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ROE Pvt Ltd has bagged Asia's Innovative Product of the Year Award

Asia’s Most Innovative Product Of The Year Award 


Orasi Elite is a patented application created by Rohan Jayawardena, founder & CEO of ROE PVT LTD that helps visually impaired people connect with live agents for everyday tasks.


In an over saturated market, Rohan reached a frequently neglected demographic: Blind people. 


Having a successful run in the first phase of the application, Orasi Elite is set to break the market by its practicality and accessibility for the blind community. The application has way more live agents connected through American federation for the blind (AFB) than its creator expected, simply because of its practicality. 


The application pairs volunteers with blind people in need of help with small, everyday tasks. These can range from reading an expiration date on a carton of milk to need of finding a snack or an opinion on an outfit.


Even though it looks fairly simple, Rohan has addressed practical concerns when developing the application. 


1. Facetiming friends and family for assistance with simple tasks was how most of the blind people navigated tasks they needed help with. Orasi Elite was created as a more efficient platform, allowing its users to be more independent while not having to always rely on personal relationships.


2. Working with many volunteers from AFB to secure the right volunteers who volunteer time to help complete strangers. If someone declined to answer, there are hundreds of people that are able to help the person. 


3. Rohan developed a unique server to directly connect with agents for a fast response time. Connecting speed for almost every call is under 10 seconds. It takes a few seconds to make a big impact on someone else’s life.


4. Breaking the language barrier. In the test run of this application, a Pakistan user got connected with a live agent. He told the live agent to read the directions off the box of his insta kheer (a south asian rice pudding). After a few fumbling attempts to get him to move his phone a little to the left and a little to the right, he could see the directions clear on the green branded box. And while he spoke perfect English, the directions, however, were in another language and script – Urdu. Refusing to disappoint the caller, he quickly googled the directions in English for the rice pudding of this particular brand. After finding, he read him the simple instructions. “Bring 1 litre of milk to a boil. Add in the rice pudding packet. Stir mixture continuously until thick. Turn off heat and let cool. Serves 6-8 people. “Thank you, sir,” he replied sweetly. Even though user was happy after using the application, Rohan saw a major problem in the practicality side of the application. So he decided to go with global agents from different ethnicities who speaks different languages, cutting any down time to translate making this app accessible for the user in their primary language. So if the user’s primary language is Urdu, he no longer will connect with an English agent, but with an agent who speaks and understand Urdu. This is an application that connects technology with human generosity. 


Awardee comments on receiving this prestigious award:


I thought of every aspect of this application for years, to make it simple and practical for my end user who is a blind person. Now it’s a reality and moreover a success than I imagined. Thank you Asia awards powered by RULA for recognizing my application to be the most innovative product of the year. It’s a milestone in my journey to the top. 

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