Rajesh Balkrushna Domale has bagged Asia's Best Author Award for INDIA NEEDS KALAM NOT KASAB

Rajesh Balkrushna Domale has bagged Asia's Best Author Award for INDIA NEEDS KALAM NOT KASAB

Rajesh Balkrushna Domale has bagged ‘Asia’s Best Author Award for INDIA NEEDS KALAM NOT KASAB’.

Name –Rajesh Balkrushna Domale  DOB-15/O2/1980

Title—Asia’s Best Author Award for INDIA NEEDS KALAM NOT KASAB  

Bio-data and Life story: 

Born and brought up in a poor family of  Asgaon Chauras, a small village  in the state of Maharashtra  in India, Rajesh Balkrushna Domale is a famous and  popular Indian author. He is the winner of Asia's Best Author award for his book' INDIA NEEDS KALAM NOT KASAB’. His journey from being a child of poor, rural family background to ‘Asia’s Best Author Award winner’ is dazzling and inspiring to others. Rajesh Balkrushna Domale is a real-life example of how one needs to fight for his dream, irrespective of the struggles and hardships one has to bear in life. His life is a perfect example of hard work, persistence, determination, and grit. His journey of life is a true motivational story that shows nothing is impossible if we don’t quit!

Rajesh feels it a matter of extreme joy, glory and pride to receive ‘Asia Award 2022’ and ‘Asia’s Achievement Award’! His journey of life is incredible, awesome and outstanding. 

“Receiving Asia’s Best Author Award for my book is the greatest joy of my life. It is a great honor for me to receive this special and great award!  I really do not have words to express my happiness and gratitude. Eventually, the years of hard work have borne the fruits. I feel extremely proud of myself for winning this global accolade! I am happy I could build a castle out of all the bricks my rivals threw at me. I am exceedingly delighted to receive this great honor. Thank you Asia Award……Thank you Rula Award. Thank you really so much for this global recognition!” Rajesh proudly says. He is indebted to everyone who gave him a hand to get him here today!

Born and raised in Asgaon Chauras, India, Rajesh Balkrushna Domale flourished as an all-rounder in Adasha Vidyalaya Khapari and Wainganga Junior College Pauni, where he schooled. With a natural flair for reading and writing, Rajesh always aimed to earn a good name and fame in the field of literature. And finally, his hard work paid off and his talent took him to the top! 

The entire life of this great author is filled with struggles and hardships. The fifth among six siblings, Rajesh had to do many odd jobs for a living before he settled in life. Whatever he is today, that is only because of his hard work, perseverance and humility along with the love, support and blessings of his beloved friends, well-wishers and family members!

“INDIA NEEDS KALAM NOT KASAB'' is Rajesh’s third English novel after “LIFE DOES NOT END HERE and BHANNAT.”  Besides being a popular Indian author, he is a renowned English teacher who currently works at Gurukul Ashram School Deolapar in India. His school is a project of Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s vidarbh prant that works for the up gradation and up liftment of poor, orphan and downtrodden students in the country. Rajesh started his professional career in 2006 as an English teacher with one of the most reputable Ashram Schools in India. He holds a postgraduate degree in English Literature. Rajesh Balkrushna Domale is a multifaceted personality, a teacher, an author and a philosopher and above all a good human being. He is a brilliant writer and modern thinker. He is committed to nation-building .He is a man of vision. His vision for the nation is based on equality, the dignity of the individual and justice, social, economic and political, to every Indian.

Rajesh is an icon for the youth. He is a role model for generations to come. He used to say, “Aiming small is a crime. Youth should have the courage to think differently and explore unexplored paths. Difficulties would come but don’t be afraid of them. Overcome them with your intellect and hard work.” 

A man of vision, Rajesh always worked in mission mode. His every book gives a great message for life. His aim and dream to make India beautiful through his writings is praiseworthy. He came from a very poor background, but educated himself and worked hard to rise to the top!  

The book “INDIA NEEDS KALAM NOT KASAB” is Rajesh’s venture to place the ‘truth’ before the world. It teaches the gospel of love in place of hate. Rajesh considers it his duty to place this book before the readers who believe in the sense of ‘Patriotism’ and ‘Nationalism’. His main intention behind writing this book is to expose the ‘Traitors’ of the country. This book is a beautiful manifestation of the definition of terrorism and perfidy! It urges and appeals to the world to accept the ideology of Kalam, not Kasab for the welfare and goodness of the entire mankind.

“INDIA NEEDS KALAM NOT KASAB” is a great and beautifully written book based on the theme of Love, patriotism and sacrifice. It inspires everyone in the world to fight and die for their motherland. It teaches the world how one’s nation is always above one’s religion and faith. This book stresses on the feeling of patriotism as well as the passion and madness to give up everything for the goodness of the nation. The book is beautifully conceived to reveal how ‘Islamic fundamentalism’ and ‘fanatic Islamic ideology’ are the biggest threats to entire humanity! This book is a very frank and unique description of growing threat of terrorism and violent Islamic extremism to the entire mankind. This beautiful book will help the people to get fuelled with the fire of nationalism and patriotism. With the help of this book, the writer wants to express the love and pride for the patriots like Kalam and the hate and shame for the traitors like Kasab! 

The book “INDIA NEEDS KALAM NOT KASAB” is an alarming attempt to make the world aware of radical Islamic terrorism which is growing fast all over the world like wildfire. The story of the book is a clear message to the world not to fear, but fight the evils of terrorism with invincible courage and patriotism. 

After “Life Does Not End Here” and “Bhannat”, this third English novel of author Rajesh Balkrushnaji Domale teaches the world the value of patriotism and the feeling of dying for the sake of the motherland! “INDIA NEEDS KALAM NOT KASAB” is an inspiring, warm and deeply passionate story of love, sacrifice and nationalism. It is extremely heart-wrenching to read how the journey of Saleem’s life, which starts with a beautiful dream to become an Indian Army Officer, finally ends in hanging on the gallows! The book is enough to move every Indian’s heart. It will not only make an interesting reading, but will also burn the fire of patriotism in every patriotic heart! 

‘Writing the books’ is Rajesh Balkrushna Domale’s not only the hobby, but the passion for him. Whenever he gets leisure time during his busy schedule, he takes out his draft and starts to write. Right from childhood, Rajesh has been fond of reading the biographies of great people in the world. The dream of his life was to become a famous Indian writer and with the books he has written and published, his dream to become an author has finally come true! Rajesh is passionate about his books and believes that writing brings him the greatest delight in the world.

Rajesh is just 41 and a post-graduate in English Literature from the University of Nagpur. Before joining the school as a teacher, Rajesh used to run an English Literature academy where he taught many poor children free of cost .Most of the students in his coaching classes were poor, orphan and underprivileged. Rajesh not only continued to teach them without charging any tuition fees but also struggled to shape their future! 

Teaching English to poor and orphan children in the country was always the passion for him. Most of the students, who learned under his guidance, now are the well-known Doctors, Engineers, teachers, professors, Lawyers, politicians, Police officers, bureaucrats and successful businessmen. He shaped them all with his knowledge, love and devotion. He also introduced honesty, integrity and passion to their characters. All the efforts and hard work Rajesh invested to bring out the best in them can never be repaid in mere words! His contribution in educating the poor and orphan children of the country is great and deserves a salute. Even the words of appreciation will fall short for describing his contribution to the domain of teaching. His students are always indebted to him for his contribution in making them what they are today!

“Education is every child’s right. A good teacher can ignite the imagination, inspire hope and instill a love for learning in children.” His views on education and devotion of teachers are praiseworthy. Rajesh plays many roles in life. He is a teacher, philosopher, poet, author and singer.  Not only he focuses on the academic brilliance of the students but he makes sure they excel in other domains of life too! He teaches his students to never give up. He teaches them how to burn the midnight oil to achieve the goal in life. He teaches them how devotion, dedication, discipline, hard work and perseverance matter for them if they dream success in life. He teaches them to shine forth their light!

Rajesh Balkrushna Domale, the pinnacle of knowledge and diligence is the spark, the inspiration, the guide and the candle to many lives! His unflinching efforts and sheer involvement in shaping the future of his students are beyond words. All the students he has taught till yet have passed with flying colors in life! His efforts to lead them in the right path of life are outstanding. Being so kind, understanding and caring, Rajesh has proved that learning can be a joyous and pleasant experience for children. 

Being an English Teacher by profession, Rajesh Balkrushna Domale is doing stellar work in bringing quality education to underprivileged children and helping them break out of the cycle of poverty. Since 2006, Rajesh has been working in Gurukul Ashram School Deolapar. His school predominantly works for poor, orphan and downtrodden children who stay much away from the mainstream of the society. The trust Vishwa Hindu Janakalyan Parishad Nagpur, India, has undertaken many welfare projects for the up liftment and up gradation of children belonging to poor and illiterate tribal communities in the country. Rajesh Balkrushna Domale feels extremely proud of himself for being a part of this project!

His ideas and efforts to build a strong foundation in Language and social skills are commendable and inspire many others to follow his mission! The school also continues to support the students through school years and until they become employable.

For the last sixteen years, Rajesh has involved himself in the profession of a teacher with full devotion and dedication towards his goal of educating every child with quality learning. His work has benefitted many poor children in over 250 remote villages. As most of the students in India do not have access to the knowledge   and skills that will make them part of the productive economy in tomorrow’s workforce, Rajesh aims to bridge this gap. Computational thinking and problem-solving are two areas in which he wants to do most work so that school-going children can be equipped well when they enter the job market.

The dream and mission of Rajesh Balkrushna Domale’s life is not only to educate children but also provide them livelihood and empower the communities.  His mission aims at providing the children with shelter, education and opportunities to succeed in life. Rajesh feels that the best way to bring up children with difficult pasts would be by giving them an environment that is less institutionalized and more family-based. Over 900 students from disadvantaged backgrounds are currently taking an education in the school. The school and all the teachers also provide personalized care for every student and assist with college or diploma or vocational training .The school also works hard for abandoned and destitute children in the country.

Rajesh faced many ups and downs, twists and turns in life. But he didn’t give up! He worked hard and finally achieved his childhood dream to win the ‘Asia Award’ for his book! An epitome of the power of positive thinking and faith in one’s self, Rajesh continues to be an inspiration for many others! 

Rajesh Balkrushna Domale is a man with many talents! An excellent English Teacher, an inspiring role model, a perfect mentor and the list go on. Besides being a good and honest teacher, he is a well-known and popular Indian author! His books “Life Does Not End Here”, “India Needs Kalam Not Kasab” and “Bhannat” are very popular among the  readers . All three books written by him, are just a source of inspiration for generations to come. They teach us the lessons of life. These amazing and inspirational books can change the life of people. Rajesh’s writing down his hard-won knowledge in easily digestible times is amazing.

His three books are motivational novels. They are powerful enough to create a positive change in life. Currently, Rajesh is working on his two upcoming books. His books “Success is not the child’s play” and “Man behind the shadows” are under publication and will be published very soon. 

Discovering the joy of writing has finally helped Rajesh become an influential and world-famous author today! With hard work and perseverance, he could succeed to touch this milestone! His inspirational success story teaches the world how to overcome difficulties and win the world! 

Rajesh Balkrushna Domale has bagged Asia's Best Author Award for INDIA NEEDS KALAM NOT KASAB

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