Rajendra Shrestha has bagged Asia's Stand alone Preschool Award

Rajendra Shrestha has bagged Asia's Stand alone Preschool Award

Mr. Rajendra Shrestha has bagged Asia's Stand alone Pre School Award of the year 2020-21 conferred by Asia Leadership Awards proudly presented by RULA Awards.

A passionate educator and a dedicated leader Mr. Rajendra Shrestha is currently the Managing Director of Rising Small Wonders Montessori School located at Capital city Kathmandu. This Pre School is upgrading to a brand Primary School in the Academic Year 2021 A.D. He is a former Principal of St. Joseph's English Academy, Budhanilkantha-07, Golfutar, Kathmandu. Also founder Chairman of Sungabha Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd, Tokha-06, Dhapasi, Kathmandu, since 2011. He is President of Lions club of Kathmandu Nepalaya (Lions Club International, District 325 B1, Nepal) for the Lionistic Year 2020-2021 A.D. Mr. Shrestha is well known for his simplicity and information technology skilled based education. During 15 years of professional involvement in the field of education, Mr. Shrestha was awarded from Nepal Government's Education Minister for 'Kathmandu District's Best Teacher' for his best results. Gained himself as an energetic school Administrator and involvement in social organization which is world's number one service providing organization, he was also awarded with International 'Certificate of Excellence' for his best performance in the year 2018-2019. Having received Master in Business Studies, International Courses in finance and many other computer courses, he is assuredly the next generation mentor in education.

Started career in education as computer teacher back in 2005 AD, he kept on developing in his career. He started taking a larger responsibility as Head of Computer Department and than a Secondary Level Office Practice and Accountancy subject teacher. This marked the beginning of his noted career. His career gained momentum back in 2017 AD when after years of experience; he went on to earn the position of Principal of a Secondary School. As the principal, he created positive school culture, created long term plan for student's academic success, maintaining leadership in others, managing people, data and processes as well as build his school leadership. He was able to manage administrative tasks along with teachers and students. He performed the hiring of staff members, communicating with parents when necessary, creating policies (such as dress code), planning academic calendars for the school, handling of student recruitment and admissions into the school,  disciplining students when needed, supervising students, staff and other faculty members, designing creative new programs and restructuring old ones, handling of the schools budget, maintaining secure funding for the school and making both daily decisions as well as long-term decisions

He got an opportunity as a 'Managing Director' of Lumbini Beginners' Academy (Secondary Level School at Dumbarahi, Kathmandu in 2019 A.D. which was celebrating 24th years of establishment. He totally changed and developed the down going school to its nearer target just in six months. His works and dedications made him popular in that school. His full caliber was poured there for the best result for which on that year school achieved a historical result in Secondary Level Examination of held by Nepal Education Board. In his role as a Managing Director, he engaged in creative implementation of curriculum and introduced themed based learning..

Rising Small Wonders Pre School has been under management of Mr. Shrestha since 2018 A.D. With the implementation of Montessori base, children are given care and trust in favor of school. Not only children of Nepal also children of China, United Kingdom and other countries are also getting education in the Pre School. Very soon this Pre School is upgrading to a branded Primary School in 2021 A.D. The Pre School is developing/constructing and managing various necessary facilities for kids admitting there. With slogan of Care and Trust the key features of this Montessori school are: central located, transportation facility, well trained, experienced and dedicated teachers and staff team, fully secured with CCTV surveillance, Use of school's own School Application and Mobile application for parents'.

His outstanding contribution made him more experienced and loyal School Administrator. He's patience in music, playing guitar singing too. He used to play in band and has released music videos.
Rajendra Shrestha has bagged Asia's Stand alone Preschool Award

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