Shruti Krishna has bagged Asia's Outstanding Women change maker Award in yoga and wellness

Shruti Krishna has bagged Asia's Outstanding Women change maker Award in yoga and wellness

Shruti Krishan

a-399, Anant Yogalaya, Pareek College Road, Bani Park, Jaipur, Raj-302006

DOB. 22-Nov-1984

Gender: Female

#Of years practicing yoga: 22

#Of years teaching yoga: 17

Founder & Director of Anant Yogalaya

She is Graduate in Fashion Technology 

Qualified Supportive Yoga Therapist

Qualified Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Aerial Yoga Expert

Qualified Pregnancy Yoga Expert

Qualified Sujok Therapy Expert

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              Shruti Krishna was born in Rairangpur, a small village in Odisha and brought up in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Shruti got Yoga as a heritage because she had a rule in her house to do yoga before going to school and this is the reason that she was attached to yoga since from childhood.


Along with her studies of fashion technology She started a yoga school in name of Anant Yogalaya in 2004 to provide free yoga education to poor children. Because of some circumstances of life she was away from yoga for few months, but the same yoga proved to be successful to bring her out of those situations, and after those circumstances, yoga became a part of her life, and after that she started working dedicatedly towards yoga and the yoga school which was started in 2004 to give yoga education to the poor children.

In 2018 She started working with an effort to bring yoga to the village of Rajasthan with some NGOs and the government. She Visited Village to Village and started an effort to connect the youth with yoga and to increase employment through yoga.

Due to the Pandemic Covid-19, the ongoing programs had to be stopped but Shruti did not give up and provided yoga education to Thousands of people (Including University’s like Amity, Manipal, etc.,) through online free yoga classes on Facebook.

Shruti was aware about this dreadful situation of Covid-19 in which Many People got unemployed, so she Started working on an project called Yoga in Rural India where she started free yoga training to people and also she is working with her team with an effort to bring 2000 yoga centres among 44,981 villages of Rajasthan.

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