Singhania Educational Institute has bagged Best Faculty Amongst Senior Secondary Schools

Singhania Educational Institute has bagged Best Faculty Amongst Senior Secondary Schools

Singhania Educational Institute, Sitapur established in 2008 provides a truly enabling environment to contribute to the holistic development of each student. School has contemporary infrastructure, Sport multifaceted – Maple Hall, State-of-the-art ambiance and spacious classrooms.

The school is alive to the challenge of shaping students to be lifelong learners by mounting their skills as academic achievers, progressive thinkers, effective communicators and empowered citizens who ‘think local but act global’. The transformation from a green field site to a school bustling with about 1300 students bears testimony to its phenomenal growth and the school’s commitment to excellence.

School motto is “Cultivating Knowledge”. To impart eminence edification and to provide faultless learning milieu, empowering students to strive for personal excellence and become lifelong learners.  

School establishes the difference between literacy and education.  As literacy is merely getting a degree and education is learning the art of finding solutions to problems.

School is located in the city of Sitapur. It is 90 km from Lucknow on NH 30. The school is surrounded by residential colonies and is within the municipal jurisdiction of Sitapur. 

The school has contemporary buildings, play grounds and facilities that have the flexibility of both open plan and regular style classrooms. Features include a visual arts room, library, computer lab, English lab, physics lab, chemistry lab, biology lab, library, administration block and extensive undercover areas. The grounds include a common playground for handball/ football/ hockey/ cricket/ kho-kho/ kabaddi/ Rugby/ Athletics, Basketball courts, Maple Hall – Indoor Badminton facilities, Table Tennis room, Taekwandoo facility, Golf setup and yoga amenities. 

School Enroll:

The school has an increasing enrolment of 1300 students. 60% students are from urban areas and remaining 40% students are from rural background. School is a co-educational institution synonymous with quality education and overall excellence. School opens its portal to every student who would have the will and vigor to achieve academic honors.


School follows the CBSE curriculum. 

The breadth and richness of curriculum offered allows students to be actively involved in their learning, acquiring knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. School curriculum is specifically designed to overcome wrote learning and establish activity based learning. 

School has outsourced with XSEED Curriculum for imparting effectual edification with international viewpoint to pre-primary section 

For primary section (Class I to V) Mylestone Curriculum is followed. This is a unique activity oriented edification system for effective learning outcome. 

A synergistic mix of Sports, Music, Dramatics, Dance and Computers with academic classes completes the picture of overall growth at SEI, Sitapur.

The curriculum has been evolved to achieve a balance between the emphasis accorded to academics and the importance of development of the body and the mind.

School curriculum is based on three core interrelated strands of erudition:

1.Physical, Personal and Social Learning: 

This includes physical, personal and social skills such as being active and healthy, developing self confidence, managing personal learning and working with others.

2. Discipline-based learning:

This includes knowledge and understanding from the key subjects of English, Science, Mathematics, Humanities, Languages and The Arts.

3. Interdisciplinary Learning:

This includes other essential skills that apply across curriculum areas such as thinking, design, problem solving, communicating, and using information and communications technology.

The school has a milieu that is compassionate, affirmative, methodical and protected. It is conducive to learning, nurtures individuals, celebrates strengths and differences, and reflects expectations for reasonable and responsible behaviour. School leadership, teachers, students, parents and families work together to successfully manage the learning and physical environment. They jointly foster pride in the school and a healthy school spirit.

With this rich and glorious legacy of almost one and half decades, the school has turned into a national think-tank for making education more accessible, and with much wider scope and meaning.

School website:

Email id: 

Facebook @Singhania Educational Institute 


School & Trust Hierarchy:

Mr. OP Singhania – Chairman

Mr. Ashish Kumar Singhania – Pro Vice Chairman 

Mr. Parikshit Tripathi – Secretary  

Thanks Note:

It's indeed a great privilege for Singhania Educational Institute, Sitapur to receive this particular award from ASIA Awards powered by RULA Awards.

We are very much gratified by the World Research Congress for nominating us for this prestigious award under category of “Asia's School Awards” with a praiseworthy award title, “Best Faculty amongst Senior Secondary Schools”.

School will keep its enthusiasm up in future endeavors. Awards like this are the moral boosters. We will maintain the same level of diligence in our work in the forthcoming years. 

Thank you once again for this great honor.

Singhania Educational Institute has bagged Best Faculty Amongst Senior Secondary Schools

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