Shadab Ahmed has Asia's Outstanding Achievement Award

Shadab Ahmed has Asia's Outstanding Achievement Award

My name is Shadab Ahmed from Jaipur ( Raj.)

I am he descendent of the 9th generation of Lakhera (manihar) community. We basically hails from Iran when before the conception of Jaipur. Our ancestors who live in Isfahan came to Amber on the recommendations of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh is come to settle and practise our art in Jaipur.

My grandfather and my father Late Mr. Haji Ikram Ahmed Khan has been well recognised and became renowned. He received numerous Awards and accolades showered on him from around the world.

I am the 9th generation of this ancient clan who stills practices this great Lac art. It's indeed an honour under our great Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Kumar Modi ji that he has patronised art and loves artistes..

I learnt this great ancient lac art at a very tender age of 10 years while also devoting to my studies. It been almost 30 years that i am doing and practising this art. I also have received awards and participated in various government and non-gov. fairs, exhibition organised by the gov. of India, ministry of textiles, DCH, MSME and ministry of minority affairs of india. My work blessings from the diginatories all around the world. This ancient Lac art which dates to the time of Mahabharata is a symbol of Indian culture and tradition. Articles of lac made by me includes chandelier, royal tanpura, mirror frames etc. I have also experimented lac with real gold and successfully created masterpieces of wonders of the world with gold inlay work on 4" broad lac bangles.

I am very grateful that "Asia Award" powered by "RULA AWARD" has recognised my talent and has given me a wonderful opportunity to showcase my work. I am happily thanks to the chairman Mr. ABUTHAHIR. and director and all the committee members. This is indeed a great moments of associate with the leading community of the world. May i take this opportunity to hold before and pays my sincere gratitude to Asia Award for catering to serve humanity.

Thank you 

God bless us all. 

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