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Persatuan Bantu NGO has bagged Asia's Most-promising and upcoming New service in NGO

On behalf of Persatuan BANTU we would like to take this opportunity to thank the Asia Awards powered by RULAAWARDS, World Research Congress, Mr Abuthahir, to honour us with this prestigious award and we are very proud to be an awardee with a praise worthy award title of "Asia’s Most- Promising and Upcoming New Service in NGO" under Asia's NGO/Social Service Award category. 

Persatuan BANTU established on 21st April 2021, we collaborated with Green Wings Psychology Centre and started to create awareness by doing live via Social media in regards of mental health talks during covid-19 pandemic, than after we took off without online campaign on the month of JULY called as “Safe Food Beat Hunger” with a short period of time our Persatuan BANTU NGO have distributed 666 of food donation for home/homeless community, Donated groceries/baby products/medical appliances to 32 needy families and 20 goodie bags contain of essential products for homeless community within Malaysia , will take this opportunity to thank all of our Noble sponsorship's whom trusted the Persatuan BANTU NGO. Since the online campaign has been a successful journey for the month of JULY therefore the campaign will remain till further notice. 

Apart of “Safe Food Beat hunger” Online Campaign, Persatuan BANTU would be the first NGO collaborating with Green Wings Psychology Centre to create awareness about the importance of having healthy mentality lifestyle, we are also focusing on having Seminars, Campaigns, Workshops, Virtual Seminars and 15minutes of free Counseling for the community and cooperate community as well .

We also will be creating job opportunities for drop out students from school and fresh graduate students while waiting for their exams result so that they can always be motivated and have self-confidence of upcoming challenges in their future. This may help them to avoid unhealthy lifestyle and being depressed. 

We want to have Flea market campaigns specially for single parent/disable talented communities, they can advertise their business and at the same time leveraging their business network, for home businesses we will help them to market their products hence encourage them to move forward on what they are doing . 

To summarize our achievement and future achievement: 

Established project: 

- “Save Food Beat Hunger “campaign, 

- Marketing help for small businesses, 

- Awareness talks for Disabled Community (OKU). 

Upcoming project: 

- DANA RM 1.00, 

- Flee Market to support Single Parent, 

- “ZERO Drop-outs” campaign, 

- “New Lifestyle” campaign. 

Our Persatuan BANTU can be found at:

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