Parvin Akter has bagged Asia's Outstanding Teacher Award of the Year

Parvin Akter has bagged Asia's Outstanding Teacher Award of the Year

My name is Parvin Akter. I am from Bangladesh. My nationality is  Bangladeshi. I was born on 15 July, 1977. Currently, I live in Dhaka with my  family in Bangladesh. My hometown is in Gazipur, Bangladesh. I am the eldest  among my siblings. Both my father and mother are retired government employees.  I have a younger sister. I am married and have two daughters. I am Muslim.

I earned my B. Sc (Hons) in Child Development & Family Relation in 2001 and M. Sc (Hons) in Child  Development & Family Relation in 2010 from Dhaka University. I have completed my B Ed. in 2013 from  National University. My final year of MBA is going on now under the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. I am  also looking forward to do PhD. I have completed Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering; Training on  creative method from Cambrian School and College; Training on Exceptional Children for the Institute of  Society for welfare of the Intellectually Disabled Bangladesh, SWID; Digital Content Development Training  Program; Professional Training Course for the Higher Secondary, Secondary and Primary School; Math Skill on  Training Program with Technology (MSTPT); APTIS for teachers; Subject base TCG (Teachers Curriculum  Guide) govt. training; LSBA (Life and Skill Base Assessment) and many more additional trainings. 

I have successfully completed the blended e-learning course on Basic Teachers' Training (BTT) from ICT  division of Bangladesh and blended e-learning course on C-Programming of 2nd batch. I am trained regarding  the topic, "Koishorkalin Pushti Karjokrom (Adolescent Nutrition Activities)". Also, I have completed blended e learning course on Public Speaking. I have completed "Digital Transformation in Education to WIN 1R4.0"  training too. I have completed an online course developed by Directorates General of Health Services offered by  "Muktopath" regarding COVID-19. I participated a 3-day long online "ICT4E District Ambassador Teachers"  training workshop on "Pronunciation, Speaking Fluency and Presentation Skills Development" and has  demonstrated proficiency in the mentioned areas of English Language. Besides, I have also accomplished many other online-based trainings some of which were government trainings as well.  

I am a full-time working teacher. Before entering in teaching profession, I was an administrative officer at an NGO named ?ORNOB? from 2004-2007. My first job as a teacher started in Pipulia Govt. Primary School on  2008. I have worked there for 4 years; from 2008-2011. I joined Cambrian School and College in 2011. I am  still now a teacher in this school. I am designated as a Senior Teacher of Information and Communication  Technology. I am the Head of the Department of Home Science (English Version) in my institution. 

Usually, I remain engaged with my students and my work. But in my free time I like to read different books on science and technology. I also read different articles about this new generation. I love to spend time with my  family. I even sometimes go to vacations with my family and friends for recreation and refreshment.  

After joining in Cambrian School and College, I have achieved many Digital-based training. I have gained my  skills on digital fields such as Digital content, Virtual classes, Virtual and Digital interaction and many more. I  am habituated to work with smart boards and google-based classes too. This is an era of Internet. So, I always  try to remain myself updated with the new technologies and trends. The institution I am working is the first  Digital Educational Institution of Bangladesh. This is a well updated, innovative and technology-based institute. 

I was awarded with the title ?Dynamic Teacher of the Year-Bangladesh, 2019? on 14 December, 2019 under the  category, "Excellence in Teaching" from AKS Global Education Awards Dubai. I achieved 5th position in  National Digital Content Competition-2018, Bangladesh. I have been selected as one of the Board Examiner of  Dhaka Education Board. I have achieved B grade on 'APTIS' for teachers. I am also an ICT4E District  Ambassador of Badda Thana in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

I am grateful to receive Asia Awards powered by RULA Awards. I feel honored and mesmerized for  receiving this award. It has given me more interest and motivation in continuing my teaching profession. I  humbly thank RULA Awards for selecting me as an award receiver. I am sure that I will look forward to do more improvement in my work and objective to fulfill the needs of my students and the bright new generation. It  has given me an opportunity to promote my work in bigger fields. I am sure, my dear students will also be  happy for their teacher. 

Being a teacher is inspiring as well as challenging. I have interacted with thousands of students. This gave me a  great enthusiasm and knowledge. It?s not only about teaching. A teacher also learns many things while they  teach others. I have got a lot of motivations to work hard in life from some very small deeds of my students. I  am grateful to be a teacher because I try my best to provide my students the right and proper vision of life and  knowledge so that they can implement this knowledge in their practical life. When I see my students moving  forward in their life, I feel joyed and honored. I always prefer my students to follow the path of righteous and  honesty no matter what problem they face. ?Honesty will bring them success and show them the solution?- this  is my only goal. I feel blessed being a teacher. Showing the path to many bright resources of this generation is  like a blessed job to me. I love to teach them the traits of this scientific world. I want my students to feel their  life and live the life to the fullest with a good motive. I always motivate them to enjoy every small detail of their  life and surrounding. 

I believe in implementation and dedication. I always wanted to implement my knowledge and skills on  something that will bring good to the society and world. I wanted people to have full dedication in their dream.  So, I chose to be a teacher. A teacher is the key to build a bright future for students. The life, future and  everything of a student depends on the teaching of a teacher. I wanted to show the bright shining stars the right  path and teach them the wonders of this world. Thus, I became a teacher. I have struggled much in life and did not want that our next generation does the same. I keep trying to show them the easiest way and always  encourage them in improving their skills. 

As a teacher I need to be very careful regarding my teachings as well. I try to represent myself as an updated and  smart teacher to my students so that they get interest in learning the new inventions and wonders of this world. Mistakes are done by human. So, I try my best to avoid mistakes and provide my students the exact and correct  information regarding their studies. I always need to keep in mind that my students are learning from me. So, I  try to be humble and well-mannered as much as I can in front of them. I have worked with varieties of students.  Each and every of them have got their own special skills in different fields. 
My teaching philosophy is very simple. Students do not care how much you know, until they know how much  you care. After they know I care them, they open up their heart and mind and I can teach them. I show my  caring by forming relationships with my students and trying to help them find their dreams and strengths so they  can believe in themselves the way I believe in them. Either way they are the future and have unlimited value.  

I think it was the best decision to become a teacher. I have got opportunity to learn and teach here, both. I feel  blessed for up-bringing the next generation through teaching them. The role of a teacher comes after the parents.  So, we are considered as the second parents of the students. Thus, my students are my children. And as a teacher  and parent, I give my best efforts to them for bringing them up with proper education and teachings. 

Education is the backbone of a nation. I feel honored to provide education to my dear students and playing a role  in creating the backbone of the nation. The dignity of a teacher is the highest position and I am lucky enough to  achieve this dignity.  

Parvin Akter has bagged Asia's Outstanding Teacher Award of the Year

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