OprahTex Garments has bagged Asia's Quality Garments Manufacture Award

OprahTex Garments has bagged Asia's Quality Garments Manufacture Award

OprahTex is a sister unit/factory of Grand Garments which was established in 1984, as the first approved garment factory in the southern province of Sri Lanka. OprahTex garments specialize in ladies items, mens, kids, winter, and jeans to larger export markets.

Grand Garments and OprahTex are proud to have been fulfilling some of the UK's and USA’s most successful companies with their large format apparel needs for more than 35 years. The likes of C&A, Woolworths, Q.S, Dunnes Stores, Primark, Matalan, Next, Marks & Spencer, Burton, Global Clothing, Walmart, Kellowood, Finora, Aishty just to name a few. We are a mass-scale clothing manufacturing entity. Our comprehensive product range, which continues to grow through research and development initiatives, includes blouses, tops, skirts, dresses, shirts, T-shirts, Polo T-shirts, denim, vests, jackets, suits, shorts, and pants. OprahTex Garments offer samples, cutting, making, packing, sourcing and shipping, etc. handled in-house by our skilled team of finishing department.  

With great conceit, B K Liyanage has set up its company as the foremost manufacturer of excellent quality clothing items. In the manufacturing process of these products, our qualified fashion designers and production teams are involved to share their expert skills as our ultimate goal is to sustain in the international market arena.

The supervision and role of the Founder, Managing Director have been significant in OprahTex's enormous growth as a clothing manufacturer in Galle, Sri Lanka by providing job opportunities for more than 100 citizens to uplift their living standards. We have expanded our production capacity and have scaled up to 20,000 pieces per month.

The strength behind our success is Prashan Liyanage – Founder, Managing Director, and a Mechanical Engineer from the King's College London– UK and holds an MBA, envisions the future of OprahTex Garments and Elmo Industries. He has mastered strategic planning together with novelty ideas; which he has earned as an outcome of extensive experience over the past years. Through our commitment to sustaining quality standards, persistent innovations, and respect for the planet, we aim to exceed expectations and be rewarded with a smile. We have opened our doors for challengers by engaging the capability and passion of our very own staff, who have confidence in creating a better solution to secure our nature.

To begin with, the creator/founder of Oprah Tex Garment would like to thank the Jury members for selecting his company for Asia’s quality garments manufacturer award honoring us with this award. Well, this is a very proud moment for Mr. Prashan, and he did not walk alone on this path to success; instead, he was accompanied by all the valuable staff members and dedicated employees who have worked day-in and day-out to make the company one of the most recognizable brands in Sri Lanka. Here, he would especially like to thank the customers too, who believed in their garment products and offered continuous business which motivated them to work harder to give in their best services within their capacity.

The journey was never smooth and was filled with challenges quite often, but the team remained resilient and strengthened us to make our entity stand out with the continuous guidance of a thorough professional who knows exactly what he wants; someone who sets his eyes on a goal and does not lose sight of it, unless it is achieved.

Winning this award would not have been possible without the inspiration received from the seniors and colleagues, for whom Mr. Prashan would work with the deepest respect, and from whom he has derived the strength to challenge himself and perform better at each stage.

Last but not least, of course, winning this honor wouldn’t have been possible without his father’s guidance and his family’s moral support and inspiration; as they are truly his backbone.

Mr. Prashan sincerely thanks each one of you for your continuous support and also for all the internal and external stakeholders who are directly or indirectly involved in the functioning of our company.

For more details; OprahTex garments could be reached via +94 77 390 9000 or write to You may also pay a visit to the factory located in Wanduramba, Galle, Sri Lanka.

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