Thanamani Mariappan - Asia's International Expansion Award

Thanamani Mariappan - Asia's International Expansion Award

A Second born in a small family in Malaysia with lots of high dreams, where her father is a Estate Manager with mom as house wife and a elder sister as English Lecturer. Than married with an Engineer husband blessed with 3 beautiful girls. But Thamanami’s dream did not stop there.

In a large corporate world in which decisions are often get bogged down and good ideas vanished off while waiting for approval to execute, Thanamani Mariappan is standout. Not one to sit by and wait for things to happen, Thanamani makes them happen, all the while infusing the teams she leads with an infectious energy and passion that empowers them to think big, set  goals and then pursue those goals with such an intensity and focus that anything but success is unthinkable. 

With a BA from Stanfard University followed by MBA from Asia University and final level 8 education PhD in Business Majoring in Human Capital from International Teaching University of Georgia (Gorgasali) in Eastern Europe, Thanamani is well-versed in demonstrated management best practices and is a natural leader who has been repeatedly tapped in the workplace for commercial and operational leadership of  key strategic initiatives.  What sets Thanamani apart is her willingness to push the button in terms of what is possible for a business, as well as her  courage in defining and forging a new path forward after 20 years of working. A path that more than not leads to breakthrough achievements and propels the business to new heights of success and growth.

With this motivation and visions she formed Sai Ram Enterprise that ventures successfully into laundry business as well as Mercu Cita Resources involved in international trade business establishing business relationship not only with India but also in Turkey , Vietnam and Myanmar.

Being an influencer herself, she is active in non governmental organization and social services and always open for challenges and progressive ideas. She formed her own NGO, Pertubuhan Inovasi Usahawan with the main aim to strengthen women empowerment as well as support single mothers.

It was a pleasant surprise indeed when she received a letter from Asia Awards powered by Rula Awards confirming that she has been recognized under the category of Asia’s women of Influence  with a praiseworthy award “Asia’s International Expansion Award”. This award particularly recognizes Thanamani’s work and it gives an amazing feeling of getting awarded for the efforts that she put in. 

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