Knightrone Technology has bagged Asia's Online Teaching Excellence Award

Knightrone Technology has bagged Asia's Online Teaching Excellence Award

KNIGHTRONE is a symbol of trust and quality for years making it a pioneer in the battery manufacturing industry. We believe in independence, strength, determination and reliability. We are the leading brand in the battery manufacturing providing home inverter batteries and auto batteries supported with one of the largest channel and service network PAN India. We manufacture high performance commercial batteries and 100% long life tubular batteries .We produce the most advanced automotive batteries using the state-of-the-art technology for an excellent maintenance free battery experience. The batteries are manufactured in an eco-friendly automated plants to ensure our responsibility towards the environment.

Our R&D work is carried out on various facets of lead-acid battery technology, which include development of new products for applications such as Automotive, Motorbike, VRLA, Telecom,etc. primarily to make the product range internationally competitive. In addition, we are engaged in projects embracing process technology aimed at – improving the product quality & consistency, production efficiency and material utilization. Furthermore it improvement and indigenisation of materials such as metals, alloys, plastics, etc. R&D emphasis is on studying and improving the environmental aspects associate with the manufacturing process.Our plants are also equipped with a Tool-Room, CAD facilities, material testing and laboratories having equipment for testing of the raw materials and components used for manufacture of batteries. These include optical emission Spectrometer, Particle Size Analyzer, Porosemeter, Image Analyzer Workstation, Profile Projector, Universal Tensile testing machine, etc.

Every Knightrone inverter battery has the ability to withstand frequent discharge, emits low gas and comes with a host of features including and at a price that will fit your pocket. Browse through our range now!

When you are buying knightrone inverter batteries online, you are not only buying an inverter battery that is durable, reliable, comes at an affordable India and without delivery hassles, but you are also getting add on services that give you a great buying experience.

And Knightrone will continue to integrate global resources, promote technology innovation and strive to lead in providing user side smart energy solutions across the world. 

Knightrone Technology has bagged Asia's Online Teaching Excellence Award

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