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Krishana Kumar Jha has bagged Asia's Innovative Beginnings Award

I am krishana Kumar Jha,chairman and CEO of iskales.  I-skales is collagen company that provides necessary collagen required for your body.we provide   natural fresh,nutritious ,healthy collagen .we also supply collagen to cosmetic and pharmaceuticals.our origin were in the food and pharma. we  convert science like concept s into advance ingredient solutions that enables innovations that excites today consumers and contribute to public health. we convert fish wastes like scales,skin,bones into profitable sustainable business in the form of collagen powder.we create tailor-made,market leading end products.we define our commitment through many process.our dedicated local teams understand your unique market requirement.we employ strict quality controls to ensure full compliance with international standard consistency.we take full responsibility ,traceability and best use of raw materials.Our company aim for Good food for Good health.

Talking about myself, I am a firm believer. I believe in whatever good things we build end up building us.I was born in Janakpurdham Nepal , capital of province 2 ,Nepal.a cultural city of religious and historical importance .also birthplace of goddess sita.My hometown taught me you have to maintain a culture of transformation and stay true to your values.In order to pursue Quality education. I moved to different places of Nepal living my hometown.  I have completed my highschool from National school of sciences,kathmandu Nepal and recently Pursuing bachelor in civil engineering at one of the prestigious institution of Nepal institute of engineering, paschimanchal campus,pokhara Nepal. A city of dreams,vision and future full of opportunity surrounded by mother nature,also heaven on earth.

I am good at both academics as well as extra curricular activities. I have participated and even won in some and  many presentation competition,dancing competition,wrc explorator,hult prize and  many events like, flash mobs,vector, charity show ,...and many more that I can't even remember.I am also member of happy club paschimanchal campus.which is social club that targets the welfare of students through development on education,social,cultural,spiritual and technical aspect. I have learned the skill of leadership,project lead management,choreography,event manager,product marketing,digital marketing,designing,many more along with engineering and always keen interest in learning.I believe live life as you have something new to learn and you will.and never stop learning as life never stop teaching.Education is a process. you must give everything to your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination. Dream and give yourself permission to envision a you that you choose to be.Believe in the power of dreams,perseverance,patience and consistency.dream big and Work hard.success require honesty and integrity. Embrace failure and learn from your mistakes.when life hits you harder. get yourself up and start again this time more stronger and more powerful.with time I have learned to become more resilient ,hardworking,and dreamer.Embrace your life. for once close your eyes and be thankful  for what you have. Develop to have gratitude .celebrate small success in life.I strongly believe in power of thoughts.whatever you think you become.have positive thoughts towards life.Its you who can change your life  so believe in yourself and love yourself and world around you.

In the end I want to thank Asia awards for selecting me under the category asia's innovative beginning award of the year 2020/21 powered by rula award in association with world chamber as online media partner...Thank you so much for this prestigious award..Million times thank you for this amazing award.definitely its innovative beginning towards my life,my goals my dreams,and big impact in the world.This award will always motivate and inspire me to Work harder and help the people in need.

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