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Dr Shan Bandara has bagged Asia's Achievement in Growth Award

Dr. Shan Bandara

Ph.D., LLM. (UK),

LLB (Hons) (UK),

Attorney - at - Law (Reading) Counseling Psychology

Born in 1980, he began his career as a teacher in 2002. I have been serving as a teacher, assistant lecturer and senior lecture ever since. I started SDTI Campus(Skill Development and Training International Institute)in 2011. I started it in one district and worked hard to expand it to 18 districts. I have received the Prime Minister's Award for training teachers in the upliftment of English education in rural school children and for their contribution to the social mission of uplifting English education and job creation. Since then, I have received numerous awards,including the National Excellency Award. I am studying Attorney at Law at Law College, Sri Lanka due to my desire to become a lawyer after completing my LLB degree in Law and Master's degree in Law. He holds a PhD in Management and Education Philosophy.  I am also serving as a Psychology Consultant at the Institute of Psychology, Sri Lanka.

As a motivational speaker, I have been training school children to develop their attitudes and train government and private sector employees. I'm preaching success, happiness, health, and mental health through the 'Skill Mind' YouTube channel.

I love lecturing and motivate others for their happiness, well-being and success, and reading and meditating are part of my routine. As a Head of Institution, my ambition is to create a university with all facilities for economically disadvantaged youth in Asia. How I was introduced at a graduation ceremony More than a decade ago, he established the SDTI Campus, an international skills development training institute, with the aim of endowing the country with a talented youth.

It took a short time for the country to become proud of itself as a nationally advanced vocational training institution, producing professionals that the country needs, regardless of financial benefits. The vision of the institute is to create grape-targeted professionals out of the traditional education pattern and he is the founder of that concept.

He provides the warm leadership of a large team to endow the students of the country with the culmination of unparalleled sacrifices. At a young age in Sri Lanka, Keerthi was awarded the title of Sri Deshabandhu, and many other honors such as education, fame and business adornment.

Dr, PhD in Education and Philosophy and Management, He holds an LLB in Law from the University of Buckinghamshire, UK; Master's Degree in Law, (LLM), Psychiatry Consultant at Sri Lanka Psychiatric Institute, KSKILL MIND is a speaker for tens of thousands on the YouTube channel, A loving leader who is dedicated to the success of all, A loving teacher..

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Doctor of Education and Philosophy, University for International Education Research Higher Education Professional Center 2017. 

Ÿ This award awarded by the United Mask Communicators Association to remark the services to the Sri Lankan society for their international integration.  


Ÿ The Golden Europe Asian Award 2012 

Ÿ National Excellency Award 2013 

Ÿ National Gold Award 2013 

Ÿ Business Award 2013 


Ÿ Importance of the life skills in education – Maubima 2014 Sep. 06 

Ÿ About English Teacher Training Programmed in Sri Lanka-Maubima 2014  July 26  


Ÿ Senior Lecturer – SDTI Campus - Sri Lanka up to now from 2011 

Ÿ Visiting Lecturer – Center for Co-operate Training in Kandy  

Ÿ Visiting Lecturer – Infortec International Asia Campus  

Ÿ IT Lecturer – The First International (2007 - 2012) 

Ÿ Attitude Development Lecturer – Ministry of Education (Central Province) Ÿ Interpreter Development Trainer – Divisional Secretariat, Galagedara  


Ÿ Skill Development Fund - Ministry of Finance 

Ÿ Government schools. 

Ÿ IIC University of Technology 

Asia Awarding Body

I am very pleased with the Asian Awards and I would like to thank all of your associations for recognizing young people and professionals from all over the world. I highly appreciate this work being done with great dedication at a time like this and I wish it great success. These values are extremely important to my organization and the success of my future goals and will strengthen my organization's journey to the international arena. I am delighted to be selected for this award and the methodology used for it, and I would like to thank all of you who have communicated with me, contacted me by phone, and all those who  have worked hard for this.

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