T Johnson has bagged Asia's Individual Performer Award

T Johnson has bagged Asia's Individual Performer Award

I belong to the settler faintly of ICerelapuram Village of Diglipur Tehsil. I was born and brought up in these islands. I was brought up by a poor family we did not have proper house to live in. Being poor we faced lots of problem during our childhood. Experiencing the pain and other problem I decided that I will help other villagers who are poof SO that they don’t experience the same pain which we felt. I got divorced 12 years ago and is living seperately, I have two beautiful daughters, they are presently college students. They are looked after by me.

Being optimistic and desire to help poor fellow villagers and islanders I decided to join Government department to eKtend my hands for helping the needy and to serve my islands. I was selected as Patwari, Revenue Department, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Duty of Patwari is to solve all land related disputes/issues and we are the working hand of our Islands Administration. All the ground level woi’ks are handled by us. Even though the Salary/Payment for our job was very less as compared to the amount of work we perform, I decided to continue my service so that 1 can help my fellow citizens.


Seeing my efficiency and experience, I was later promoted as Revenue Inspector. During my tenure in Port Blair, Capital City of Andaman and Nicobar Islands the cunning, ill minded citizen were capturing/encroaching the Government Land and were utilizing it for their benefits. There was the time when there were no vacant lands in that islands for development and implementation of various benefit scheme for the villagers. Seeing my commitment towards duty I was assigned a very difficult task of evicting the encroacliers.


I performed the assigned work perfectly ancl restored a huge volume of Government land, which is presently used for implementation of various Government Schemes which benefitted many landless/houseless poor citizens. On 26' h January 2017 1 was awarded by our Honorable Lieutenant Governor for this brave job. This award is the highest award given in our islands.

Then I was transferred to Diglipur where I am presently serving to help the poor peoples and seeing my efficiency I have been assigned a huge amount of work, wluch I am performing with my whole heart. And will always work for my citizens till my last breath.

It is hard to put this fcelinb• into words. Never the less, I am very glad to receive this award Asia awards powered by RULA awards. I dedicate this awed to my mother who supported me in all thick arid thins. This award will always keep me motivated and will always inspire me to do more good to needy. Thanking You.

T Johnson has bagged Asia's Individual Performer Award

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