Vatican Shona Agrotech Pvt Ltd has bagged Asia's Innovative Company Award

Vatican Shona Agrotech Pvt Ltd has bagged Asia's Innovative Company Award


Rajesh Singh Rathore's life began with a humble foundation that started in a small village called Hakma Hatta, in a low-income family. Even though he kept studies as a priority to rise above all odds, he still found interest in farming with her father. “I would plow the field, do other physical work on the farm, and also practiced animal husbandry.” When it was finally time for higher studies, Rajesh moved to New Delhi, where he balanced his studies with part-time work to support his expenses.

Rajesh's professional journey began with working in MNC's in the financial sector and banks. But he has faith in dreaming and thinking big. fulfilling his dream began with research in Agroforestry Teak Species. In 2014, when confidence became yet another of his assets, Rajesh resigned from his job to start something of his own.

Today, Rajesh's company is a frontrunner in the industry not just in India but also in other countries like Africa, Malaysia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, to name a few. He further plans to expand the business into the production of Medicinal, Ornamental, and Agroforestry plants. Additionally, he also intends to set up two more tissue culture plants labs in New Delhi and Raipur.

He bumped into challenges relating to the lack of uniformity in policies and regulations relating to felling and transporting farm-grown timber and other products to different states. Agroforestry ventures are not covered under agricultural insurance schemes or entitled to marketing support and cannot access the soft bank loans available for crop farming. “A  national agroforestry policy is currently being developed, which should address many of these issues and hopefully optimize exploitation of the massive socio-economic and environmental potentials of agroforestry.”

Today, he is proud to be in the race of bringing about agricultural sustainability for the socio-economic development of our growers. Rajesh's company is mainly dealing with many agricultural domains to cater to national and international growers to establish a pollution- free ecosystem, mass plantation, planting materials, biofertilizers, and bio-stimulant production.

The company's main concern is to bring about sustainability in agriculture mainly in agroforestry and other cash crops production to uplift our farmers and grow economic growth and best financial planning and investing in the future for life forestry support, education, and family projects. “We mainly use biotechnological tools to plant tissue culture to produce or develop the genetically pure crops for our farmers and other professional growers,” he adds about his business.

Even though involved in such a serious industry aiming to contribute to the nation's GDP, his hobby is very different from what people would otherwise call their hobbies. “I love to laugh,” he says.

At Vatican Shona Agro Tech, Rajesh and his team of dreamers enable modern techniques, advanced harvesting system technologies, high yield tissue culture sapling, and ideal fertilizers. He has a team of experts and scientists with more than fifteen to twenty years of experience in the field of Sagwan Commercial Project, irrigation system, land and soil tests & analysis, fertilizers, and pesticides suggestions.

Still holding on to simplicity, the only places Rajesh loves to visit are the locations of his tissue culture projects, where he loves to spend time, access the growth, prepare beautiful videos of the work in progress, and dwell in the serenity of the greens. He and his fiery team are committed to increase greenery to meet the capacity of carbon sequestration. They are highly focused on repairing the damage caused by us humans on the ecosystem and the depletion of pure oxygen.

With a modern, state-of-the- art biotechnology lab that ensures the quality of planting materials for farmers, Rajesh reveals the latest motto of his company. “Agroforestry may bring about a drastic result. It may not only debate the socio- economic development of the farmers but also contribute towards a pollution-free ecosystem.

His qualified and experienced team of scientists is synergistically overseeing the production of the planting materials. They continue to invest their time in research & development to further upgrade the product and make it more sustainable. In this regard, he says, “Agricultural revolution combined with modern techniques may bring about 'the’ change our planet needs to make it greener, eventually bringing about everlasting happiness.

Rajesh Singh Rathore is an inspiration for every person who doesn't believe in dreaming big in fear of failure.

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