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Magespari AP Subramaniam has bagged Women Super Achievers Award

I have written a research paper representing Malaysia at the International International Tamil Centenary Conference held in Chennai with the support of the Government of Tamil Nadu, chaired by Co. Vijayaragavan, President of the World Tamil Research Institute  and chaired by Vice Chancellor Ponna Vaiko. 

Having worked as a Tamil school teacher for the last 30 years, I completed my teacher training in 1992 at Sri Gota Teacher Training College in Kuala Lumpur. Subsequently, I completed my Bachelor's degree in 2001 at Putra University (UPM). I completed my Master's degree in Education in 2012 from the University of Malaya (UM). 

TV shows such as Astro Rainbow’s ‘A Platform to Speak the Mouth’, Meet and Think, Spring on TV 2 TV, ASTRO Ticks, Mr. as Speaker of the House. The artist spoke with Leoni on the TV show "Talk Good, Talk Good". Leoni received their compliment.  I have experience in many fields such as announcer, stage talk, ego text, and menu. 

As the Women's Section President of the Malaysian Tamil Association and as the  Secretary of the Muthamil Studies, I have been involved in movements such as the  World Tamil Cultural Movement, the Malaysian Tamil Research Institute, the Malaysian  Coffee Conference, the Tamil Field, and social service, and have participated in many  domestic and foreign conferences.

Studies on the Tamil language in Mauritius, South Africa, Europe, Britain, France,  Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Egypt, Bagarin, Oman, Cambodia,  China, Burma, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and India. I have done it. 

I am currently writing essay articles for students / parents in the mother tongue daily.  I have written two books so far. 

My missions / achievements: 

  • World Tamil Cultural Movement 
  • Malaysian Tamil Association 
  • Malaysian Tamil Coffee Movement 
  • Malaysian Muthamil Sangam 
  • Malaysian Tamil Writers Association 
  • Malaysian Tamil Biology Movement 
  • Malaysian Tamil Institute 
  • World Archaeological Forum 
  • Tamil domain 
  • Pavalare Tamil Domain 
  • Chennai World Tamil League 
  • Chennai Bhavanar Kottam 
  • Madurai Indian Pen Friend Council 
  • Burma 
  • Tamil Moral Society 
  • Daton Valluvar Kottam, Burma
  • Kalaimagal Tamil Educational Institute 
  • France: 1. Tamil Sangam 2. Kamban Corporation 
  • Switzerland: Grower School in Bern 
  • Mauritius: Scholar Anna Institute of Education 
  • South Africa: Thirukkural Corporation 
  • Gulf Countries: Gulf Vanambadi Association 

Along with this I still have good contacts with Tamils living in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries in the world, Tamil movements, Education movements. It also has close ties with Tamil scholars, journalists, egotistical speakers and academics around the world. 

For the last quarter of a century, my husband and I have bought more than 2500 kilograms of newspapers, magazines and books by local writers and sent them to more than 20 countries where Tamils live. I will continue to send. To date no one has done this much in Malaysia. 

I have been bringing many wonderful Tamil texts and continuing to spread them on Malaysian soil. I am currently spreading Pawan's Senthamizh etymology Perakaramutali in Malaysia. 

I continue to study at Valluvar Kottam, Samarasa Sanmarkka Sangam, Kalaimagal  Tamilkalvi Sanstha in Burma and provide books and financial assistance to poor students. 

I am a Tamil school teacher who has twice visited the African continent for the study of Tamil language and Tamil history. 

I have witnessed first-hand the pyramid in Egypt, the Egyptian Museum, the ruined ancient world wonder of Alexandria, the lighthouse in Egypt, the world's longest canal, the Sinai Peninsula, the land of war between Egypt and Israel. 

About 700 people lost their lives in the language struggle for the preservation of the Tamil language in Tamil Nadu. To commemorate it, for the first time last year on Malaysian soil, I co-hosted the "Language War Equier" event with many scholars and contributed to the publication of Dr. Kington's book 'Language War'.

Last year I brought Marine Surveyor Orissa Balu to Malaysia with my friends and conducted shows all over the country and donated a considerable amount of money to Orissa Balu for his marine exploration. 

Awards I received:

  • Ministry of Education Innovation Teacher Award (Anugerah Guru Inovasi Khas Peringkat  Negeri Selangor 2020). 
  • Ministry of Education Best Teacher Award (APC 2007). 
  • National Tamil Editor Tilak Award (2017 Ministry of Education). 
  • Ai Shakti Award (presented by Ai World Tamil Women, Chennai).
  • Tamil School Teacher Award (at the Malaysian Language and Cultural Conference Provided). 
  • Best Women Award (International Women held in Chennai Provided on the day). 
  • Best Teacher Award (presented on Selangor Women's Day).
  • Author Grand Award (presented by Malaysia Tamil Organizations).
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