Fathmath Shreya has bagged Asia's Outstanding Entrepreneur Award

Fathmath Shreya has bagged Asia's Outstanding Entrepreneur Award

Hi, my name is Shreya. I am a professional beautician from Maldives. I have been working in the beauty industry for the past 15 years. During my days as a freelance beautician and makeup artist, I have worked on many TV shows, done innumerable bridal makeups and done makeup and hairstyling for many actors and celebrities from various fields. Today, I am the proud owner of one of the leading beauty salons of Maldives, Stylo Salon. I opened Stylo Salon in 2011 and have been running the salon successfully for the past 11 years. 

In addition to this, during these past 15 years, I have provided almost 200 very talented young ladies with training and guidance in the field and facilitated career opportunities for them in the Maldivian beauty industry. 

As I mentioned before, my salon STYLO has been in operation since 2011. And even after 11 long years, I am still as involved in the day to day running of the salon as I was on the first day the salon opened. I still do facials. I still do hair and makeup for my clients just as I have been doing in the beginning. I believe in keeping a very close relationship with all my clients. And because of this my loyal client base keeps growing and growing year by year.

As the beauty industry is an ever changing industry with new trends, new styles and new services, I make sure my salon’s services are updated accordingly. Whether I am providing my services to a frequent client or a brand new client, I maintain the quality and standard at the same level.

When I first opened my salon, my main goal was to provide quality services at an affordable price to everyone. And in these past 11 years, even with my growing client base, which consists of many public figures and famous personalities of various fields, I have maintained affordable prices to all my clients.

At my salon, each client gets treated as a queen and I make sure they leave my salon feeling happy and satisfied with our services. This is achieved by friendly, open communication with each client and catering to their individual beauty needs.

Owning, managing and operating such a business is not easy. Especially for a woman, who has to take care of her family and take on daily household responsibilities, being the boss lady isn’t without its fair share of challenges. But, even though it is hard, I have faced each and every challenge that came my way head-on and emerged on the other side as a successful, self-made entrepreneur.

The main force behind my success, apart from my constant hard work, has been the consistent support of my clients. Especially the loyal clients who have been with me from the beginning. Without their support and their trust in my services, I will not be here today. 

I take this opportunity to forward my humble thanks to all my loyal clients, who have shown immense support for me and my services throughout the years. Thank you all so very much.

I am extremely honoured to be receiving the Asia's Outstanding Entrepreneur Award, Asia's Innovative Makeup Trainer Award, Asia's Stylish Brand Award in Salon Industry Presented by the ASIA Award powered by the RULA Award. I am thanking the Asia Awards Jury Panel upon my selection as winner. I am earnestly grateful for the recognition I have received for my work, thank you.

Fathmath Shreya has bagged Asia's Outstanding Entrepreneur Award

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