Dr. AKM  Eahsanul Haque Has bagged Asia's Most Promising Scientist Award

Dr. AKM Eahsanul Haque Has bagged Asia's Most Promising Scientist Award


I am Dr AKM Eahsanul Haque, a Senior Lecturer at the Geoscience Department, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP). My journey in the realm of geosciences, spanning over 15 years, has been marked by significant contributions in reservoir characterisation, 3D subsurface geomodelling, and geoscience project management. My journey began in Weatherford and later on in Chevron Texaco USA, where I served as a Development Geoscientist and had the privilege of being part of the “Horizon” program. This opportunity allowed me to explore real-time reservoir data from around the globe. I also gained valuable experience as an LWD Log Analyst at Weatherford.

My areas of specialization encompass a wide range of topics, including Reservoir Characterization, Structural Framework Modeling, Paleo-depositional Modeling, Petrophysical Modeling, Reservoir Geomodeling, Reservoir modeling and simulation, Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy, Depositional Environmental Interpretation, Sequence Stratigraphy, Geodynamics, and Basin Analysis. I have worked extensively in various regions such as the Taranaki Basin-New Zealand, Bengal Basin-Bangladesh, and GOM-USA.

In addition to my extensive experience and contributions in the field of geosciences, I am also part of a team that is currently developing a software called OrbStrata. This software is designed for seismic interpretation, a crucial aspect of petroleum geoscience and reservoir characterization. OrbStrata aims to provide a comprehensive platform for interpreting seismic data, enabling geoscientists to make more accurate predictions about the subsurface. The development of this software is a testament to my commitment to pushing the boundaries of geoscience and fostering innovation in the field.

Recently, my work was recognised by the prestigious Asia Awards, powered by the World Research Congress. I was bestowed with the 'Most Promising Scientist Award' in the Asia's Research & Scientist & Professor & Teaching Academic Awards category. This award is a testament to my unwavering commitment, originality, and remarkable abilities that have significantly impacted communities and beyond.

The Asia Awards, a highly esteemed institution, celebrates extraordinary accomplishments across diverse disciplines within the Asian region. Being nominated and subsequently selected for this prestigious award is a reflection of my notable achievements in geosciences.

My scholarly trajectory has been characterised by a commitment to quality and progression of the discipline. My dedication is evident through my involvement in cooperative research endeavours on an international scale, as well as my advisory positions. The Asia Awards committee has taken notice of my contributions, bestowing upon me both attention and acknowledgment.

On receiving the award, I expressed, "I am deeply honoured to receive this award. I extend my gratitude to Asia Awards for acknowledging the importance of geosciences in advancing societies. It's a shared achievement, and I am proud to represent UTP on this platform. This recognition is a testament to the collaborative efforts and dedication of the entire UTP Geoscience Department. Throughout my career in the oil and gas industry, I have witnessed the transformative power of geosciences. This award motivates me to continue pushing boundaries and fostering innovation in the field.”

This award not only commemorates my previous accomplishments but also foresees the potentially impactful contributions I am expected to make in the future, enhancing and advancing crucial domains within UTP Faculty of Science and Information Technology. The "Most Promising Scientist of Asia" Award signifies the recognition of my commitment, enthusiasm, and steadfast dedication to achieving high standards in the field of geosciences.

In conclusion, my journey is a testament to my dedication, hard work, and passion for geosciences. My achievements serve as an inspiration for many, and my future contributions are eagerly anticipated in the realm of geosciences. My story is a shining example of how perseverance and dedication can lead to recognition and success.

Dr. AKM  Eahsanul Haque Has bagged Asia's Most Promising Scientist Award

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