Dr.A.R Sivaraman has bagged Asia’s Outstanding Performer Award

Dr.A.R Sivaraman has bagged Asia’s Outstanding Performer Award

Biography of A.R. Sivaraman M.A.,M.Phil

Additional Collector/Project Director

TNCDW- Vellore District

I am very much proud to write my biography by me. First of all I thank ASIA AWARDS for giving me the opportunity to write and present the biography of me. I was born and brought up in a rural background up to my school studies in Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu. After my completion of my graduation, I myself self forced to complete the competitive exam TNSPSC I group. I have been posted group I officer and Head of the department in Rural Development at District level. Fortunately I have a opportunity to implement the Swaach Bharath Mission programme in Perambalur district. The big task is taken by me to complete construction of toilet at rural area. The awareness of the rural people using toilet is very poor. They are not at all giving the importance to construction of toilet.  But I approached the people innovatively and created awareness about usage of toilets and it benefits from the disease. I planned to construct ____toilets within 24 hrs in Perambalur District. I achieved it in my tenure. It created positive impacts among the rural people about the usage of toilets, health and hygienic .

After that I have been posted as Additional Collector and Project director of the Vellore district in Mahalirthittam, Department of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj. I took up with great pleasure to work for poor women and vulnerable people both in rural and urban areas through implementation of Tamil Nadu state Rural Livelihood Mission and Tamil Nadu State for Urban Livelihood Mission. These programmes are mainly focused for creating economic activities and sustainable livelihood of the poor people by providing financial assistance and skill training. Vellore district has achieved every year the financial assistance target to Self Help Group through bank linkage for their assert creation and economic activities for sustainable livelihood and got the appreciation from the head of the institution. Apart from these two programmes, I am engaged to monitor and establish the activities of District Supply and Marketing Societies, Mavatta MAGAMAI  and City Livelihood Centre in Vellore district.

District Supply and Marketing Society (DSMS)

This one of the units in Mhalirthitam at district level which is monitored by me, the major activities of the DSMS is facilitating the marketing of Self Help Groups and individual products. It is done by district, state, and national level exhibition, But I took it in different ways for creation of marketing of SHG products like NAM Sandhai for organic products, creating self employment by providing 777 kiosks in each village panchayat and urban areas. There are 777 women and differently abled have benefited through installation of kiosks for selling the SHG products. DSMS has involved and established the kiosk and tied up the bank loan assistance. This kind of work is taken by DSMS anywhere in this state.


This is one of the community based organization at district level under Mahalirthittam which is monitoring by me, Basically this CBO is involved at small activities like formation of self help group, providing training to them, auditing of the SHGs and creation of awareness of empowerment of the woman by street play and drama. But my innovative idea took them to participate as a project implementing agency of skill training under DDU GKY at the state level. This is the first CBO has participated and got sanctioned as PIA at India level. 

City Livelihood Centre:

This is one of the components in TNULM, its basic aim was to render the service to the urban poor , like creating employment for skilled persons like carpender, plumper, electrician, tailor, house maid , marketing of SHG products,  e service  and other skill training activities. But This center has one of the models for all urban centers in Tamil Nadu because this centre has created marketing facilities for SHG products by Flipkart. And also providing micro credit to the street vendor and SHG member from Rs. 5000 to 20000 depending upon the nature of activity. This is proudly saying that model for implementing the Prime Minister Street Vendor’s AtmaNirbhar Nidhi which is implemented by Central government for promoting the livelihood of the street vendors.

Recognition and Awards:

Participated in the 3rd National Film Festival on Rural Development in the National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj, Hyderabad in 2018.

Received appreciation certificate for the achievement of SHG bank linkage from Chief Executive Officer TNCDW, Chennai. For the year 2018-19.

Received appreciation certificate for the achievement of SHG bank linkage record performance in the state Rs.907.39 crore from Chief Executive Officer TNCDW, Chennai. For the year 2019-20.

First Place is achieved for SHG products display and sales in Elagiri Summer Festival in 2018 in Vellore District 

Best Areal Level Federation (ALF) award is given for Dharapadavedu ALF under NULM through Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India in 2018

Received global CSR conclave and Award for the year 2020-21. Setting up of 777 rural Kiosk for the promotion of rural women entrepreneur: Life time achievement category.  

Dr.A.R Sivaraman has bagged Asia’s Outstanding Performer Award

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