Skillfix Consultants Private Limited has bagged Award for Best Transformational Coaching

Skillfix Consultants Private Limited has bagged Award for Best Transformational Coaching

Asia Awards- Best Transformational Coaching Awards

Mr. Vinay Patil 

Entrepreneur, Educator, Leadership Coach & Inspirational Speaker 

Hello Everyone I am Vinay Patil from Bangalore, India, an entrepreneur in the field of leadership & Life coaching. I am the Founder and CEO of Skillfix & Founder and MD of Roots Education. 

First of all I would like to thank the Asia Awards powered by RULA awards for recognizing my contribution in the Training sector and bestowing me with Asia's Best Transformational Coaching Award. It feels really good to have my contribution of over 15 years being acknowledged and appreciated. 

Yes it has been over 15 years being engaged in training youngsters in sales, marketing, communication, entrepreneurship and various other core skills. One of the biggest highlights of my career has been addressing over 40,000 Youths from all across the country in Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, in New Delhi. 

Personally, I am an adventure enthusiast who enjoys taking on challenges and keeps improving my abilities to overcome them by putting my best foot forward. Microlight, SkyDiving, White Water Rafting, Shooting etc.. 

I’m sharing this because as a coach myself it is essential to go out and explore to gather numerous perspectives through distinct experiences and draw life lessons. This adventurous nature of mine inturn has helped me to help my participants to break the monotony in their life. And all this began during my school days. 

Having studied in one of the most prestigious institutions of this country governed by the Ministry of Defense, Sainik School Bijapur, karnataka I was exposed to numerous sports and extracurricular activities at the mere age of 10. It was due to my Hockey Coach that I explored every sport to cultural activity and eventually became a National Hockey Player. 

I was always fascinated and was touched by the stories narrated by our teachers about the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters and soldiers for our motherland while safeguarding India from her enemies within and across the border. The dream of doing something for the country, made me write the UPSC examination to get into the Indian Armed Forces during my college days. I was selected after an intense five days interview by the Service Selection Board at Allahabad. Due to unavoidable circumstances, I had to drop the decision to wear the camouflage uniform of a soldier and had to make my way into an Engineering College to obtain a BE degree. I realized not many children would get these kinds of opportunities in their growing years to gather numerous experiences due to which there is the upliftment of self-esteem, development of self-confidence alike which are the major factors for any human to test his limits and prosper in his life. 

We are a nation of around one 1.3 billion and are seen as a country with population explosion, but the way I look at it is we have the Human resource and if and when it is empowered can lead this country in becoming a Developed Nation. A major advantage we have as a nation is that we have an unrivaled youth demography. 50% of its population is below the age of 25. I strongly feel it is in the hands of youths to take charge and create a difference. I believe if an ordinary kid like me from a small town in North Karnataka could develop certain qualities and prosper in my career and life, then any human at any stage with the right nurturing (mentoring) and direction through the right training and empowerment programs can equip themselves to lead happy and prosperous lives. 

This is the major reason I’m passionate about coaching and empowering. 

For the sustained business success of any company/organization the competency of its workforce plays a prominent role. The Lack of Holistic Development in an individual through the current education system has created significant gaps in the attitude, knowledge & skills required to perform challenging tasks in today’s corporate and business world.(VUCA world) Having the right Skill sets and mindset, can enable the entire workforce to build commitment towards self-improvement, helping them increase their abilities to grow as individuals and contribute towards the accomplishment of organizational goals. A culture of coaching and mentoring is very essential to capitalize on the knowledge & experience of its employees towards the greater good. 

This is what led me to start Skillfix, which is a learning & development organization, where we help upskill individuals, educational institutions, Startups, Msme’s & Corporate organizations to fill the vacuum created due to the lack of 21st century skill sets required in the specific domains. 

The programs we curate include relevant audiovisuals, engaging activities,various frameworks, numerous on-the-spot tasks, but the USP has been the Art of Storytelling. Every concept in fact the entire program is designed as a Storyline that the participants can relate to throughout my training session. 

Having the advantage of a Powerful voice ( Being the NCC Parade Commander during my school days) has given me an extra edge of having the participants hooked to my entire talk. But the most influencing factor according to the participants has been the CARE and the genuine CONNECT with the audience. 

On one hand where through skillfix we help the age group of 16- 60, On the other hand with, which is a next gen tutorial meant for the age group of

12-15, that combines academics as well as personality development program as we aim towards the holistic development of a child through our uniquely curated 3M model of teaching. Academics combined with Story Telling & gamification has been the major tool that has been used as a part of our methodology. Overall Coaching has helped me build my CORE PHILOSOPHY i.e, A Blissful life lies in the perfect balance of SATISFACTION, IMPACT, and WEALTH. 

The transformational and grateful messages from the participants after every single event have been the major source of my happiness. These messages have been my biggest source of strength and they reinforce my belief to strive harder and work towards my goal of empowering 1cr Indian youths by 2030. 

Would Like to end by stating that coaching has kept me on my toes and has helped me to constantly evolve through continuous learning. It has made me more responsible and accountable not just towards my participants but has given me a greater purpose of serving the country. 

I once again thank the World Research Congress and the Asia Awards powered by Rula Awards for this acknowledgement.

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