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Nishadini Pallage Arachchi has bagged Asia's Outstanding Healthcare Award of the Year

I am Nishadini Hethumalika Pallage Arachchi currently working as a nursing officer at the Colombo East Base Hospital, Specialized Covid-19 Treatment Institute of Sri Lanka.

I’m really proud to being an awardee with praise worthy title “Asia’s Healthcare Award of the Year 2020/2021” and my greatest admire to the ASIA award organization and proudly powered by Rula award. As well as my humble admire to the world Research Congress. I would like to say this recognition would be the greatest honor to me and also to the whole world.

I was born on April 18, 1983 in Ratnapura Sri Lanka. Educated from Ferguson High School, Ratnapura. During my School hood I was a clever Athlete and show up almost all extracurricular activities. After completing my schooling, I entered to the field of Nursing Sciences for higher education to the College of Nursing, Ratnapura in 2004. After receiving diploma in General nursing, in 2009 started my professional career as a registered Nursing officer, with my first appointment to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Sri Lanka. I always along kept an opening eye on patients to recognize the needs for comprehensive healing from diseases.

In 2013/2014 receiving a Diploma of English Language, from Aquinas University College, Colombo. In 2016 being an Emergency care diplomat, conducted by Post Basic College of Nursing, Colombo, in collaboration with the Government of South Korea was a respectable opportunity to receive an in depth of knowledge and clinical experience regarding critically ill and requiring emergency care patient management.   In 2018, I followed an Honors Degree in Nursing Sciences from Open University Malaysia in collaboration with the International Institute of Health Sciences, Sri Lanka. It was a great privilege to have the opportunity to study the methodology of research. The Advancement enhanced my one of dissertations “The Effectiveness of swimming

to reduce stress among urban residents of Colombo District Sri Lanka” to publish an internationally. The Research intensified my interest  to apply research methodology   on health problems and to solve clinical problems and to move towards new approaches of care.

In 2018, I followed Research Methodology Course of Sri Lanka Foundation Institute to study research methodology further. In the same year, I could receive Further Professional Development following the research methodology programme conducted by Education Training and Research unit, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka.

In 2018, At the National Institute of Infectious Diseases as public Health Nurse, gained the opportunity to provide health education to patients on communicable and non - communicable diseases, to carry out necessary prevention activities and to conduct researches. I conducted case studies and researches on a variety of patients. In 2018/2019 over the years, have been able to significantly reduce the spread of dengue in Sri Lanka and I could able to experience the success of the contact tracing via notification method used in time critical manner.

In the meantime 2020, I had to take the lead in dealing with COVID 19 Disease. The global pandemic was entering from Wuhan threatening manner. In the critical situation as a front line Health care worker, did my full of devoted service to recognize the disease condition directly involving to the COVID 19 patient care approach. In doing  I was able to identify the most important Factors regarding COVID 19 Disease. The experience of with the first Chinese patient infected with COVID 19 in Sri Lanka was very unique. I performed face to face interview with COVID 19 patients and full filled special case investigations and Notifications in time critical manner. I used to share the information with responsible government authorities to make prevention measures especially to isolate infected group of people as soon as possible from the general community.

In the meantime, I conducted a Research with case series of study on COVID 19 patients and was able to gain broad understanding the nature of the patients' disease and its social behavior. I acquired the opportunity to gain a broader experience with COVID 19 disease. As well as able to create a number of strategies to manage and prevent COVID 19 disease.

Currently I have been working at the Colombo East Base Hospital since late 2020 until now. The hospital newly drives as a specialized treatment center to treat patients with COVID 19 disease. I have been working as an Infectious Disease Control Nurse at the hospital and currently working as a front line health care provider for COVID 19 patients. I am hard working Appling experiences and gained knowledge to secure the people from COVID 19 disease.

I have always been accustomed to using inspiration to solve clinical problems in my career. There is no other solution to clinical problems as successful as research. I am engaging with International Innovation Research Programme conducted by Eudoxia Research Center, India to clarify my future goals.

My desire is to find more and more solutions for health problems through research methodology.

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