Maxvue Naturals Sdn bhd has bagged Asia's Most Promising Organic Sanitary Pad Brand

Maxvue Naturals Sdn bhd has bagged Asia's Most Promising Organic Sanitary Pad Brand

Madam Viji Ramasamy Pillai or known as Vincy among her business partners is the  Founder and CEO of Maxvue Naturals Sdn Bhd.  

As a successful female entrepreneur, she is always concerned and has a high spirit about  women's health and care. This spirit has led her to do research on a critical situation of  menstrual pollution in Malaysia and started to research extensively into the benefits of  organic cotton and eco-friendly textiles on our skin and 100% biodegradable which is good  for ladies and good for this Earth. Vincy realized there wasn’t much innovation on pads  despite them being used by women every single month. She also realized that available  disposable organic cotton pads, while comfortable, were very expensive which makes them  out of reach for many women.  

She wanted to create an organic pad which also has the added advantage of being  environmentally friendly as organic cotton is free of pesticides besides being safer for our  bodies. Women need to understand how the regularity of their cycle and the colour and  amount of flow is all tied to their health. She also discovered that they prefer pads which are  thin but can absorb well to avoid leakage. BioFree organic disposable pads deliver exactly  that as they are just 0.2cm thick with an absorbency rate of 130ml for the day pads and 170ml  for the night ones. The ultra-thin design with wings prevents leakage and a strong bio adhesive to hold the pad in place. Biofree also has the added advantage of being  environmentally friendly as organic cotton is free of pesticides besides being safer for our  bodies. 

As a part of Supporting Biofree Green Menstruation Movement, Vincy raised her voice for  Plastic free sanitary pads to needy women, therefore she started a new journey as a CEO of  Maxvue Naturals Sdn Bhd in 2019.


Promote Menstrual health education and awareness for Women and Children ? Promote Long-term solution for menstrual health roadblocks 

Promote use of Indigenous components to build health deliverables 

Promote use of eco-friendly products 


Maxvue Naturals Sdn Bhd known for its nature based products with the aim to protect the  earth and humans from chemicals and plastics. Initially the product launch was supposed to  happen in 2019 but due to Covid-19 pandemic, the product finally launched in April 2021. The main products of Maxvue Naturals Sdn Bhd are the disposable organic pads. BioFree  pads uses USDA approved organic cotton and absorbent core as patented plant fibre which  contains a lot of Anti-Microbial contents and 93% biocarobon content, which make this  product as the first Malaysian brand which is made from this kind of materials. Moreover  BioFree pads are made with feathery soft cover and high absorbing capacity which is suitable  for all types of flows. The soft texture of the top sheet keeps you in complete comfort  throughout the day. Pads are packed in Eco friendly Biodegradable paper boxes with reasonable  selling prices. 

a) Bio Free Organic Cotton Disposable pads For Day Use. – Natural Sanitary napkins  with 280mm length with high absorbency for normal flow. Made with herbal fibres  and other herbs which help to prevent cancer. 

b) Bio Free Organic Cotton Disposable pads for Night Use- A rash free organic  disposable pads with 320mm length with breathable back sheet is completely  protective and prevents leakage. 

c) Organic Cotton Disposable Panty Liners for Everyday Use – A thin liner with the  soft texture of the natural top sheet will keep the customer in sheer comfort. The panty  liners are 180mm length which is longer than the usual liners. 


Madam Viji is very well known for her dedication and hard work spirit. Her hard works  paid when she has been recognized by external bodies which has awarded her for her  achievement in the business field such as they have been the winners for 7 SOBA  Awards for 3 years in a row, Perdana Young Female Entrepreneur Awards 2015 &  2016 from MIEC, International Excellence Awards-Leadership in Eeye Care 2013, 

Best Brand Strategic Female Entrepreneur - Contact Lens Industry by SME and  Entrepreneurs Business Awards | SEBA 2019 and the list continues to grow till  today. 


Vincy realised there wasn’t much innovation on pads despite them being used by women  every single month. She also realised that available disposable organic cotton pads, while  comfortable, were very expensive which makes them out of reach for many women.  Maxvue Naturals inspires, educate and builds socially-minded women entrepreneurs who generate incomes, enhance women’s leadership, and create social impact and environmental gains within the marginal communities. After one decade plus, what drives Vincy’s work is the passion. The monumental need to empower women at the grassroots “perceived as vulnerable” into change makers especially in the most vulnerable and climate affected areas..Vincy also gives preference for women to sell the  pads in smaller quantities to get their extra income at a wholesale price. Women need to  understand how the regularity of their cycle and the colour and amount of flow is all tied  to their health. BioFree will always strive for a balance between practicality and  sustainability, she says. 

We from Maxvue Naturals Sdn Bhd, are very grateful for being awarded Asia's Organic  Napkin Manufacturer Award by Rula Awards. Thanks to the jury of Rula awards for this  honour and giving this award for Maxvue Naturals, it feels great to be rewarded for that hard  work ,This is a very auspicious moment for us because we all have gathered to celebrate the  success of our much anticipated project

Being honest, the achievement of the project and later the journey to this award was not easy;  In fact it was too long. Right from the time the framework of this project was considered  which was started later and till today, a lot of work has been done. There was a good need for  efforts to change the idea into real output and various challenges came in the way. Rula  awards recognition will help our products reach many more women around the world. 

In a nutshell, MAXVUE NATURALS, Vincy always ensure that women take their health seriously and give it prime importance, in order to further care for their families and social groups, something which many women take as an excuse for not taking care of their health.Menstrual Health is an critical aspect of a women’s health and well-being and needs to be addressed with immediacy. Women undergo many forms of infections, diseases related to their uterine health but are ashamed or hesitant in reaching out for help. As we go about empowering the health of women, we are also providing them a means of livelihood as they engage in manufacturing sanitary health products. As once she mentioned ““Our mission is to  create comfortable, eco-friendly pads without sacrificing on performance. I started out  wanting to solve my own problems until I realised I was not alone.” We aimed at offering  women affordable and healthier feminine care options without compromising the quality.

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