when it succeeded in making solar efficient low-cost LED lights. Under the guidance of Dr. Sharma, SPECS developed the process of making low cost and efficient solar LED lights. In addition to creating awareness for electricity conservation through LED lights, they also oriented, equipped and trained people in energy conservation. 

After the 2013 Kedarnath disaster, SPECS connected people in the disaster affected areas through Zipline ropeways to carry people and goods from one area to another for their livelihoods. SPECS in addition to installing safe ropeways, also equipped and trained the communities on how to maintain it for better and long-lasting services.

In another campaign starting in 2013 for climate change mitigation and environment conservation for employment generation and energy saving Dr. Sharma was instrumental in saturating 327 villages of Uttarakhand by 7-watt LED bulbs, thus saving electricity to the tune of 302 lakh electric units per-year and 21245 MT GreenHouse Gases. These bulbs were assembled by Local dropout students, villagers, inmates of jail and especially-abled persons which helped them in making their livelihoods. Now, he is launching LED bulb repairing centers in these villages for minimizing E-waste and generating employment at their door steps.

SPECS also started a women's festival ‘Mahila Mahotsav’, for the women of Salt block of Almora District and Nainidanda block of Pauri District in the year of 2014, which are continuing for the last six-years.

In the FY 2020-21, under his leadership, villagers of Doiwala Block planted 2.10 lakh fruit trees in their fields. During COVID-19 lockdown, employment was generated for 68 marginalized women through stitching the 62 thousand face masks. These masks were distributed for corona warriors. In addition, 325 PPE Kits; 5000 reusable and 4600 single use masks along-with a cheque for Rs. 1 lac was donated to CM Uttarakhand. Other than this Homemade sanitizer, Herbal handwash and Low-cost water filters were innovated during lock down. A Huncha App for children activities centre was also developed.

Dr. Sharma has received many awards for his outstanding work. That includes the National Award for Outstanding work in Science and Technology Communication-2013 -2018 by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and Governor Innovation Awards-2018. 

Further, he has to his credit Uttarakhand state energy conservation award consecutively for three years -2009, 2010 and 2018, Uttarakhand State Innovation award by Uttarakhand State Council for Science and Technology-2010 and 2011. Uttarakhand State Environmental Conservation award-2004 an Award on Hydroponics by Uttarakhand Horticulture Department in 2000, TOI Icon Award in 2019, UN Appreciation and Alumni Fund Award of US Embassy, 2016 are some of his prominent accolades. 

Dr Brij Mohan Sharma, has also been conferred with the coveted LifeTime Achievement Award 2019 in the field of ‘Science and Technology Communication Through Innovations’ by Troy D. Cline, Director, STEM Innovation Lab, NASA, USA and Padma Shri Prof. Dr. V. Adimurty, ISRO Team Member, Mangalyan and Chandrayan projects. The award was presented to Dr Sharma at the International Educational Symposium, Chandigarh, organized by Smart Circuits for his outstanding contribution to science through his Innovations. 

2. Significant Contribution of the Nominee/Applicant: 

Over the last 25 years, he has worked towards the fulfilment of the dream of ‘Science for All’. He believes that it is intrinsically more essential to work towards making people self-reliant rather than make them dependent.

Some significant contributions are:

  • Water filter developed and certified by IIT, New Delhi.

  • Rasoi Kasauti-kit for all districts, UT of India, YSA 2004.

  • 327 Energy Efficient Villages of Uttarakhand.

  • Low-cost Solar emergency lights were provided to 2000 and 3500 families during Kedarnath and Kashmir disasters, respectively.

  • 100 LED Bulb repairing centres in 18 states of India minimising E-Waste.

  • Fuses for LED bulbs were developed and fitted in 327 villages of Uttarakhand, saving 3.10 crore electric units in 327 villages.

  • 2.10 lakh fruit trees planted in Doiwala Vidhan Sabha, 2019.

  • Installation of Ropeway in Kedarnath disaster.

  • Employment for 68 women, 62,000 Masks Distributed in COVID lockdown.

  • Rupees one lakh, 325 PPE kits, 10,000 masks given to CM Relief Fund, in COVID.

  • Mud water filters for COVID warriors.

  • I am a self reliant campaign for self employment, E-Waste Minimisation.

  • Jan jan ko sudh jal campaign for water quality for the last 22 years.

  • Anti-polythene garbage management campaign since 1995.

  • Development of 428 STEM toys for scientific temper in children.

  • Developed Jal and Mitti Kasauti Kits.

  • Developed Bloom Hydroponics solution.

  • Training on making and repairing of Energy conservation tools for Jail inmates and Bal Sudhar Grih, Dehradun, Hardwar since 2016. 

3. Awards/Recognition Received by the Applicant/Nominee



  • Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund of US State Department and implemented through US Embassy, 2016

  • UN Appreciation in Energy Efficiency, 2018

  • Life Time Achievement Award -2019 - Science and Technology Communication Through Innovations by Troy D. Cline, Director, STEM Innovation Lab, NASA, USA and Padma Shri Prof. Dr. V. Adimurty, ISRO Team Member, Mangalyan and Chandrayan projects at International Educational Symposium, Chandigarh, organized by Smart Circuits

  • Mentor of the year 2019 –Global Award by SEAS

  • Asia Social Innovator Award -2021


  • National Award Outstanding Work in Science and Technology Communication through Innovations and Traditions ways-2018, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

  • National Award Outstanding Work in Science and Technology Communication-2013, DST, GOI 

  • Indian Excellency Award -2021 by Indian Book Of Records .

  • Innovation Award -2021 

  • Excellence Service Award, MTNL Health Mela, 2004 to 2019, by Padma Shri Dr. K.K. Agarwal 


  • Uttarakhand State Governor Innovation Award, 2018

  • Times Brand Icon Award 2018, The Times of India

  • Garhwal Post Award, 2017

  • Innovator of the Year Award, 2010 and 2011, UCOST, Uttarakhand

  • Energy Conservation Award 2009, 2010, 2018 UREDA and BEE, Uttarakhand

  • Environment Conservation Award 2004, Uttarakhand Environment Protection and Pollution Control Board

  • Felicitation for science awareness by Sri Trivendra Singh Rawat, Chief Minister, Uttarakhand

  • Felicitation by Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh- 2018

  • Outstanding work in Science Communication by Shri Harish Rawat, Chief Minister, Uttarakhand

  • Felicitation by Visva Samvad Kendra, Dehradun 2019

  • Felicitation by Padma Vibhushan Dr. Manju Sharma, NASI

  • Felicitation by Mrs. Nita Ambani, Chairperson, Reliance Foundation

  • Felicitation by Hero Moto Corp Ltd, 2016 to19

4. Impact of the work done by the Nominee/Applicant: Contribution to the Field  

Dr. Brij Mohan Sharma has touched over 50 lakh lives through his interventions across the remotest parts of the country. Science communication, STEM learning tools for children, entrepreneurship, environment conservation, energy efficiency etc. 

Some are as

  • Training to jail inmates in bamboo carving lamps, Solar lights, LED Bulbs and tube lights to Dehradun, Hardwar District Jail and Bal Sudhar Griha has led to their skill development.

  • 22 innovations for improving quality of life.

  • Trained and supported more than 500 entrepreneurs

  • Over 2300 workshops, seminars and events organized to train over 20 lakh people in various parts of India.

  • While saturating 327 villages of Uttarakhand with 7-watt LED bulbs, the state is saving 302 lakh electric units per year, 21245 MT GreenHouse Gases. It also provided employment to local youth, villagers, inmates of jail and especially abled persons. 

  • Authored, co-authored 16 books, booklets and 32 brochures. 

  • 2.10 lakh fruit trees planted in Doiwala Vidhan Sabha, 2019.

  • Employment for 68 women for mask making, 62,000 Masks Distributed in COVID lockdown.

  • Rupees one lakh, 325 PPE kits, 10,000 masks given to CM Relief Fund, in COVID.

The impact of innovations done by Dr. Sharma which includes potable water filter, hydroponic solution for plant growth, kit for revealing truth of superstitions,  Rasoi kasoti a kit for testing adulteration in food, Jal Kasoti  a kit for testing water quality, Low cost telescope, low cost portable solar emergency light, driver for LED bulb and decorative lights, fuse for LED bulb low cost-no cost toys for explaining scientific principles and science popularization bamboo based sanitizer dispenser, automatic sanitizer dispenser during Corona and so on has helped common masses in improving their quality of life. 

5. Contribution to the Society: 

Gram Panchayat level energy efficiency mission, since 2007, saturated 100 percent LED bulbs assembled by villagers in 327 villages of Hardwar, Dehradun, Uttarkashi , Rudraprayag. State is now saving 302 lakh electric units per year ,21245 MT GreenHouse Gases.


2.10 Lakh Fruit Plantation with 35,000 Families: This year 35,000 families planted 2.10 lakh fruit trees Doiwala block. Effort registered in ASIA BOOK AND INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS -2019.

Covid-19 situation: In his leadership, generated employment for 68 marginalized women through stitching masks, 62 thousand masks were prepared, distributed for corona warriors. Huncha App was developed for children.

Mahila Mahotsav A women festival was constituted for the women of Salt block of Almora and Nainidanda block of Pauri, year 2014, continuing.

Training in manufacturing, assembly and repair of energy efficient technologies products, since 2007, 5lakh people have been trained in assembly and repair of LED based utilities, hydroponics, composting and safe e-waste disposal.

Disaster management, since 2000 - Ropeway installation for efficient material transport in difficult geographies. Solar emergency lights with mobile charging facilities developed, manufactured involving rural communities were distributed to 2000 families in Kedarnath and 3500 families of Kashmir valley disaster zones. 

Science With Fun Science Mela and Low cost STEM learning, since 1999 organized in remote areas 25 states with 30 lakh participants.


Low-cost, Do-it-yourself quality testing kits -  Jal-kasauti, food (Rasoi-kasauti), soil Mitti-kasauti, low-cost water filter certified by IIT, New Delhi - since 1994 Over 8 lakh school children, homemakers and farmers trained to use kit.

Dr Brij Mohan Sharma has bagged Asia's Social Innovator Award of the Year

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