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Healthy Choice Clinic has bagged Asia's Innovative Hair Treatment Clinic Award

With the opening quote “The secret of getting ahead is getting started” by Mark Twain, I’d like to wish very warm greetings to everyone. I am Dr. Udip Shrestha, Founder & CEO of Healthy Choice Clinic, No.1 Hair Transplantation Clinic situated at Kathmandu, Nepal. I was born at the foot of Himalayas, among the lustrous forest, Chitwan and raised in Nepal’s sprawling, chaotic yet beautiful city with thriving culture and history, Kathmandu. I completed my education till high school in my own home country. As for my MBBS and MD, I graduated from the Philippines. After staying there for almost a decade and moreover living in the United States for my further studies, I got an opportunity to closely look upon the culture, tradition, infrastructures, and expeditious developments. 

With the learnings I grasped, I developed the motto of serving people with the best innovative techniques, world-class advanced technologies & vision to lead a brighter future in the health sector of Nepal. Hence, I retraced my steps back and inaugurated a Healthy Choice Clinic in 2017. It is often said that knowledge is never enough and it’s an ongoing process. With that mindset, I still get zealous about adding courses apart from my busy schedule and today I practice as a Certified Trichologist (USA, WTS), Hair Transplantation/Restoration expert, Medical Aesthetician, and Nutritionist in my own clinic.

Healthy Choice Clinic is the Hair, Skin, Plastic Surgery, Diet & Nutrition, Cardiovascular, Aesthetic and Laser specialized clinic in vision to provide excellent quality and service. We are committed to providing accessible and reliable aesthetic treatments with desirable results. We are the pioneer to introduce the most advanced Hair Restoration technique called Micrograft Stem Cell Therapy which is practiced only in our Clinic in Nepal. 

In addition, we have introduced the most innovative and modern approach to liposuction called Water Assisted Body Jet for the first time in Nepal that simultaneously removes unwanted fat from any part of the face/ body and allows natural fat grafting without general anesthesia. It has quick procedure time, minimal to no risk, and fast healing process that allows for excellent aesthetic results. With the best team of experienced doctors, registered nurses, and technicians in each department, we make clients' dreams a reality. 

Furthermore, the talented and experienced professionals on our management team always assist in making positive changes and contributions to take Healthy Choice to the next step. Today, within a short span of less than 4 years, we are known as the No.1 Hair Transplantation and Skin Clinic in Nepal. In order to contribute more to the health sector of Nepal, Healthy Choice Pvt. Ltd. was concurrently established in the same year as a trading company with a proven trust for a wide range of authentic vitamin & fitness supplements, and all kinds of health, beauty related products imported from FDA cleared renowned international standard organizations. We are the pioneer in Nepal to introduce gummies vitamin supplements for both children and adults in Nepal.

We started with 3-4 employees and now after 3 years, we have more than 70 plus employees in different departments working together for Healthy Choice Clinic. I would like to express sincere gratitude to all my team for helping our organization to reach this level where we can receive this prestigious award. It is such a privilege to be selected as “Asia's Innovative Hair Treatment Clinic Award” powered by Rula Award. 

This award is an honor and motivation for me as the hard work and commitment that I have embarked upon have been recognized. The commendation received through this will indeed become an ardor for me along with my entire team to work on our best abilities and contribute more significantly to the health sector of Nepal. Without hard work, success is not possible and for recognizing such hard work from different parts of Asia from different disciplines, once again I would like to heartily thank Asian Awards powered by Rula Awards.

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