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Mind Wellness Care Center has bagged Asia's Most Promising Rehabilitation Center

Born in 1992, Saswin Nair V Suresh was brought up and raised in the dynamic city of Johor Bahru. Ambitious and optimistic, Saswin ventured into animation and graphic design studies and kick-started his career with his own business by opening up a printing facility in his hometown. 

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Asia Award, powered by RULA AWARDS, and the World Research Congress for honoring me and my Rehabilitation Centre with these prestigious awards. We are very honored and humbled by this recognition and acknowledgement for being awarded with the "ASIA’S MOST PROMISING AWARD UNDER THE CATEGORY “ASIA’S INNOVATIVE AWARDS” 

The business went down in shambles after a few months due to the rise and fall of the economy. However, this was no reason for Saswin to give up and be disheartened. He picked himself up and packed his bags to explore the industry of the Indian market. Saswin Came back after a year with a recharged soul and high spirits, he went out on a limband decided to dip his hands into the world of politics. He became the personal secretary to members of the Parliament, in the year 2018 which led to a surprising turn of events that shaped Saswin into who he is as a person, today. 

After approximately a year of gaining political experience, Saswin was accused of a criminal offence under the Section 420 Malaysian penal code, which hereby, in short, states that “Whoever cheats and thereby dishonestly induces the person deceived, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than one year and not more than ten years and with whipping, and shall also be liable to fine.” 

Inculpated with 7 charges, Saswin quickly became a media hype and was under microscopic press attention during this ultimately challenging period of his life. The intense and extreme pressure drew a massive blow to Saswin and his whole family. Due to the relentless greed and gluttony of others, Saswin was repeatedly misused by power and authority. This is where the chapter on cheating and manipulation games turned into a habit. Affected physically, emotionally, and also mentally, Saswin developed ADHD and Bipolar disorder and wason regular treatment with a renowned psychiatrist, Dr Abdul Kadir Bin Abu Bakar. His treatment with Dr Abdul Kadir opened up a lot of possibilities for Saswin to make a better man of himself in the future. He is aware of how nothing could ever change his past, but that doesn't stop him from doing better things for himself, for his family, and also the community, in the present and also the future. 

Saswin believes that just like him, every person deserves a second chance and he says that “Rewinding time is never possible, but do-overs are. Sometimes we get another chance to do something right the second time, that we got wrong the first time. My mistakes don't define who I am. I am not ashamed of my past. Yes, I did it, and it is a huge lesson for me. The cases are over, I’m free now, and dropped of all charges after pleading not guilty. I have paid for what I have done and choose to leave everything in the past. I am still learning, and I will keep on learning to be a better man than I was.” 

Before being charged in court, Saswin was kept in lockup for a few days to aid the investigation and it was said to be the darkest day of his life. “Being in police custody was the most horrible experience I have had. I did not eat for a few days, and it opened up my eyes to doing only good.`` 

During his teenage years, Saswin admitted that he was not the best son to his parents. Naughty, rebellious and quite the trouble maker, he was sent to a rehabilitation centre for 6months in hopes that it would correct his behavior. Mr Jared, the Managing Director has given him a lot of motivation to do better, and it is from this time of his life that Saswin learned to do recovery support programs and eventually became the starting point for him to find joy and passion in helping others. 

“In my whole 29 years of life, I have gone through hell and back. I have seen how catastrophic things can be when you take the wrong turn. Everybody makes mistakes, but it does not make who you are as an individual. No one should be judged from their past. Instead, we should all learn from it. That is why I decided to open up a rehabilitation centre of my own. It is my stepping stone to improve myself, and for others, who like me, have slipped in their past. I want them to have a platform to be better people in the future. Second Chances are not to change the past, it is sometimes to prove that we can be better after we fall.” 

Saswin expresses his gratitude and appreciation to those who have helped and assisted him throughout his life, especially in building and creating Mind Wellness Care Center. “I would first and foremost like to thank my parents, V Suresh and Kartiayani who have been the backbone and greatest reason for me to change my ways and live a good life for myself and others. A special thanks to my well-wisher, my grandmother, who is my #1 fan and motivator. Sujad Uncle and Shajida Aunty, who has never failed to support me since day one. Thank you. To Dr Kadir who has put his trust in me and continuously supported me in many ways for the Mind Wellness Care Centre to become what it is today, and also to Mr Jared, without his guidance and teachings, my growth in rehab would have been impossible. I would like to extend my most humble gratitude to Dr Rogini, Usha Aunty, Uncle Soorian, Dr Loheswary, Dr Asok, Dr Veenorth, Ashwinee, Mr Fateh, and all the government facilities that have been a great help to the centre. Last but not least, my clients and their families, and all Goodwill out there who have been involved with Mind Wellness Care Centre directly, or indirectly. It has been an incredible journey and I look forward to bringing the centre to greater heights in the future.” 

Mind Wellness Care Centre, located in the heart of Johor Bahru is the place for youth and adults to improve their lives no matter who they are, no matter what their history, no matter what they have done. It is no place for judgment and punishment. It is a place of rejuvenation and a chance for those who need it, to be born again. Saswin sincerely wants others to take his life as an example, to not give up at the slightest misdemeanor or the biggest of sins. In a world full of retributions and misconceptions, starting all over again isn't that bad, no matter how far along you have come in life. When you restart, you get another chance to make things right, for other people, and most importantly, for yourself. Saswin's Determined to lead by example for others to improve themselves and live up to his full potential. What do you do when you get a second chance? Well, you take it! 

“I am Saswin Nair, ADHD, and Bipolar fighter, accusation survivor, and now the Director &CEO of Mind Wellness Care Centre & Shine Wave Retreat Ventures.”

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