Dr Virendra Vikram Singh has bagged Asia's Healthcare and Social Care Support Award

Dr Virendra Vikram Singh has bagged Asia's Healthcare and Social Care Support Award

Dr. Virendra Vikram Singh(PT)

Director & Founder

Kusum Spine and Neuro Rehabilitation

With the experience of working with spinal cord injury since 2004, Dr. Virendra Vikram Singh

comes up as a mentor to his patients and help them to return to society not only as a better

persona but a successful person too, over the years Dr. Vikram has successfully placed many

of the patients back to the society successfully and still continuing to work for the same.

Dr. Vikram has always been there for the people in need.

With the same vision of maximum possible facilitation & rehabilitation to the society KSNR

was established on 2 nd June 2017 by Dr. Virendra Vikram Singh (PT), along with his team,

over 700’s of patients is successfully living their life and earning their bread and butter

independently, and living their life with ease.

President of KSNR TRUST which works in the field of Disability in various sectors.




  • Team physio and injury specialist for HARYANA TEAM in 19 th NATION PARA GAMES held in BANGALORE.

  • Associate partners for Spinal Cord Injury Association Jalandhar (SCIA).

  • KSNR provide free Rehabilitation (Ortho/Neuro/Spinal cord injury) to the person who are

  • not financially stable.

  • Association with Paralympic committee Bhutan.

  • Medical partner to Wheeling Happiness NGO run by Padma Shri Deepa malik, and conducted nearly 50 Rural Health Checkup Camps.

  • Take the Hydrotherapy workshop for children with Autism for Radka Foundation Gurugram.

  • Physiotherapist to Padmashree Dr (HC) Deepa Malik since 2005 till date.

  • Providing scholarship and sponsorship to differently abled people.

  • Provide free Training and Coaching of Sports in their respective games or events.

  • Organize outdoor activities and camps for people with disabilities.

  • Active participant for taking lectures at INDIAN AVIATION ACADEMY New Delhi

  • Chief Classifier for WheelChair Cricket India Association

  • President of WheelChair Cricket Association Uttarakhand (UK).

  • Classifier for Para sports Track & Field event in Haryana Stat

  •  Nation Classifier for Para Table Tennis India

  •  World Para Powerlifting: - Level 3 Classifier (National level)

  •  National Classifier for World Para Snow Games.

  • Conducting social welfare programs for the upliftment of differently abled persons to provide a proper platform in society.

  •  Played the key role in the rehabilitation of Paralympic players MRS. DEEPA MALIK (ARJUNA

  • AWARD WINNER) & also treated MR. AMIT SAROHA post their injury.

  • Senior Physiotherapist and Hydro therapist at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC), New Delhi.

  • Worked with the specialized team of Doctors, physical- occupational-recreational therapists,

  • prosthesis and orthotics of Shepherd Center, Atlanta (U.S.A.) for making the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation protocols for the patients suffering from spinal cord injury and neurological disorders.

  • Working on the inclusion criteria and providing the same platform to the persons with Disability where they also can find themself useful for the society and for Nation.

Played the key role in the rehabilitation of Paralympics players MRS. DEEPA MALIK (ARJUNA AWARD WINNER) & also treated MR. AMIT SAROHA post their injury.



In KSNR, our aim is to restore hope and joy in the heart of every patient with unrelenting attention to clinical excellence, patient safety and an unparalleled dedication to assure exemplary physical, emotional and spiritual care.

  • To strive to become the first choice as a spinal and orthopedic healthcare provider in New Delhi.

  • To foster a culture of education in all of our activities and supporting exemplary health sciences research and development in an environment which is both ethical and respectful of others

  • Utmost dedication to providing quality, value driven health care to all we serve through education, outreach, and other innovative services in spine and other spinal ailments.

  • To strengthen our relationships through affiliation with renowned institutions of higher learning; offering technological advances and modern facilities.

  • To reach the lives of thousands of newly spinal injured every year by providing medical excellence through both scientific expertise and compassionate therapy.

To strive to bring awareness in the field of disability and lobby with policy makers to introduce suitable legislation for prevention of disability and enforcement of the equal opportunity bill.

We also work towards – 

  1. Charity events and programmes organized in association with “Wheeling Happiness” named “Hauslon ki Udaan”

  2. KSNR with Kotak Mahindra camp at Dehradun

  3. Disability awareness initiative camp in Haryana

  4. Sexual & peer counseling

  5. Wheelchair sports & training

  6. Hydrotherapy camp for Autism children.

  7. Recreational activities

  8. Birthday celebrations of patients

  9. Surgery for needy

  10. Sports injuries rehabilitation

  11. Wheelchair donations

  12. Sociological & meditative counseling

  13. Wheelchair basketball championship

  14. Movie outing & music workshops

  15. Sponsorship to Wheelchair cricket

VISION – To make quality orthopaedic and neurological  healthcare service available to all and emerge with innovative healthcare solutions for the benefit of the patient.

THANKING NOTE -  We are extremely humbled & grateful to “RULA by Asia Awards” for considering us under the title of “ASIA’S HEALTHCARE & SOCIAL CARE SUPPORT AWARD OF THE YEAR” this is a great initiative for recognition and rewarding to let us work for the betterment of the society and also in a way encouraging us to be better in future. We would like to take this opportunity to next level , such opinions which we have got through this platform carries a lot of weight, and boosts up the  confidence in our abilities. The entire team is overwhelmed and has gratitude towards ASIA AWARDS powered by RULA AWARDS, WORLD RESEARCH CONGRESS. Thank you so very much.

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