Tanvi Dilip Challirwar has bagged Best Researcher Of The Year

Tanvi Dilip Challirwar has bagged Best Researcher Of The Year

I am Tanvi Dilip Challirwar from Nashik city, the city with the best climate and Wine Capital of India. By profession I am an Engineer. My stream of specialization is Mechanical Engineering. 

After my schooling from St. Francis high school; Group of Xavier’s, I enrolled for diploma, I had a clear vision that I want to be an engineer and starting my high school as diploma in mechanical engineering gave me detailed knowledge from the basics to the advanced. 

Beginning of my Bachelor's was the next step after successful completion of my diploma. During my Undergraduate studies I did internships where I gained the experience of applying theory to actual practice. I did my Internships in Bosch Pvt Ltd, Godrej Pvt Ltd, Gabriel India, CEAT Ltd and one of the metallurgical laboratories. I realised that my interests other than mechanical were aerospace and astronomical studies. I started doing research and learned more and more about astronomy and space study. Each time I researched it kept me fantasized by the fact that how beautiful the universe is! This made me curious to know more about it and learn things in depth. These curiosities and space fantasies made my research stronger, and here I go, my first research paper got published. Immense happiness with this small start that I can work on my goal, I can purse engineering in mechanical and simultaneously study the space, that’s what I kept doing and after 8 research papers got published internationally, I got my first award International best researcher award in the field of Astronomy, powered by Rula Awards.  

This first award made my dream come true, made me believe that I am a researcher. Later I moved to Canada, me being in the province of natural diversity, the province of Ontario to pursue my Master’s. I recently completed my Master’s in Mechanical and materials Engineering from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. I got the news that I received the Best Researcher Award of the year by Asia Awards on the same day of my convocation of Master’s. Cannot be more happy and thankful to God for blessing me with this life changing award. The Asia Award is the second award that I received by Rula, still counting on many of the awards which are yet to be received by me. I’ll continue my research work and hope to get honoured and recognized for that too, as this keeps the fire within me to work hard. 

I feel blessed for being awardee in this global forum of ASIA AWARDS 2021 and bagging the title of “Asia’s Best Researcher Award” which could not have been possible without the strong pillars of my life.

I want to thank my parents Mr. Dilip Challirwar and Mrs. Vanita Challirwar who raised me as a good human being inculcating good values and ethics. Without their support, love and blessings this was not possible. I would praise and thank the almighty for showering blessings on me. I would also thank those well wishers who kept supporting me through thick and thin, which kept me motivated to do better every day.

It feels amazing to get recognized by a global platform. I am proud that while pursuing my career I did work on what makes me happy, my part of interest, the space and the research. I would encourage everyone to follow what you are interested in and definitely you goanna come up with flying colours. Believe in yourself and the right things will fall in its place at the right time.

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