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Kopila Pokharel has bagged Asia Award for Development and Welfare of Women and Children

Biography of Ms. Kopila Pokharel

Ms. Kopila Pokharel was born on 7th August 1986 as the youngest daughter of Bishnu Prasad Pokharel and Tika Devi Pokharel in Gorkha, Nepal. She completed her studies at Tribhuvan University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Studies as well as Law and Master's degree in Business Studies and Rural Development. She has worked in governmental and non-governmental agencies in different capacities in multi-disciplinary culture for almost two decades. She is known for her devoted career in social work. Rural Woman and Child Health Group of Nepal further increased her devotion to social work.

She is Chairman/Program Director of Rural Women and Child Health Group of Nepal (RWCH). RWCH is a national non-government organization that aims to promote women and children for securing their fundamental rights and empowering them to overcome various socioeconomic issues to lead productive lives. She has been fulfilling her responsibilities with utmost dedication and working for the accomplishment of the foresighted vision of the organization. She dreams to have a society where the women are living a productive life with full empowerment and children enjoying their rights with all basic needs. By setting her dreams into goals, she is working around the clock for the achievement of the goals and objectives of RWCH.

RWCH conducts a wide range of activities. In order to make healthy, educated, resilient, and sustainable communities, RWCH organizes awareness programs on health education, women empowerment, and children's health. It aims to promote women and children and empower them to overcome the challenges of their lives. It coordinates with governmental and non-governmental organizations and maintains donor’s intelligence.

Apart from contributions to RWCH, her broad area of interest includes contributions in various social clubs, training centers, human rights and peace society, microfinance, and cooperatives. She is active in public policy and voicing her commitment to social work. Besides, she also holds prestigious positions in various organizations. She is the Chairman of Grace International Training Centre. She is the Charter President of the Rotary Club of Gongabu. She is a Consultant at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration. She is the Board of Director of Women Microfinance. She is the Director of the Fundraising  Department at the Alternative Foundation. She is a Central Member of Human Rights Commission and also the Chairman of Milan Club of Japan (Gorkha). Due to her continuous struggle, people respect her, and her kind nature to serve people has inspired thousands of youths. She has been able to set a standard for being a role model for youngsters. 

Over the years, Ms. Pokharel has been decorated with various honors and recognitions for her outstanding achievements in professional life. Besides, she has received several trainings that have helped enhance her self-confidence. Ms. Pokharel is a self-motivated person always ready to serve others.  

She has been awarded the prestigious ‘Asia Award for Development and Welfare of Women and Children.’ It is the result of her compassion and struggles to fight for the empowerment of women and children. This award is the pride, gratification and honor to the nation itself.

Biography of Rural Women and Child Health Group

Rural Women and Child Health Group (RWCH) is a national non-government organization established in 2003 to promote women and children for securing their fundamental rights and empowering them to overcome various socio economic issues in order to lead productive lives. It is a non-political and non-religious organization dedicated to serving the community along with the help of government and national/international donor agencies. The mission of this organization is to bring attitudinal change to facilitate sustainable development, socio-ecological justice, and equity in society.

Initially, it was established to help the victims of the civil war of Nepal which lasted from 1996 to 2006. During the war, a massive number of people lost their lives, some were displaced and many of them became homeless. With the support of the World Bank, RWCH conducted various vocational programs for war victims. Many people were able to improve their livelihood by being financially independent. After the civil war, the children were deprived of basic human needs. RWCH supported homeless, orphans and victim children by providing them education facilities, and helped them fulfill their basic needs.

Today RWCH not only works for rural women and children but has expanded its working areas to other socially disadvantaged groups and conflict-affected individuals and families. Various programs are being implemented in an effort to fulfill its core vision and mission of enhancing the wellbeing of the community for sustainable development, socio-ecological justice and equity through the advancement of social work policy and practice.

RWCH has completed several projects and programs of community development. RWCH specializes in entrepreneurship & various skill development training, having access to various resources, trainers, facilitators, advisors, and consultants. Having experience with different business & entrepreneurship development projects, RWCH has capabilities of various market assessments, developing course modules & selection of targeted beneficiaries like women, youths, Dalits, Janajatis, etc. It has a wide network with local businesses for the placement of a trainee. RWCH was awarded a 10% bonus for excellent performance while implementing a business development service funded by the World Bank & Ministry of Peace & Reconstruction.

Various organizations are working as a partner with RWCH in the sectors of woman, child, skill training, micro/small enterprise development, scholarship support for the students from poor families, woman and child health. With the support of those partners, a large number of programs have been conducted by RWCH across the country.

The global health pandemic COVID-19 caused many people of Nepal to suffer from a multitude of challenges including the financial crisis and lack of health services and facilities. RWCH helped the COVID victims by providing them food, money as well as free health campaigns. RWCH has helped the victims of the earthquake in 2072 and the floods in 2070 in various places of Nepal. RWCH is always ready to serve and is on top to help the victims of disasters whenever natural calamities arise.

RWCH advocates and conducts awareness campaigns, seeks public support and creates social pressure for the empowerment of women. It provides counseling support and life skills to children and women.

RWCH is committed to supporting rural women by building up their confidence to achieve financial empowerment. It aims at increasing awareness among people about civic, social, and economic rights and helps them to fight against mental and physical violence. It promotes income-generating activities to make people financially independent. It is concerned with the safety, permanency, and wellbeing of children and puts on collective efforts to enhance their rights and fulfill their basic needs.

RWCH tries to foster self-confidence, self-reliance, and cooperation through value-based education among women. It seeks to promote the economic, psychological, and social empowerment of women and children. RWCH is a group of experienced, highly motivated, and well-qualified members who are committed to promoting women and children's rights. As women and children face severe socio-economic and political discrimination and marginalization across the country, RWCH works as a backbone to uplift them and protect them.

Award Acceptance Speech

I am very grateful to Asia Awards for awarding me with the prestigious ‘Asia Award for Development and Welfare of Women and Children’ under the category ‘Asia’s NGO/ Social Service Awards’. I have been eagerly waiting for this moment as it is not only a matter of pride for myself but also the people of my country. The fact that my hard work has been recognized instills the confidence in me to work with the best of my abilities for the achievement of the goals and objectives of RWCH. This award particularly recognizes the effort I have given and gives an amazing feeling of getting awarded by doing the thing that pleases my heart and my soul. This award is not only an honor but also a huge responsibility for further work. I will keep the same enthusiasm up in my future work. 

I would like to acknowledge the efforts of all members of RWCH who equally worked for the accomplishment of its goals. I would like to extend special appreciation to the Government of Nepal and the development partners. Without their continuous support, RWCH would not have been able to achieve what we have achieved over the years. I had the burning desire in my heart to do something for the people and society where I live. I worked hard to fulfill my desire. I still have miles to go before I reach the destination. I am thankful to the social work profession for giving me a place to flourish more than I could have hoped for. It is deeply gratifying to receive the award. Thank you.

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