Natural Life Pvt.Ltd has bagged Asia's Outstanding Organic Farming Company Award

Natural Life Pvt.Ltd has bagged Asia's Outstanding Organic Farming Company Award

My name is Aman Sharma, my father's name is Mr. Mahesh Kumar, mother's name is Mrs. Prem Lata, and my village is located exactly on the border of India and Pakistan, whose name is Megha Rai Utar, Tehsil Gurharsahai, District Ferozepur and State Punjab. I was born on 8th September 1983 in Jalalabad (Fazilka) city 21 km away from my own village and father worked very hard to maintain my house but due to financial constraints and family illness, we had to leave the city and we could not live on our own. Village Megha Rae came and settled in Utad ji (which is our Pouchteni village). 

We were brought up in our ancestral village. We are three siblings and I am the youngest. My father and my mother did a lot of hard work to run our house. My father also sold Kulfi and my mother made people's sweaters. But with that my father's health suddenly started deteriorating and my father somehow got my mother a job in Anganwadi center and we still remember it. His salary was ? 90 per month. Due to the poverty of the house, we could not get our father's treatment and in 1996 my maternal uncle took my father to Sawai Mansingh Hospital, Jaipur and found out there. 

My father has blocked all the three pulses of his heart and he ordered for bypass surgery. This thing is in 1996, at that time I was about 13 years old. We didn't have money to get my father's treatment done. In the year 2000, I passed class 12th and my father put me in a medical store shop in Guruharsahai and my salary was ? 800 per month Slowly. Time passed slowly and there was no improvement in Father's health. In the year 2000, due to poor health of Father, I married my elder sister and elder brother because my father had this dream, I would marry my daughter (my elder sister) and son (my elder brother) with my own hands while I was alive. The medical store where I used to work, many doctors used to come to get medicines. A doctor used to come there, he asked me to do a course. 

When I talked to my father, we did not have money for admission, but father got me admitted there by doing some kind of jugaad. I studied diligently with my heart.  When the date sheet of the final paper came, everyone got the roll number, but I did not get the roll number because I had 5000 fees due.  When I talked to the principal madam, she refused to give the roll number and said, first bring the balance, then you will get the roll number. When I went home, my hand was very tight and my mother gave me some gold, so she said, give it to the principal and take your roll number, when I went and showed the gold to the principal madam, she felt pity and gave me the roll number and when my result came, I got the top rank there in my own college. In 2005 my diploma was completed. I got a job in 2007. My salary was Rs.5,000 per month, due to which the conditions of our house started improving.

I got married in 2010. My wife works with me. Now the situation in our house started getting better. Where is our duty today? That dispensary is in the last village of Hindustan. After that the border of Pakistan starts. During the job, our state government conducted a survey and it had a parameter set of health of every household within the survey. Even when we came to know that people inside our area are getting cancer. Women are having problems of uterus. There is a village inside my dispensary. Due to this usage, cancer, uterus and hormones problems, infertility problems and lack of sperm in boys are coming inside our house. All these problems are growing from there. When I talked to the farmers about this issue, they said, our biggest compulsion is.  If we do not do anything like insecticide or pesticide or fertilizer, then our crop will not be there, then after that I thought why not do something like this. 

The crop yield of the farmer should not be less and his crop quality should also be good and gradually he should move towards organic farming. The biggest challenge for me was that I do not have 1 inch of land and I am not a farmer. How will the farmers believe in me, then I have taken only one decision which I have not done till date, I will show it by doing the same and will make history. From 2015 to 2017 we tried to convert the farmers slowly, but no one listened to us. But gradually we started emphasizing on education. By going to the homes of the people, he started collecting the farmers and told them. 

The pesticide that you are using has such a bad effect on the body, then gradually the farmers started liking our words and they started using our product as an experiment and after that within 2018 we have formed the company. Gave Which named Natural Life because we have to accept the natural life in the coming time and within 2018 we launched our company and today we are proud. There are more than 5000 such families inside our company who are using our product and they have been engaged in paddy cultivation, garlic cultivation, potato cultivation, vegetable cultivation, fruit farming, wheat cultivation, pesticide in it for a long time. And we have been successful in reducing fertilizer. And this journey is continuously moving forward for us. The second biggest thing of pride is this. 

Today there are 100 to 500 such people with us every month who are also earning well. Their monthly income ranges from 5000 to ? 200000 per month and we are proud of that. Our mission is organic farming, because we have only one objective. If we were able to save the crop. We can save the human race.  If our food is not healthy then our health can never be healthy and there is no such medicine on this earth which can save you because medicine can only run you. And we have come to make the young generation of India self-reliant and giving them self-employment and our company will contribute a lot in the coming time within the economy of India.  With that confidence, thank you very much.

Natural Life Pvt.Ltd has bagged Asia's Outstanding Organic Farming Company Award

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