Sarvasparshi Foundation has bagged Best Social Service Organisation Award

Sarvasparshi Foundation has bagged Best Social Service Organisation Award

Sarvasparshi Foundation Awarded Asia’s Best Social Organization by RULA AWARDS 

Clubbing hands, hopes, and humanity together, Sarvasparshi Foundation is of the people, by the people, and for the people. The foundation looks beyond labels & divisions and offers a helping hand to the ones in need. Because they believe in ‘humanity before anything’ and go to extreme lengths to live by their belief.  

Sarvasparshi foundation undertakes various development programs for needy and poor people, rural, Adivasi and tribal people, under-developed villages, old aged people, orphan children and, social, communal, educational, arts, tourism, environment, natural disaster, pandemics, medicals, disabilities, etc. Caring for humans, the foundation has changed many lives and has created a ripple effect in society with kindness and hope.  

“Bound to serve the society. Anytime, anyplace, and anybody.” 

Moving forward with the vision of serving humankind, animals and the environment the foundation is bound to serve society. Anytime, Anyplace, and anybody. Founded on 1st January 2021, the foundation has reached its first milestone by bagging an award for Asia’s best social organization.  

“The feeling of helping is rewarding itself, and bagging a reward for good deeds is a great feeling. It is a feeling of hope, happiness and gratitude; it feels like the whole world is being supportive and opening ways to reach out to more people”, says Mr. Raju Pokharnikar, the founder of Sarvasparshi Foundation.  

Their human-centric approach has helped many in just a short span of 9 months and still look ahead to fulfil the mission that brings a change in the society by reducing exclusion, enhancing education, health, and empowerment for people in rural tribal and urban areas.  

Sarvasparshi foundation does everything in depth, making sure no stone is left unturned. The foundation, 

·       Finds connections and funds it through the generous donations of people. 

·       Builds a network of social workers who connect through social media and people. 

·       Strengthen the relationship with love, care and encourage the members to look after the welfare of the people. 

·       Educates students from rural, tribal and urban areas by adopting them and bearing all  the expenses 

·       Cares for old aged people, homeless children by providing those clothes, groceries, medical and financial help. 

·       Contributes to development policy, delivering training and focuses on research in the field of social work practices.  

The foundation also supports the ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Abhiyan’ to strengthen the roots of women & girls. Standing strong in the eye of the pandemic, the foundation has helped endless people by setting up health camps, alerting people and distributing clothes, masks, sanitisers,  thermal guns, oximeters and groceries.  

Contributing to society little by little, the foundation believes in shaping the young minds of the nation by adopting children. At Sarvasparshi, the children are provided with quality education and support them to become independent.  

It’s still a long way to go for the Sarvasparshi foundation, and this is just a minor impact they have created in society. The foundation looks forward to the young, talented and generous minds and hands to reshape society with humanity. 

Sarvasparshi Foundation has bagged Best Social Service Organisation Award

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