Velona Cuddles Pvt Ltd has bagged Asia's Award For Best Fastest Growing FMCG Product In Healthcare

Velona Cuddles Pvt Ltd has bagged Asia's Award For Best Fastest Growing FMCG Product In Healthcare

Velona Cuddles Pvt Ltd 

Velona Cuddles Pvt Ltd, incorporated in 2016, is a company operating under Thread Works Pvt Ltd that has been proudly serving the Sri Lankan market with mother and baby care products for over 70 years. The product portfolio of Velona Cuddles consists of a Baby Products range that encompasses Baby Diapers and Wipes, while the Adult Product range presents Adult Diapers and Disposable Bed Pads. 

Velona Cuddles takes pride in becoming the first brand in Sri Lanka to introduce a diaper range that is suitable for the local climate. And, it is also the only Diaper range in Sri Lanka that is 100% free of Harsh Chemicals. We take a great deal of care in using soft materials that are super absorbent so the baby's delicate skin remains soft and clean. Moreover, our diapers are designed for maximum breathability to avoid any skin rashes and provide a soothing effect with its added Aloe Vera liners. At Velona Cuddles, our promise and mission is to offer the highest quality, environmentally friendly, and healthy diapers that are manufactured by using only the finest of raw materials, giving the parents and their babies the very best selection of top-quality diapers.

Love is the Core of Velona Cuddles

For us at Velona Cuddles, there is nothing more inspiring or motivating than the love of a parent for a child. That’s why Love is the Core of Velona Cuddles – a brand brought to life by parents, for parents with parents in mind. We’re always striving to give the best to our children in everything, and that means we are continuously developing products that are safe and wholesome in every way.

Our customers’ needs are the focal point that inspires us to produce the highest quality products- which are indeed the No: 01 products in the Sri Lankan market today. Moreover, our continuous focus on research and development enables us to offer the most cutting-edge technologies in our wide range of products. This vision is what has enabled Velona Cuddles to become the most trusted diaper brand in Sri Lanka and secure its place as the market leader in the diaper market in the country. 

Velona Cuddles Baby Range- 

  • Classic Diaper 
  • Overnyts Diaper – the most absorbent diaper that can be used for the night
  • Ezy Pant – Training Pant 
  • Lital Swimmers – Swim Pant 
  • Australian Bamboo Diaper – Eco friendly, biodegradable diaper 
  • Ultra-breathable Premium Diaper – Features free airflow that can even blow out a candle
  • Wet Wipes  
  • Bamboo Water Wipes – Biodegradable wipes with a natural bamboo cloth 

Velona Cuddles Adult Range-

  • Pro Guard Diaper 
  • Proteck Bed Pad 

Velona Cuddles follows a unique path of success 

In addition to continuously improving the functionalities of our diaper range, we have implemented several innovative initiatives to enhance the accessibility and convenience that we offer to our customers. 

Velona Cuddles was the first Diaper brand as well as the first FMCG brand in Sri Lanka to develop an innovative subscription app utilizing a subscription-based model, for the purchase of regularly used FMCG products. This has made the lives of busy parents so much more convenient. 

When all other brands were launching their websites to drive sales, Velona Cuddles kept one website ( for sales and developed a separate website ( as a parenting resource to educate the community on different aspects of parenthood. The website, thus, includes many interesting and important features such as a Safe Foods Lookup, Baby Name Generator, Baby Height Calculator and Pregnancy Due Date Calculator while also featuring many valuable blog posts that parents will find useful during pregnancy and beyond.

Velona Cuddles as a responsible corporate citizen 

While focusing on improving the profitability through sales promotions and other forms of advertising, Velona Cuddles also does not forget to do its part in terms of social responsibility towards the betterment of the society we live in.

As CSR projects, Velona Cuddles launches two main programs- ‘Mawaka Mahima’ (a relaxing musical experience for expecting mothers in different geographical locations of Sri Lanka) and ‘Great Moms and Great Dads’ (an antenatal program to create awareness about good diapering practices). 

International Certifications and awards 

We don’t compromise when it comes to the safety, integrity, and effectiveness of our baby diapers– our certifications from the world’s premier authorities on global regulatory standards are proof of that. Here are some, which we’re most proud of attaining. 

  • ISO 9001:2015 
  • FSC 
  • BRC Certification 
  • FDA 
  • Australian Certified – Toxic Free 
  • ACEF – Excellence in Customer Service Strategy – Gold Awards - Velona Cuddles Pvt Ltd. (for Velona Cuddles Diaper Subscription App) 
  • ACEF – Best Eco Product/FMCG 2021 – Gold Award - Velona Cuddlies Bamboo Diaper
  • ACEF – Best Eco Focused Organisation/FMCG – Velona Cuddles Pvt Ltd. (for Velona Cuddlies Bamboo Diaper) 
  • ACEF Content Management and Content Creation Awards 2021 – Gold Award – Best website Content (
  • Australian Organic Beauty Awards 2021– Gold Award - Organic Baby Award For Nappies 
  • Australian Organic Beauty Awards 2021– Gold Award - Organic Baby Award For Baby Wipes 
  • Australian Organic Beauty Awards 2021– Bronze Award - Organic Baby Award For Biodegradable Nappy Bags
  • SLIM (Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing) Brand Excellence Awards 2020 – Silver Award – Most Innovative Brand (Velona Cuddles) 
  • SLT Zero One Awards 2020 – Winner - Best Mobile App (Retail) – Velona Cuddles Diaper Subscription App 
  • SLT Zero One Awards 2020 – 1st Runner up – Best Website (Retail) – 
  • SLIM (Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing) Brand Excellence Awards 2015 – Bronze Award – Most Innovative Brand (Velona Cuddles)

We also feel extremely honored to have received 07 awards at Asia Awards 2022 powered by RULA Awards, and we believe this marks an important milestone for Velona Cuddles because these awards simply mean that our efforts to give the best to the kids and parents are valued, appreciated and recognized not just locally, but internationally. 

  • Asia's Award For Best Fastest Growing FMCG Product In Healthcare
  • Asia's Outstanding Consumer Product Award
  • Asia's Most Innovative App Award
  • Asia's Most Innovative Product Line Award
  • Asia's Outstanding Diaper Brand Award
  • Asia's Premium Quality Product Award
  • Asia's Natural Baby Products Manufacturer Award

 The Future 

Velona Cuddles Pvt Ltd, under the leadership of the chairman, Dr. Gehan De Soysa, plans to expand its portfolio with many other baby care products in the future. The company believes that our babies deserve the best in the world, and having this motive in mind, it strives to do greater things ahead. 

Velona Cuddles Pvt Ltd has bagged Asia's Award For Best Fastest Growing FMCG Product In Healthcare

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