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SVO Group Berhad has bagged Asia's Best Online Skills Provider Award

Logo Definition

SVO stands for Synergy Via Online, in detail it refers to the collaboration of the e-commerce model which is systematic. The perfect collaboration includes complete product marketing materials, online marketing tutorials, co-working space and one-stop service, no stockpiling and comprehensive logistics system.

Logo Color

The SVO logo is designed with 3 main colours which are dark blue, light blue and orange.

The blue color gives the meaning of trustworthiness, reliability and communicative that SVO wants to convey. Dark blue represents SVO's expertise and stability, light blue is associated with SVO's understanding and gentleness.

Orange is a mixture of warm red and yellow colour beliefs, it is associated with excitement and passion, it is perfectly suited to represent the young and energetic entrepreneurs applied by SVO.

In other words, Dark Blue in the SVO logo represents a high e-commerce platform in integrity, Light Blue represents a professional e-commerce team, while Orange represents the revolutionary premium brand that SVO will introduce to the public, and White in the logo represents the target market which SVO is targeting.


Trend setter of diversified online entrepreneurship, 

Committed to building the world’s leading digital commerce platform.


Create new values in the digital commerce market

We integrate our ascending potential through connections with global industry elites.

Provide premium services to customers

We shape and cultivate professionalism through constant improvement. 

Spread love and hope in society

We adopt a people-oriented culture that ingeniously creates pathways for greater life.


1. Great team support and provide sales and marketing related training to entrepreneurs.

2. Easy-to-use mobile APP allows you to register, ship and track orders quickly.

3. Easy access to all marketing materials in APP, complete with product information and sales kits.

4. Control system for monitoring, controlling and avoiding throw price cases.

5. High quality and innovative products with lucrative profits

6. Convenient ordering system without requiring you to make packing, delivery and tracking services. We will complete it all for you!

SVO’s STRENGTH - 5S Pillars


A one-stop supply that provides a variety of personalised products and directs traffic accurately through our inter-connected, multi-channel operational matrixes 


A comprehensive, user-friendly e-commerce business system that allows for cross-regional development and management.


The modern co-working office concept is the place where dynamic discussions happen to create a state-of-the-art entrepreneurial mode.


We provide holistic educational support through professional instruction and guidance to best nurture our e-commerce entrepreneurs. 


A network that efficiently links users through the integration of global resources and expands the trade by bringing industrial elites together.

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