Ismat Farzana has bagged Asia's Outstanding Teacher Award

Ismat Farzana has bagged Asia's Outstanding Teacher Award

Hello everyone. This is Ismat Farzana from Bangladesh. I was born in 1974 in the district of Barisal, which was well-known as the “ancient Venice” of Bangladesh. I am the eldest sibling out of four. My spouse, Iqbal Hossain, is the Director, People & Operations of Underprivileged Children’s Education Programme(UCEP) Bangladesh. I am a mother of two; Fariha Iqbal, currently studying Social Science in Canada and Faheem Iqbal, ‘A’ Level candidate.

I have completed my MSC in Botany (Cytogenetic) from Dhaka University. I achieved 1st class in  both my B.S.C(Hons) & M.S.C examination. I come from a family of teachers. I was always encouraged by my parents to pursue teaching. Teaching was always enjoyable to me; therefore, agreed and decided to take it as a profession. I am currently working as a Senior Lecturer, department of Biology, Cambrian School & College, Dhaka, Bangladesh .I have started my professional journey since 1999-as a lecturer of Khilgaon Model College , City of Dhaka , Bangladesh from 1999-2001. Thereafter, I joined Dhaka Residential Model College, Bangladesh. In 2006, I moved to Sri Lanka with my husband to support him for relocation of his job. We lived there for two years. We came back to Bangladesh in 2008 & then I joined Cambrian School & College as a Lecturer and I’ve been working here ever since; a reputed educational institution in Bangladesh where I can utilize my academic learning and communication, leadership, analytical skills and previous experiences. The Cambrian School and College has given me ample opportunities to grow as a qualified teaching professional. I am also a board examiner for HSC and SSC exams.

I have more than fourteen years of experience in the educational field having extensive experience in teaching and others co -curricular activities. I am an individual with results-driven approach and relentless in pursuit of excellence from educational and academic standpoint; believing in teamwork, transparency and commitment. I have passed NTRCA Certification (Non-Government Teachers Registration &Certification Authority) NTRCA No. 05417733/2005 (Botany-College)

I attained quite a bit of experience in some packages of computer software relating to: MS Word, MS Excel & MS Power Point, preparing digital content, video editing etc.

I am conducting virtual classes of Biology & Science for both my School & other online schools during the pandemic.

For my professional development, I took part in several trainings including Digital Content creating, Making Creative Questions, Microteaching Programmed and Leadership Training in education. To further excel my skillset, I participated in training sessions such as Low Cost Material Production, APTIS, Scout Leadership Training and Classroom Leadership and Classroom Management by A2i and Light and Hope (Project of USAID and UNDP) and Interactive Online Class, Digital Transformation in Education to Win IR 4.0-jointly organized by-Careers HUB Bangladesh, Melbourne Metropolitan College, Australia & A2i Bangladesh, Social Emotional Learning & Wellbeing.

 Being adaptable with any environment and making allies is one of my qualities. Always prefer to work with a team spirit. I am hard worker, sincere & am always ready to take new challenges. I am so dedicated to my work that sometimes I forget to keep a balance in between my work place & family.

I am also involved in different social activities like-“Lion’s Club International” which is recognized internationally. I am working here as the Secretary of BSB,

Sectary of “Bangladesh Nagorik Odhikar Foundation” organized by Human Right, Members of “Worldwide Green piece”

I would like to be a role model teacher of the 21th century’s digital age. Hoping to bring much more enthusiasm and fascination within my students so that they are enthralled to learn; shaping our youth in fulfilling their potential while also mentoring and guiding them to success.   Thank you.

Ismat Farzana has bagged Asia's Outstanding Teacher Award

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