Kamane Soman has bagged Asia's Award for Development and Welfare of Women and Children

Kamane Soman has bagged Asia's Award for Development and Welfare of Women and Children

My name is Kamane Soman and I was born on  April 24th 1976 at the Arima District Hospital Trinidad and Tobago West Indies. Neither of my parents had any formal education.  My dad was a jack of all trade. He was a tailor, carpenter,  a cook at weddings and any functions.  My mom was a homemaker. I was the seventh (7) child out of eleven (11) children.

I attended the Carapo RC Primary School, then to Mount Hope  Junior Secondary School then to El Dorado Senior Comprehensive School. I later got married and have 2 children. I am a survivor of Domestic violence. 

My husband at the time was very abusive both physical and emotional to me. When he tried to kill me , and threaten to kill the kids ,I knew I had to do something.  Getting out of the abuse was a long hard journey.  I started studying so i can better help myself and other women who have been in similar circumstances.

I studied Counseling at the Rape Crisis Society in Port of Spain Trinidad.  I studied Legal Studies with School Of Practical Accounting & Legal Studies in Trinidad. I studied Alcohol & Drug Abuse Awareness with Positive Mindset Learning & Development Consultant.  Conflict Resolution & Mediation Level 1&2 with Conflict Resolution & Mediation Center of Trinidad & Tobago. Risk & Vulnerability in Children ( online) with Strathclyde University Glasgow.

I got custody of my kids and we started picking up our lives together.  I started a non government organization in 2016 called People Against Domestic Abuse-PADA where I started offering FREE counselling, Court Support, Conflict Resolution, Family Mediation , Community Mediation,  Risk and Vulnerability in children & Drug & Alcohol Abuse Awareness.  I offer all these services free to the women and girls affected by Domestic violence.  I work very closely with other NGO's to bring awareness and education about Domestic violence in Trinidad and Tobago.  As I continued to bring Awareness and Education our goal is a build a safe house so we can house and educate survivors of Domestic Violence and abuse.

I have been on numerous talk shows in Tobago talking and educating people about Domestic Violence. 
I  work very closely with the various Police Stations in Tobago, also the Victim and Witness protection unit to help educate survivors of Domestic violence. 

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