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Roneil Edu has bagged Asia's Outstanding Teacher Award of the Year

My name is Roneil Edu. I was born in Subec, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines on November 9, 1984. I am the second of three siblings. I grew up in a small town where there is no internet access and only few can step into college. I am not so lucky in life, but I am grateful for having parents that willingly burn their candles at both ends just to meet our needs. When I was young, I was fascinated in Science and Mathematics, so I tried my best to learn and excel in these fields. My parents’ support is a greater force for me to see life from a different perspective and not focus on how miserable life is. The limited resources and scarcities in life did not hinder me to discover endless possibilities and major breakthroughs in life. I graduated from Luzong National High School at the age of 16 and finally earned my bachelor’s at Northwestern University- Laoag City, Philippines in 2007.  

I started teaching in public school at Vergonville Elementary School on February 7, 2011. I have developed Strategic Intervention Materials (SIM) and have been actively involved in writing and participating in action research focusing on teaching-learning science, teaching styles, technology, and innovation during my eight years of teaching in Vergonville. The school was also awarded as Best Implementer of Professional Learning Community (PLC) through my PLC coordinator's leadership last 2017.  I was also a coordinator in Science, Professional Learning Community (PLC), BAC, Action Research, Yes-O, Continuous Improvement Program (CIP), and the Chairman of School Improvement Plan (SIP). 

In 2012, I decided to continue my studies and graduated in 2014 with a Master of Arts in Education-Major in Educational Management from St. Francis Assisi College in Las Pinas City. In 2017, I became one of the finalists in the "Gawad Sikhay Search for Outstanding Public Elementary School Teacher'' - Las Pinas City Division. In 2018, I earned my Doctor of Education-Major in Educational Management from Philippine Christian University-Manila, Philippines, and began working as a part-time professor there. During the Covid-19 outbreak, I did not waste my time to learn more by enrolling in several online courses. I earned a Home Education Diploma from the Center of Excellence UK, an SPSS Masterclass from Udemy, a 120-hour TESOL/TELF Certificate from World TESOL Academy, and a Microsoft Excel Certification, Microsoft Office Certification, PowerPoint Certification, Microsoft Outlook Certification, and Microsoft Word Certification from New Skills Academy USA. I always believe that learning should not stop; learning is an opportunity to level up.

Furthermore, I bagged the Runner Up - Achievement Award from the Center of Excellence UK last year and Global Education's Outstanding Teacher for Innovation in Teaching from GESA. I was promoted to Master Teacher I at Pulanlupa Elementary School last August 13, 2019. Transferring to Pulanlupa Elementary School, I was known for being a loner and an individualist. Pursuing my interest in writing research I contributed to the school’s research and school’s newspaper “Sikhay”, and eventually became the action research coordinator. In addition to this, I was one of the modules and worksheet authors in the Division of Las Pinas City and one of the Learning Activity Sheet (LAS) writers in the National Capital Region.

I also became an International Demonstration Teacher at High Impact Teaching in the Digital Era: An International Online Training Program “DemoFest on Educational Innovations, Technology, and Classroom Management,” as well as a National Demonstration Teacher at the National Seminar on Understanding and Utilizing Media in Teaching (UUMT): An Integration of Media Literacy in the K–12 Curriculum. I am also a YouTube content creator of educational videos and have developed a Science mobile application to help students learn. As an educator, it is always a great feeling to give back and impart educational lessons and tools to young children. In this way, I am not just teaching them but also part of their life-changing experience.

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