V D Suwani Rodrigo has bagged Asia's Excellence Award in Foreign Trade Education

V D Suwani Rodrigo has bagged Asia's Excellence Award in Foreign Trade Education

I am Ms. Vitharanage Dinuka Suwani Rodrigo, a 38 years old married Sri Lankan dynamic woman. My Husband is the Managing Director of Claire International Pvt. Ltd. Company. I am the Sri Lanka Representative of Australian Guild of Music Education, (Melbourne, Australia) Sri Lanka Centre as well as the Managing Director of Australian Guild Pvt. Ltd. Company.

I have been a Western Music teacher since the year of 2003 and currently I have about 18 years of experience in teaching and I'm a registered music teacher at an international music and speech examination board for these 18 years. Further, I have been the proprietor of DoReMe School of Music, Negombo since 2009 which is a leading music school that provides music knowledge for students of all age categories. At present it has thousands of past pupils and it has produced many well-known musicians, music authors, lecturers, teachers, performers, accompanists etc.

Since my childhood, I have had a huge passion for learning Western Music. My parents gave me immense support in learning this subject and making me a responsible teacher of music. I am coming from a family which has a musical background. My father is very good at singing and he has a very strong and unique voice. I have loved to hear him sing since my childhood. My grandfather was also very good at playing harmonium and violin. I have two siblings and they are also having the inborn talent of music. My brother is a software engineer and he plays various musical instruments as a hobby. At the same time, he is a composer of hymns and instrumental music. My younger sister is a teacher of Western Music. My husband is my motivator and who is always behind me to support me in whatever I do. I appreciate all the support I have received from my husband and my family members. All of them were the pillars behind me for my success and who I am today.

Currently I also run another private institute named Australian Guild Academy from which the students are capable of learning music, speech, Voice Training, English, Arts, ICT, Languages, Ballet Dancing, London school syllabus etc. Furthermore, I am a director of Claire International Pvt Ltd which is an export and import company.

As the Sri Lanka Representative of AGME University, it's a pleasure for me to provide such opportunities for Sri Lankan students. In the past, the students who wanted to do a Music Bachelor degree, Master Degree and Doctorate had to go abroad by spending a big cost of money. But now all these degrees of music are available in Sri Lanka for a low cost which fulfills the dreams of students, music teachers and musicians.

I am very happy that I have been able to make paths for students for their future through my leadership and guidance for years. And I hope that I will be able to provide more opportunities in music and speech education for students in future too.

My dream was to spread music and speech commonly in a country like Sri Lanka especially in rural areas regardless of the location of the students as a service and also to give them internationally recognized qualifications to Sri Lankan students which I have already succeeded in providing those opportunities to Sri Lankan students.

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About the institution - Australian Guild of Music and Speech, Sri Lanka Centre

Australian Guild of Music Education, Australia is a non-profit tertiary education provider for music. Guild adapted its skills as Australia’s most experienced and oldest provider of online music education and opened to accept International Students to study from their home countries.

Australian Guild of Music Education, Australia is a charity which provides tertiary music education. It delivers Diplomas in Music, Bachelor of Music, Master of Music and Doctorates for Sri Lankan students for the first time in SriLanka.

 All qualifications are recognized and validated by the Australian Government. It's a great opportunity for Sri Lankan students to follow an internationally recognized and fully accredited (TEQSA and ASQA) music degree staying in Sri Lanka for a very low cost without going abroad. The lectures are conducted by Australian and British lecturers online. The Bachelor's degree consist of 300 credits and the students can experience the same feeling of following a degree by going abroad since the lectures, lecturers, graduation and the degree certificate are all same as for the students who follow it physically in Australia. Further, the students have another rare opportunity to select music related subjects from a list of world class universities in the USA, Europe and Asia such as Stanfford University, Texas University, Yale University and etc. under this AGME degree. This is the first music degree provided online. Australian Guild of Music Education (AGME) Sri Lanka Centre fills a big gap in not having a fully accredited private western music degree in SriLanka.

 It has also conducted public exams for music and speech since 1969. There are about 15 exam centres islandwide in SriLanka. One of our expectations is to spread western music throughout the country especially in rural areas. Our objective is to enhance students' knowledge and skills in music and speech to facilitate internationally recognized qualifications for students through international assessment platforms.

Our mission is to produce holistic and well-rounded individuals in the fields of music and speech through our well-crafted and innovative syllabi, across any state, territory or country through the utilisation of modern technology in a dynamic learning environment.

We organise an international music, speech and dancing festival annually for performers of any age category. The aim of the festival is to help the children to develop their talents and also to foster a sense of encouragement and enthusiasm.

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